Farewell Siobny!

By Jim Smith

It was a sad night as Siobny Cooke bid farewell to friends and fans alike at the Paddo last night. Around 100 people turned up for a bite, drink and to see some good live music. We were peckish, so I decided to get a couple of share plates for my mates. I got a Group to Share platter which serves 2-4 and had had Arancini, honey lime tempura prawns, salt and pepper calamari, bowl of nachos, feta cheese, olives, trio of dips and warm Turkish bread. I also grabbed a Crispy Fried Platter serves 2-4 that had Honey sesame chicken breast medallions, prawn parcels, coconut crumbed, prawns, spring rolls, salt and pepper calamari, seasoned wedges, sweet chilli, sour cream and Turkish bread and dips. These dishes were too big and I could not finish them off, and for around $30 each they are very good value. So we stood around a table eating food, watching the acts and saying hi to friends as they came through the door.

Siobny Cooke was up first. I know that is a bit weird as the night was for her but I was told that she wanted to share a few drinks with friends and relax to watch the other acts. She took it in her stride. I have seen her a few times now and she is getting better and more confident. Lynda Smyth and The Fascinators were up next; I had heard good things about these guys and they did not disappoint. They were confident and smooth, just like my sweet-chilli sauce. Last up was The Ken Pettett Combo. These guys are great muso’s that can turn it on from time to time. This was not the best I have seen them as they were missing the guitar licks of Justine on the night. They did have a fill in guitarist who did however do a great job.

All in all… The food was great value and the music was pleasant but a good mix would have made the night that much better. I think the tears I noticed a few people shedding were for the departure of Siobny.

San Cisco @ The Pourhouse

By Lauren Kelly

During my trip down south last week we decided to head to The Pour House (formerly the Malt Bar) in Dunsborough to watch Emma Louise and San Cisco perform.

We ordered some chips to share and a cider or two and made our way to a comfy lounge in the corner where we had a pretty good view of the band.

By the time San Cisco took to the stage there were quite a few people both inside and outside the bar. As soon as they struck the first chord the crowd began streaming in to watch the first act.

The view from our comfortable seat which we’d cleverly picked earlier on was now blocked by a few rows of eager fans, so we decided to stand up also to grab a glimpse.

San Cisco was just as good live as they are on the radio. I particularly enjoyed Girls Do Cry, Golden Revolver and my favourite: Awkward, which they finished on.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stick around for Emma Louise, but I can say San Cisco put on a good show. Also, if you’re ever down south in the Dunsborough area I recommend checking out The Pourhouse. It does some delicious meals downstairs and there’s always a guaranteed feel-good atmosphere upstairs in the bar, particularly on the weekends!

Saturday Night at The Boheme

By Lauren Kelly

Ever been to The Boheme on Murray St in the city? Well I haven’t, or at least I hadn’t, so last weekend we decided to check it out.

At The Boheme you can dine in or out, but as it was quite a nice night on Saturday there weren’t many outdoor tables left so we sat inside. We spread out on a few couches in the middle of the bar which I recall being rather classy and very comfortable.

The bar is suitable for all ages (18+ of course) and from what I hear it draws quite a crowd on a Friday.

With DJ Sneakee playing some funk, soul, hip-hop and house tunes, there was a decent atmosphere, without too much of a crowd. We were able to have a chat over a glass of wine without having to yell over the music or the crowd, which was a pleasant change.

My friend and I shared a bottle of The Lone Fig Chardonnay, which went down quite nicely; not too sweet and not too dry.

We also ordered some nibblies to satisfy our churning stomachs. While we only opted for chips and aioli, I noticed there is quite a selection of meals on the restaurant menu, including braised lamb and rosemary pie, pan seared huon salmon, a selection of pizza and much more.

I’ll be interested to check it out on a Friday next time and have a decent dish on the menu, rather than just nibblies (although the chips were incredible tasty).

Perth Zimfest 2011

By Lauren Kelly

Last weekend we headed down to Point Walter Reserve to celebrate Zimfest 2011 in Perth. The annual event, which is also held in other capital cities around Australia, is a celebration of African culture.

Unfortunately, after having blue skies and high temperatures all week, the day of Zimfest was littered with rain and showers. However, we didn’t let this deter us, in fact it made it fun! Afterall, a little rain never hurt anyone right?

Along the boundary of the event were some traditional market stalls and merchandise. There were also some culinary delights including biltong, which we enjoyed feasting on.

There were also drinks available, all of which were South African based. Being a lover of cider, I enjoyed a few glasses of the South African Savanna, which I’d never had before but very much enjoyed.

No festival would be complete without some musical acts to compliment the atmosphere. Throughout the course of the afternoon and night we were serenaded by the likes of Just Jinjer,WatershedTinashe, Sun City, ZimBoyZ, DJ Shots and more.

By the end, there was quite a crowd in front of the stage, and at one point a lucky few were invited to come up and dance with the bands.

The festival saw many generations and cultures of people, from young children through to grandparents; from Africans to Zimbabweans and Australians the like. Despite the weather, it was a great day of celebration of the African culture.

Meatloaf at NIB

When I first learnt Meatloaf was coming to town, I knew I just had to get a ticket. All those years as a youngster growing up with the sounds of ‘Bat out of Hell’ and ‘You took the Words Right Out Of My Mouth’ at every party meant I was well familiar with ‘the Loaf’.

