The Flying Scotsman

By Sheena McGorlick

Last Sunday night my friends and I were looking for something to do other than staying home and watching TV so we decided to go to the Flying Scotsman in Mt Lawley for a few drinks and some pizza. The Scotsman is perfect for late afternoon drinks as it isn’t rowdy and full of juveniles and is great for having conversations with interesting people. It is laid back, the music suits the mood and the staff are helpful and friendly.

Sunday night is $10 pizza and pint night. I couldn’t go past that great deal so I grabbed myself a margarita pizza and a pint of pure blonde.  There is live entertainment from Wednesday to Friday nights, with DJ’s playing your favourite tracks upstairs at the Velvet Lounge.

If you are looking for something chilled out to do after a big weekend, the Scotto is the answer.

Ironbark Brewery

By Scott Arnold-Eyers

On Sunday I took my good mate Dean out for a kayak with the plan to drop into the Swan Valley for a quick drink after.

It was a beautiful overcast day- not too hot and not too cold- but after a long kayak I was keen for a thirst quencher. With all the different wineries in the Swan Valley, we decided to something different from our regular excursions and settled on the gorgeous Iron Bark Brewery.

When we got there we found a solo artist named Peter Rowe (also known as Two Rowes Back) performing a range of acoustic covers. He also has a few original Australiana songs up his sleeve for when the mood suits.

We decided to go splits in The Big Mallee Bull Burger and try a few beers. They have a great range of different beers (over 14 in fact!) I had a Brumby Ale and a Blokes Brown and Dean had the same. I definitely plan to try the rest of the range  on a return visit!

Peter has been playing every Sunday from 2-5pm for nearly 5 years, but if you can’t make it,  there are other acts jamming every Saturday too.

So if you are up for a great afternoon listening to relaxing live music while having some of the finest West Aussie craft brews then look no further than Ironbark Brewery.

For more info please click here.

Fade To Black

By Lauren Norton

The quirky Velvet Lounge in Mt Lawley provided an intimate setting for Junk Esquires debut album launch Fade to Black. Family and friends relaxed on comfy lounges and carved up the dance floor to a selection of original songs and covers.

Lead singer/songwriter Aaron Spiers lead the local Perth band with confidence and humility, presenting the culmination of 18 months hard work and a lifetime of dedication.

A trained bass player and trumpeter as well as a self-taught guitarist, Spiers compiled the album after a stint with the Australian Army Band, “I was broke and was feeling like I was in the doldrums and that spawned eleven songs”. As a result the sound on Fade to Black is raw and honest without the sugar coating and multiple clichés so many songwriters seem to fall into. A mixture of bluesy-rock and softer ballads the album provides the listener opportunity to sit back and contemplate clever lyrics and haunting melodies or to groove along to catchy bass-lines supported by Spiers’ rough yet effortless voice.

The launch was a great chance to catch up with friends in a laid back atmosphere in support of an up and coming local Perth band. With regular gigs in and around Perth as well as a live recording on January 8th in Subiaco, you’ll have plenty of chance to see the guys in action. Check out the website at www.junkesquire.com for dates, venues and recording samples and when you go don’t forget to wear your dancing shoes!

The Audrey’s at Friends

By Sheena McGorlick

Last Thursday I got the chance to see one of my favourite bands the Audrey’s play live at the wonderful Friends Restaurant in Perth. When I arrived I was greeted by the friendly staff and escorted through the ‘fairytale like’ restaurant to my seat. The décor is elegant and simple, with the chair’s made up of polished cane and a floral base which adds to the classic look of the restaurant. The tables are finished with white linen and on every  table sits a vase with an assortment of flowers in them. The ceiling consists of vines running along it with white fairy lights through them, meeting the numerous amounts of chandeliers hanging. With the restaurant overlooking the river, it would be ludicrous not to call the venue romantic.

The usually five-piece band were short two members on the night, but their lack of members did not prove to be unsuccessful. They started off the night with a track from their new album Sometimes The Stars, titled I’ll Take What’s Mine. Taasha’s pitch perfect voice was soothing and tranquil, which was accompanied by guitar, bass, violin, ukulele, banjo, keys and melodica.

The night was broken up with two different sets, their second set being a lot more up beat than the first half. The acoustic folk band finished off the night with Lonesome Valley, which is the last track on their latest album. The three band members were all on the guitar for this song, and Taasha showed off her harmonica abilities which proved to give me goose bumps.

For more tour dates and information about the Audreys, click here

Summer at the Saint

By Sheena McGorlick

The Saint George Hotel in Innaloo has been the talk of the town lately as summer is approaching. Many people are flocking to the hotel every Sunday for a Sunday sesh, to have a few drinks, some food and to catch up with friends.

When I arrived there last Sunday, I was shocked at how busy the hotel was and just how popular it had become. Many different age groups were there, which goes to prove that The Saint caters to all ages (you do of course have to be 18+ to get into the bar though!). It has recently been refurbished, adding a sleek, stylish and sophisticated modern day Australian hotel look. It offers a casual dining experience within the comfort of a local pub atmosphere for all to enjoy.

As we walked in, we were greeted by the beautiful beats of the Howie Morgan Project.

Widely regarded as one of the best acoustic acts on offer in W.A, Howie Morgan’s superb vocal prowess really added another dimension to the Saint.

The hotel consists of three different bars – the main bar, the wine bar and the deck bar.  The main bar has a funky atmosphere with retro-inspired couches, rustic single piece timber tables and numerous contemporary DJ’s as well as acoustic band The Howie Morgan Project playing every Sunday. This band is sure to help you wind down after the weekend and prepare yourself for the week ahead.

The wine bar is located next to the Restaurant and is perfect for a few quiet drinks with family or friends. The wine list is extensive and is sure to please all the wine lovers out there. The deck bar is located outside and definitely appeals to those wanting to soak up the sun whilst drinking and chatting amongst friends. The deck bar is without doubt the place you want to be every Sunday.

The bistro at the Saint has a new chef and new menu, adding to their exciting new reputation. Specials change twice daily to keep the menu creative and full of variety. There is a separate menu for the bars so that those who love ‘pub grub’ can’t be disappointed.

The Saint George provides a funky environment and is the ultimate venue for atmosphere and entertainment. For more information on The Saint, click here

The Cult

Classic Rock ‘n’ Roll is back and The Cult fully delivered at Metro City Perth.

These guys really are what Rock ‘n’ Roll is all about. I have been lucky enough to see them a few times now and this was definitely the best. It also seems that the inclusion of a rhythm guitarist has really added to their sound on stage. Lead Guitarist Bill Duffy didn’t miss a beat and the highlight of the night was surely his solo during the last song, “Love Removal Machine”.

For me the biggest disappointment was that Ian Astbury seemed to hold back on his vocals at times. I guess that his throat has been massacred after belting it out for 2 years on the road. He was the same last time I saw him at the Big Day Out in 1995 and it would be great to hear him sing closer to the way he has recorded.

By Lord Lucas

The Black Ryder

The last concert I went to, I skipped the back up band and have regretted it ever since. This time I was determined to see The Black Ryder support The Cult and now I realise why I generally miss the other support acts. What are these guys about? I seriously don’t get it. The talk going around the venue was that they got a classic Support band mix, and the resulting sound was pretty shocking.

Every song seemed to go on forever and they all sounded the same. If they are looking for a new sound I think they should do it in a sound proof room so nobody else can hear them. This is why most people skip the back up band and wait for the main act. I really hope The Black Ryder get their act together and do a better job on the rest of the tour.

By Jimmy ‘The Party Pooper’ Smith