Needless to say, his highly criticised AFL Grandfinal Performance was somewhat of a let down. But I was determined not to let this deter me.

We didn’t want to go with an empty stomach, so before hitting the concert we thought we’d get some tucker in our bellies.  With The Brisbane Hotel being about a five minute walk from the stadium, it seemed like the perfect choice for dinner. So we enjoyed a few nibblies such as such as salt and pepper squid and butternut pumpkin pizza. There is a selection of wine, beer and spirits to choose from but we just opted for a few beers. From my experience, there’s always a great atmosphere at The Brisbane and the food is great so it’s well worth checking out.

We arrived at the concert and grabbed ourselves a few more drinks. We had an option of beer, wine, champagne or a sort of lemon cruiser, but we stayed with the beers. We couldn’t do dinner and watch the support act, so we missed out on seeing Thirsty Merc, but we heard pretty good reports.

He opened with an interesting medley of Time Warp and Hot Patootie Bless My Soul, both from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. This was an interesting start to the evening, and I have to say that as our seats were quite a way back, it was difficult to tell if he was in tune or not. I’m still not sure if this is a good or bad thing?

None-the-less, he did play some of my favourites and his most popular songs, Bat Out of Hell, I’ll Do Anything For Love, Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad and one of the concluding songs Paradise By The Dashboards Light, which, if possible, was stretched out even further than it normally is.

Sure, he may not be in the same form that he once was, (he is 64 afterall) but we enjoyed ourselves. Perhaps our own singing (if you can call it that) drowned out his. On a final note, I will say it was better than the AFL Grandfinal, but I have seen him do better concerts. Personally, I don’t think you can beat his Bat Out Of Hell 1977 tour.

Friday Night Gig at the North Fremantle Bowling Club

By Lauren Kelly

For those of you that weren’t at the North Fremantle Bowling Club last Friday night, you missed an enjoyable night.

Paul McCarthy celebrated his birthday by arranging a music night which included musicians Pete Lukasz, Life Of Crime, Phil Flanagan (Loaded Dice Fame), Company Of Men and Those Wretched Horses.

I was only able to catch the first half of the night, which saw Paul and Mark Constable play some original works as well as some covers.

The duo created a great atmosphere and vibe in the bowling club. Mark Constable appeared to be on the harmonica? He did a great job and together they created a unique sound that I loved!

What interested me most was that this crowd consisted of people of all ages and backgrounds; from the ‘hill-billy’ country folk, to young children, teenagers and even the older folk. Everyone was enjoying themselves and so was I!

The originals were done well, but being a Johnny Cash fan, I particularly enjoyed the Johnny Cash cover.

I arrived later in the night, but the bowling club opens at 4pm and there’s a free sausage sizzle available around 6ish.

Paul hopes to have a few more gigs at the bowling club between now and the end of the year, so next time your stumped for ideas on your Friday night, give the bowling club a call and see what’s happening.

The Leederville Hotel

We decided to sample another pub this weekend, after enjoying the rugby so much at the Hydey last Sunday.

Since it was the biggest game of the tournament thus far (Australia versus South Africa) we decided to check out the Leederville Hotel.
The Leedy have made the most of this World Cup to boost business, transforming their outdoor section into ‘Boktown’ – featuring big screens, South African food, beer, soft drinks and even music for the numerous ex-pats that have made it a ‘home away from home’.
The atmosphere was electric; everyone was geared up for the game and there were more than a few jibes passed between rival supporters! For those that know (or care!) about the score you will obviously know that Australia won a rather dubious victory, resulting in a mass exodus of South African supporters after the game!
Those that bothered to stick around were able to sample awesome African food such as koeksisters, bunny chow  (a hollowed out half loaf of bread filled with curry) boerwors and of course, biltong! Adding this with pints of Windhoek Lager made it the perfect Sunday.  Entertainment on the day was provided by Mickey Shake, who belted out some good old Sokkie Treffers (Afrikaans music) on stage. There were also a couple of DJ’ s (DJ Sakkie & DJ Futch) who jammed the night away.

If you love your rugby, get down to the Leedy for the last couple of games: although Boktown is done since the boks are out,  the atmosphere is awesome and so is the venue!

For more information, please click here.

Brewery Crawl

It was a great day going from brewery to brewery tasting beer, on the weekend in the Swan Valley. I was lucky enough to also see some live entertainment at Duckstein.

A group of old guys called The Dolomiten Trio were playing a mixture of covers and originals. One that caught my attention was their version of ‘It’s A Long Way To The Top’ by ACDC.

I love covers like this that are nothing like the original but put a smile on my face. I myself featured a song on the Tribute CD for the 10 year anniversary of the death of Bon Scott by featuring a caberet version of Dog Eat Dog. Dave Graney released a few versions of ACDC songs while Ed Cooper did a ripper version of ‘Highway To Hell’.

The Dolomiten Trio was invited to perform at the unveiling of the Bon Scott Statue in Freo because of their Polka Version of ‘It’s A Long Way to the Top’.

All in all, it was a great atmosphere, great beer and great music. I look forward to going again.

After visiting four breweries on my brewery crawl, I still had the taste for live music after the Dolomiten Trio at The Duckstein. So off to Ironbark Brewery it was. They normally have some live music on and today was Murder Mouse Blues Band.

I have seen these guys play as a full band in the past and they’re well worth seeing.

All original songs had a nice relaxed vibe. They are releasing a CD next week so go to their web site for some more info.

Me and my mates enjoyed a beer each while eating some wedges and a fully packed pizza.

The Jazz Cellar

By Nic Ingram

On Friday night we decided to check out a venue called The Jazz Cellar in Mount Hawthorn.
I had never heard of the place, and on arrival I was sure we had the address wrong.

After walking up and down the street a couple of times, we heard a faint rumbling in an alley behind a shoe shop. We decided to scope it out, and noticed a big red telephone booth that looked completely out of place.

Feeling like secret agents in an old school Ian Fleming novel, we opened the booth and walked down a flight of stairs into the darkness below….
The Jazz Cellar has been going strong for 16 years, and was initially set up so that Roy Burton and his band (The Corner House Jazz Band) had a venue to play at.

The crowd was an eclectic mix of young an old, the youngest being around 12 and the oldest surely close to 80!
The band were absolutely sensational, playing all types of jazz from bop to swing, as well as some classical tunes and even a Disney track or two!! They had the crowd dancing non-stop throughout the night, and didn’t seem to falter once.

The Corner House Jazz Band also jam every Saturday at the Railway Hotel in Freo from 3:30 to 6:30 pm, and are definitely worth seeing.

Although it is strictly BYO for booze and food, there are a couple of places nearby where you can pick up some takeaway and bring it in.
The Jazz Cellar is only open on Friday nights, and cost $20 to enter. Doors open at 5:30pm so get in quick as the venue only holds 100 people, and enjoy Perth’s best kept secret….

For more info on The Jazz Cellar and The Corner House Jazz Band, please click here.

Parklife 2011

Perth, it’s time to let loose, gone are the days of sitting in your cubicle and doing the same old job day in and day out. You need to let your hair down and spend some time to just go completely insane!

Parklife is back this 25th of September and it is going to be bigger and better, with acts from WA and around the world – ranging from Santigold,GossipDiplo and even Duck Sauce. For you local music lovers out there, you will be bouncing off the walls with music from CarlFoxSun City and Sam Perry.

Parklife is no average drink and dance event, it also helps people in need and even the environment. Parklife is encouraging all their patrons to play their part in society by donating a tiny fee of $1.95 when purchasing tickets. The money donated will be helping homeless Australians get back on their feet and provide employment resolutions.

Parklife also understands that we live in a volatile planet and that we all need to do our part to help out ‘mama nature’. Yummy and thirst quenching drinks that will be sold at the event will charge a 1$ deposit which is fully refundable once you have recycled the cups.

What’s the point of making money when you are not going to spend it? Forget stuffing all your money under your mattress and just let loose. Standard early bird tickets will be $125 and $145 if you choose to go at the last minute. You will be able to purchase your tickets from here and here.

For more information click here.

Picture Courtesy of Parklife

Masters of Menu Book Launch

Last Tuesday we celebrated 10 years of West Coast Cafes and 10 issues of Menu Magazine at our ‘Masters of Menu’ book launch. The event was held at The Moore’s Building in Fremantle, a historic art gallery which made the perfect venue for the occasion.

‘Masters of Menu’ features recipes from 47 of W.A.’s best chefs and top restaurants.
All the proceeds go towards the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for support and research.
We enjoyed some delicious tapas provided by Taste Budds Catering, and the barmen from Bartenderz did an awesome job serving the drinks.
Live entertainment was provided by talented acoustic artist David Lazarus, who played an assortment of covers, proving to be a lively choice for the background music. The combination of all this made for a very enjoyable night!

Sunday Funday at the Saint George Hotel

By Lauren Kelly

So it’s a Sunday night and you and your mates want to head somewhere for a relaxing drink or two and maybe even a feed. Where do you go? Well last Sunday we headed to the Saint George Hotel in Innaloo.

This bar/restaurant is a popular venue north of the river to go for a Sunday Sesh. It caters for either a relaxing quiet night, or one that involves more than a few drinks and a bit of a dance. On Sundays, the Howie Morgan Trio perform from 4 – 7pm and then DJ Anaru mixes some tunes during the later evening. To top it off there is $5 special on Sol beer.

The Howie Morgan Trio, an acoustic/pop/roots music band is a popular choice for live performances in Perth. Howie Morgan also performs at Universal Bar, The Ellington and Benny’s in Freo, with performances ranging from solo to an 8 piece band. It’s not hard to see why either. This band got the atmosphere cranking for DJ Anaru to take over.

The venue itself is set up well, and you can choose from a few areas to dine in, according to what sort of night/atmosphere you’re after. There’s a restaurant with some comfy couches, a general bar area (both inside and out) and a games room, all of which were thriving with people last Sunday.

But if busy crowds aren’t your thing, you can come down any other night of the week to enjoy a delicious meal. Head down there on a Monday for ‘Mum’s eat free’ night, or indulge in 1kg of mussels for only $15 on Tuesdays.  Check out their website to scope out the menu and further specials.

We opted to share a few bowls of chips and aioli between us, and it was certainly the pub grub nibblies I was hoping for. We also enjoyed some cider, which is available both bottled and on tap, but there is also a large variety of other drinks to choose from on the wine and cocktail menu. All in all I think I speak for all of us when I say it was an enjoyable night!

Hyperfest 2011

School, teachers and homework can be such a bore. Feel you need a break from the hard-life and have an awesome time with great music? Come down to the Midland Railway workshops and mosh your brains out at Hyperfest 2011 on the 28thof August. Bands and music acts that will get your juices flowing range from Architecture in HelsinkiChildren CollideIlly and even San Cisco.

If music is not your thing but your friends dragged you along anyway, fret not, there are heaps of other things you can do. There will be face-painting, air brushed tattoos, dance competitions and even a skating ramp.At Hyperfest, they know that we all care for the environment and have done their part to make sure everyone partying will be able to keep our planet green and eco-friendly. Non-alcoholic drinks sold at Hyperfest will all be in biodegradable cups and to keep it awesome, there will be ‘binsketballs’ hoops for rubbish.
If you are a savvy businessperson and would like to make extra ‘moolah’, you can even open food stalls. All you need to do is email your menu and your details here and they will hit you right back with a response. The Midland Railway Workshops is right next to the Midland Train Station, so do your part for the environment and save carbon emissions by taking the train instead.

The tickets will be $20, pre-sale before the 20th of August and $25 at the door. You will be able to get the tickets online here.

For more information, please click here.

Note: This is a drug, alcohol and smoke free event.

The Shed

By Mariel Chow

Last Friday, my housemates and I decided to start the weekend off with a few drinks. We headed down to Northbridge and decided ‘The Shed’ was a good place to hang out and have a few beers. After getting ID checked, we walked in and found a spot to sit and enjoy the night. The sitting area is divided into three sections and two bars. The first section is a covered spot with it’s own personal bar. This area is great for people who don’t like sitting out in the cold and would rather have a chat instead of listening to music.
The second area, near the main gate is the smoker’s zone. It is open aired; with enough music to make you want to dance but not too much that it would stop you from chatting with mates. The last part of the bar is near the dance floor; this is a popular section for party animals that love music and dancing. The band was called Kickstart and was great, playing mostly 90’s style rock and roll tunes. After the band finished their set, the DJ worked the floor with infectious beats. If you are hungry, ‘The Shed’ also serves good ol’ pub grub. They are currently having a special on Steak and Chips for only $15 – to check out their menu click here.

For more information on what’s happening at the The Shed, please click here.

Those Wretched Horses at The Bird

By Lauren Kelly

After finishing work, a mate and I decided we wanted to go out for a few drinks to unwind a little midweek. So we decided to head to The Bird, on William St in Northbridge, which is conveniently close to the train station.

A small, yet funky indi bar, The Bird features live music 6 nights a week, and Wednesday night featured indi band Those Wretched Horses, who played along side popular local band Russian Winters at Mustang Bar a week ago.

Labelling themselves as having an alternative/country/psychedilic type sound, they provided a great atmosphere for what we were after. Both of us were quite tired, so we sat on the lounge and relaxed and let the band serenade us. The lead singer had a voice that reminded me of Andrea Corr, from The Corrs. I really liked their sound. If you ever get the chance to check them, I’d recommend you do so.

Doors don’t open until 8pm, so to kill some time and for a great night out, there’s a nice Chinese restaurant up the road, Four Seasons Duck Restaurant. It’s in walking distance from The Bird and does some delicious food. Oh and I almost forgot: It’s also BYO!

Mojo’s launches Siobny Cooke

By Scott Arnold-Eyers

Mojo’s in North Fremantle has been a popular place for live and local musos for years. Many artists have cut their teeth here, including yours truly.

Not too much has changed. The stage is in the same spot and it still has that rustic feel. The mixing desk moved from the side of the stage to the back a few years ago and they’ve put the old saloon style doors onto the toilet doors. There were times when Mojo’s tried to do food which was one of the reasons I was keen to go but sadly this is no longer the case. There are however a few really nice places near by.

The night I went Siobny Cooke was having her CD launch. It was a really good turn out for a Thursday. I was a bit confused to see the main act start the night off but that is what they did. It took a bit for them to get going as the mixer continuously improved the levels.

Siobny was accompanied by a double bass and some soft electric guitar. I could see these guys at a café, to be honest. They had a real laid back approach; really chilled and relaxing. I can’t wait to hear the CD. You can get it from her Facebook page: Siobny Cooke.

Next up on stage was Heath Marshall. I’m told he makes his own guitars. He has about 5 with him on the night that he used while playing drums at the same time. That’s right… He was a solo muso playing drums and guitar at the same time. A must see.

Sadly I could not hang around to see the final act of the night, that of Ryan Webb.

So until next time…

Neil Colliss at the Pink Duck

By Scott Arnold-Eyers

I had been keen to visit the Pink Duck in Rockingham for some time. Last night I dropped by and to my surprise they even had live music playing.

Neil Collis plays here every Thursday night as a solo act with vocals and acoustic guitar. He played mostly covers on the night. On the flier it says he plays 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and modern music.

The food served was fantastic. I had a few dips myself. The biggest let down was to see such a small turn out. I guess it was cold.

Note to readers…

We at Total Hits were very surprised with huge response to our write up a couple weeks ago regarding the Mount Helena Tavern. To put the record straight… We thought it was a great night. We were and are aware that it is an open mic night but the night we went it turned into a jam night. We loved it and will go again in the near future. We decided to include one of the emails that was sent to us:

G’Day Guys,
I was a bit surprised to see this event get a review from Jim Smith who came up to the Hills to catch our night. From what he said he was impressed to some extent but dissatisied with some of it (tough steak).
I have been involved with this night from its earliest begginings about 3 years ago. I’m a regular but was not there that night. Been crook. I know most of the people he referred to. A lot of them are regulars as well.

As its an “Open Mic Night” rather than a jam night, its open to anyone who comes along to put their name on the board and they will get a go. It’s like “What you see is what you get”. Once the board has been used up then usually a jam session starts. This is open to anyone to join in. Its very impromptu and a mixture of old pro’s and amateurs. Kicks on into the wee hours.

Since the event started the performances have improved considerably however we dont barr anyone from playing if they wish. It’s democratic and all free. No charges to anyone so very fair. The punters who come along get a good night in comfortable surrounding and meet a lot of people. Hills friendly.

Things are not bigtime up here in the Hills but there is some action and musos get a chance to perform, even the youngsters. The local high school is noted for it’s excellant music program and student participation. Some have gone on to study at APRA down at Mt Lawley. They fit in apearances here as well so get good experience performing. We like to think that we are a developement ground for the younger set as well as the oldies. We encourage people to have a go.

The tavern has live music usually every Friday, Saturday and Sunday so we get a heap of entertainment at no cost. Have a great time. We have a “Hills Blues Club” which meets every 3rd Saturday of the month. Acts are booked in advance so no jam session. Just good musos from WA and interstate.

I would suggest that Jim revisits the “Mounties Tavern” at some time to get a better picture of the culture that we have here. Maybe for the Blues Club night. Dont right us off.

Anyhow, thanks for the review. I look forward to meeting up with Jim in the future and having a chat.
All the best to your site. Trevor Osgerby.

Musos Galore at The Mount Helena Tavern

By Jimmy Smith

Wednesday nights is Open Mic Night at Mount Helena Tavern in the hills and I hear the food is not so bad either, so I just had to take a look.

When I arrived with friends I grabbed a Guinness and had a quick look around. Rustic, warm and friendly was my impression.

Next we needed to find somewhere to sit. It was a bit cramped with 6 people at a 2 seater but what the hell. We went to the counter to order a Steak Dianne which was not too bad. The meat was a bit tough but the sauce was superb.

I was able to eat my meal while watching the first act for the night called The Mighty Silverhair. I wish we could have heard more from the sax player, however. It was great to see a Uke and to top it off, a bass Uke. (I hear these guys are regulars).

After they finished the lead singer coaxed his daughter into getting up on stage which turned out to be a big mistake as the young thing (I’d say about 10yrs old) showed them up big time.

Next up on stage was a young bloke that had a go. It’s a jam night for God’s sake. 10 points for trying mate but don’t give up your day job. Then we watched the mixer and some of his friends. They were pretty good but seemed more interested in their individual sounds instead of how they sounded as a group. The drummer was a fill in and had been out of the game for years but still has the gift. The sax player was up again here.

The suspense was killing me when finally the act I had been waiting to see hit the stage. The Ken Pettett Combo was mind blowing. It’s hard to believe you can see an act like this at a jam night. Once again this premaddona sax player known simply as Hedge, was playing. Maybe he’s a part owner of the place. The bass guitarist stirred a bit of interest amongst the women and men for that matter. The drummer was like a human freaking metronome. The chick on lead guitar was quite subtle at times and occasionally belted out a blistering riff. But, lead man Cal stole the show with an on stage energy that a cougar would envy.

Seemed like a night for players of the past to get up.  The next guy sounded a bit like John Butler and even played a few of his songs.

Last of all was a group of highly experienced musos that did not know each other at all but were up for a jam. It was great to see high quality musos like this try and work it out. The drummer from the second act had another go, along with the John Butler impersonator. The mixer jumped unto the bass and a fresh face picked up the guitar. There were signs of brilliance for sure. I was surprised not to see Hedge up there again.

Thursdays at The Paddo with Ben Merito

By Lauren Kelly

Last night we felt like dining a little closer to home; north of the river. So we decided to visit a bar/pub that I’d heard of many times, but never been to; The Paddo, more formerly known as The Paddington Ale House.

Located on Scarborough Beach Road, this lively restaurant/pub features live music virtually every night of the week. A typical, cold winter’s night, we decided to sit inside in the warmth, which also meant we could listen to the melodies of Ben Merito later on in the night. Ben is playing at The Paddo every Thursday in July, so get down there next Thurs to check it out.

Thursdays is ‘$15 Parmies at  The Paddo’ night at The Paddo’s Kimberleys Restaurant, which gives you a massive chicken parmigana with chips and salad for only $15. While we didn’t go for the parmigana, I did let my eyes wonder to one which was served at another table, and I will say that it looks like a pretty good deal for only $15. If you’re up for a challenge, tackle the parmigana because I can guarantee you won’t walk away hungry!

For only $25, we ordered the platter, which serves 2 – 4 people. It consisted of honey sesame chicken breast medallions, thai fish cakes, prawn parcels, spring rolls, delicious salt and pepper fried squid with seasoned wedges, sweet chilli sauce, sour cream and Turkish bread with dips. There was only 2 of us sharing the platter and we were unable to finish it, again proving to be a great deal for your dollar.

On top of this, there were plenty more delicious meals to choose from the menu including an ‘off the grill’ section curry of the day, salads and a selection of starters, making the Paddo a great place to go for your typical pub grub.

Also note there are various other specials on throughout the week including curry and kingfisher every Wednesday for $15 and $10 Stella jugs every Tuesday from 7pm.  Visit the website for more details.

Wednesdays at the Raffles Restaurant and Bar

By Lauren Kelly

So it’s the middle of the week, and you’re after a classy, yet casual rendezvous with your friends. Raffles lounge bar and restaurant, situated right near the river in Applecross is a great place to hang out any day or night of the week.

Wednesdays is half price pizza night and so last night we decided to head down and check it out. The atmosphere was great! I was not expecting such a huge turnout, which I soon learned is normal for a Wednesday at the Raffles. Filled to the brim with finely groomed patrons, it took me a while to find our table of friends.

While you can choose to dine in or out, we picked a table outside, near one of the speakers so we could listen to the chilled out beats from the regular house DJ. These tunes echoed both inside and outside the restaurant, not overbearing but just enough to provide a relaxing atmosphere.

I could not go past the half price pizzas, so I ordered one made from roast pumpkin, rocket, pesto, fetta, sun-dried tomato & pine nuts for our table. I have to say, it was delicious, and the service was reasonably quick considering the amount of people there. There are over a dozen pizzas to chose from as well as a range of tapas, seafood, red meat dishes, salads and desserts. There is also a breakfast menu if you wish to dine there during the day, which I also plan on doing.

When it comes to drinks, Raffles serves a range of Ruinart champagne and has a huge selection of red, white and desert wines which ranges significantly in price, depending on your budget/taste. So if you love a bit of class, and want to enjoy some good food and wine, head to the Raffles. However you will need to dress appropriately, and be prepared to spend some money. If not, perhaps give it a miss.

Soothe yourself at Benny’s Bar & Cafe

By Lauren Kelly

Last weekend we decided to make the trek down to Fremantle to enjoy the lively nightlife it has to offer. Keen for trying new things, it was my first time to Benny’s Bar & Café, located on South Terrace in the hub of Fremantle. This ‘café-by-day, restaurant/bar-by-night’ venue is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and includes live music on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

It was a Saturday night, and we arrived around 9ish, but were a little late for dinner. However if you do get there at an appropriate time, there is a lovely menu of reasonably-priced modern Australian cuisine to chose from including pasta, chicken dishes, seafood and burgers. There is also a breakfast menu available until around 11am.

Walking past Bennies, we were attracted to the 70s and 80s tunes of the live band ‘Soothe’, so we decided to head in and check it out. As I’d hoped, the presence of the live band provided a great atmosphere in the bar. People were aged from their mid 20s right through to late 50s, so it was clear Benny’s is enjoyed by a variety of people.

The drinks list features a range of imported and local beers and cider as well as mouth watering cocktails, all $16.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner or a night out, Benny’s is certainly worth checking out.


Off The Record at the Subiaco Hotel

By Lauren Kelly

If there’s one combination that guarantees a good night, it’s a Saturday night in Subiaco after the footy. Last Saturday we joined the crowd of people at the Subiaco Hotel Bar. The bar was absolutely packed with footy fans, sport lovers and general Saturday-night goers.

This old fashioned, yet contemporary styled bar has everything you need, including several plasmas screening a variety of sporting events mounted high on the wall so that not even the tallest of people can obstruct your view.

We pushed through the crowd of people and finally found a spot at the bar where we could order. As designated driver, I was unable to sample any of the ten varieties of beer on tap, nor the cocktail menu which was very enticing, including martinis, daiquiris, caipiroskas, mojitos margheritas and many more.

If you’re feeling a little peckish there are snacks available at the bar. However, if you want to begin your night with a delicious feed, the restaurant is situated right next door. Reservations are welcomed, but not essential and there is free wi-fi for customers to use.

The highlight of the night was when local band Off The Record came on stage to perform. Every Saturday night this 5 piece funk/groove band play a variety of covers that is sure to get the dancefloor grooving. Last week they played Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night, Bruno Mars’ The Lazy Song, and some oldies such as Robbie Williams’ Rock DJ, Ben Harper’s Steal My Kisses and Bob Marley’s Could You Be Loved. Not only did this create a great dancefloor but it ensure for a fun and lively atmosphere. So next time you’re looking for a great night out on a Saturday night, come down to the Subiaco Hotel.

Ben Merito live all weekend

by Pia Conway

If you love a bit of acoustic/pop/funk then make sure you don’t miss out on seeing Kiwi solo artist Ben Merito and his band the Forgotten Soldiers this Friday at The Settlers Tavern. He is also playing a solo gig at The Augusta Hotel on Saturday 2nd July, before heading back to The Settlers Tavern for a three hour solo gig (from 3pm to 6pm).

Don’t miss out as the talented singer and songwriter will be sure to impress as he cranks out some of his very own original music.

Ben’s has become widely regarded as one of WA’s best acoustic acts and is well respected in the live music scene. His latest album, ‘Way Back Home’ is now available to purchase from amazon and itunes.

Jangoo Chapkhana Trio at The Ellington

By Lauren Kelly

Last night was my first time to Perth’s Ellington Jazz Club, and I have to say I was not disappointed. I entered the New York-styled Jazz club, and was immediately taken in by the atmosphere. With its dimmed lights, professional wait service and guests dressed to impress, the Ellington is certainly the perfect jazz venue. I was there to watch the popular Jangoo Chapkhana Trio perform with special guest Ray Walker, a performance I soon learnt was six months in the making.

I was shown to my seat in the front row, where I had a great view of the talented pianist, Jangoo Chapkhana himself. Many jazz enthusiasts had come along to watch the show, resulting in a sold out performance. Guests ranged from around their early 30s onwards, but mainly consisted of a mature aged audience who perhaps enjoyed reminiscing on the jazz/swing era.

I took advantage of the table service and ordered a juice from the menu, which includes a vast array of wines, beers, cocktails and even tea and coffee if you prefer. There are also nibblies available such as tasting plates to enjoy right throughout the performance.

It was soon time to sit, relax and enjoy my first live jazz show. The trio, consisting of a pianist, bass player and drummer, joined guitarist Ray Walker to play a popular selection of jazz songs. Guests had the option to dine upstairs if they wished to talk during the performance, but most opted to stay below to witness the unique performance firsthand. Many were tapping their heads or feet to the music and it was clear the band were enjoying themselves as well.

I was surprised to learn that I knew a few of the songs played, including Eleanor Rigby, The Sound of Music Medley, a ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ music favourite and I’ll be seeing you. It was a great night. It was like being in a scene from an old jazz movie and the perfect way to unwind midweek. Whether you’re a jazz lover or not, I would certainly recommend visiting this quaint jazz club. It’s a relaxing night out and open almost every night of the week. Bookings are essential though, so visit the Ellington website for details.

Wednesdays in Subiaco

By Lauren Kelly

Cheek is Club Red Sea’s night of nights, supplying you with some midweek entertainment to tie you over until the weekend. Last night we went to Cheek, which is held every Wednesday at the popular Subiaco night club. As with any nightclub, there isn’t much atmosphere until at least 9.30/10pm. However, situated on Rokeby rd in the hub of Subiaco, there are plenty of places to dine out beforehand.

We went to Buddha Bar, a stylish restaurant serving Australian, Mediterranean and authentic Indian dishes. It was reasonably priced in comparison to other trendy restaurants of the same cuisine. We ordered Buddha Bar’s signature dish – the butter chicken – and it was delicious. We even took home a doggy bag.

We also ordered a bottle of Hardy’s late harvest fruity white to enjoy with our delicious meals. It was rather sweet, so if you’re not into sweet wine, I would suggest another alternative, perhaps something from their selection of sauvignon blancs. I might also add there are over 35 different white, red and sparkling wines to choose from as well as cocktails and beer, so you’re bound to find something that suits your taste.

It was soon time to hit the club. A $10 entry fee and we were in the door and up the stairs to listen to DJ Luke Sarich, more formerly known as OFFset. He played a variety of hip hop, breaks and dupstep tunes and remixes which made for a lively atmosphere. Later, we also enjoyed some house/dance/pop beats from the club’s regular, DJ Jack Masel. If you enjoy a good dance, then check out Cheek on Wednesday nights. If not, perhaps a live band or lower key atmosphere is more your thing? Then visit The Subiaco Hotel instead and listen to the Ali Bodycoat Trio on ‘Queen of Jazz’ Wednesdays.

Universal Bar

By Lauren Kelly

Last weekend I went to a private function, held at Universal Bar in Northbridge. A popular jazz and blues bar, it was my first time at Universal Bar and I have to say I was not let down.

The function was held upstairs at the Terrace Bar, which is only a few years old. I also noticed there was another function in the downstairs bar, which confirms what I’d heard that this is a popular venue for functions. Upon arrival, my friend suggested I try the $10 ‘Naked Barman’ cocktail, (and yes, this sparked a few jokes from the barmen). After trying hers, I could not resist. The combination of passionfruit, orange, pineapple and vanilla created a strong passionfruit flavour; my favourite! There was of course wine and beer available, so I opted to sip on the sparkly for the rest of the night, the Rothbury Estate Sparkling Cuvee.

There were sausage roll and spring roll platters going around, although not as much as I’d hoped. However, for those simply dining for dinner, I know there is an alternative dinner menu which I’d like to have tried.

The function ran well, and once we’d finished a few of us journeyed downstairs and joined the dance floor for a boogie. It was surprisingly packed with everyone dancing to DJ Bernie Mac’s great selection of tunes, which he plays every Saturday night. However there are live acts every night of the week, including Retrofit, Nightmoves and Soul Corporation (who also play on Saturdays), so no matter which night you go, you’re guaranteed a lively atmosphere.

What I found most interesting about this place was the variety of age groups it caters for. There were people from their late teens right through to their mid 50s. This made it all the more an interesting experience, and makes it a good night out for the old and young!

Bunbury Grooves The Moo

By Georgia Gunther

Over six thousand festival goers were Groovin’ the Moo in Bunbury over the weekend.  This year’s line up had everything from hip-hop, electro-pop and indie rock with Australian and international acts.  With Perth’s very own emerging duo Tim and Jean, long-standing Australian favourites Bliss n Eso, Birds of Tokyo and Architecture in Helsinki, USA’s Darwin Deez and House of Pain and Datarock all the way from Norway, to name a few.  Even the absence of promised English indie-rockers The Wombats could not reduce the appeal of the 31-strong line-up.

The highlights didn’t end with the music, outside of the moshpit crowds were entertained by a number of fellow patrons dressed in cow suits, and the guys from Datarock, who ventured out from backstage in their famous red jumpsuits, much to the delight of fans.  A 16+ event, this was really another festival for the under-aged, however there were over-18 sections providing a haven from the hoards of youth.  Those of all ages were able to enjoy the great atmosphere down south with good music and good company.  The much awaited Drapht finished off the festival with his high-energy hip-hop set that left festival goers still buzzing as they left the gates.

Perth Muso’s Play With Fire

By Dean Lucas

At Manhattans on Friday 6th May, 4 acts played till their fingers burned; well at least that’s what it felt like.
They might not have been thinking of flames as they performed, but they played their fingers numb for people who knew well the power of fire. We are talking about the Roleystone Fire Disaster which reduced 60 homes to ashes earlier this year. The gig was organised to raise money for the families who lost everything.

The Bar rocked till midnight. By this time the floor of Manhattans moved with people dancing. Siobny, the organiser of the gig, was the first act. Her trio of vocals/guitar, Double Bass and lead Guitar played a haunting sound of mostly originals and some more up beat covers. Siobny is set to release her first album “A Million Stairs” in July this year. For more information go to www.scudleyrecords.com or w.myspace.com/siobny

Miche Suit was next up. Leah’s powerful vocals, accompanied by double bass and drums had people tapping their feet and eager for more. You can learn more about Miche Suite on FaceBook.

By this stage the barmen had tired muscles from pulling beers. The coins were hitting the bar and laughter was drowned out by the beat of fabulous music.

Ryan Webb, next up, began solo doing Ray LaMontagne covers and was then joined on stage by his Folk/Rock band. Ryans first album is “Sing me to Sleep”

The night finished with a bang. Heath Marshall had people dancing and singing their hearts out. As a one man band he sings, play’s guitar and slide guitar and drums.  To hear more of Heath contactheath@heathmarshall.com

Siobny said it was wonderful listening to fine music knowing they were raising money for peopel in trouble. End result? More than $2K.
“I hope my album gives people half as much pleasure as I got from organising this event” She said.

Live Review: Washington at The Astor

By Sheena McGorlick

Megan Washington was first noticed in triple j’s Unearthed competition back in 2008. Now in 2011, not only is it the triple j listener’s that are familiar with her but it’s the mainstream audience also. (this is not a write off but more of a ‘she is becoming well known’). With the release of her Laughter and Forgetting tour, Washington has been playing all over Australia, with most of those shows being sold out events. To end the whirlwind tour, what a better place to do it then right here in Perth at The Astor in Mt Lawley. Supporting her was American musician Lissie, who proved to be an amazing singer/songwriter/entertainer. She put all her energy into her performance and definitely got the audience at the Astor going. She has an amazing and powerful voice that would blow anyone away.

But the crowd were there to see Washington and I am sure no one was disappointed by her delivery. Described as indie/pop with a touch of jazz, this small but mighty Australian musician excelled on the keyboard and guitar just as much as she excelled in her vocal range. Playing old favourites such as Clementine, and new favourites such as Sunday Best, Cement and Rich Kids, these fun poppy tunes excited the crowd and had many singing along. Proving that there is a more serious and darker side to her, Washington played ballads such as You Got Someone Else In Mind, I Believe You Liar and Underground.

After just over an hour of Washington giving us her all, the show was over. Making the most out of being in the heart of Mt Lawley I found myself at the Queens Hotel, which is on the same street as the Astor. They have terrific food and drinks, and it is a great place for Friday after work socialising. Check it out next time you’re in the area.

* Photo courtesy of SWEET! Studio Perth

Live Review: Oh Mercy at Amplifier

By Sheena McGorlick

Promoting their new album Great Barrier Grief, Melbournian’s Oh Mercy headed west on the 30th April playing at the well known Amplifier on Murray St Perth. Making the most of the fact that the venue was in the CBD I decided to go out for dinner on Murray St. My choice of venue was The Moon and Sixpence for some fantastic British pub grub. When I think of pub grub I think of steak and chips or a good old surf and turf. But instead I decided to try out their Chicken Caesar Salad. The price was reasonable ($24.50) and the portion was decent. More importantly it tasted delish! The salad went well with a glass of Brown Brothers Crouchen Riesling, which really bought out the flavours of the chicken Caesar.

Feeling satisfied and full I headed over to Amps in time to see the indie pop-rock four piece in action. The venue was full but still enough room for fans to move around and enjoy the sounds that is Oh Mercy. Starting the night with Confessions, from Great Barrier Grief, it was evident that the crowd were enjoying the music with many people moving closer to the stage and cheering happily after each song.

The charming and confident main man of Oh Mercy, Alexander Gow welcomed the crowd with his witty remarks and introduced Guitarist Simon Oakley who is originally from Perth. This sparked a few ‘yewws’ from the crowd who were proud that someone so talented was from their hometown. Accompanying Alex and Simon was the reserved yet intriguing Eliza Lam on the bass and the always smiling Rohan Sforcina on drums.

They played some of their well known tracks from their previous album ‘Privileged Woes’ as well as showing off their new tracks but what I was happy to hear was Get You Back and Stay Please Stay. For their last song, which is probably their most well known song – Lay Everything On Me, Alexander invited people on stage to sing and dance alongside the band. Most people took the opportunity to get up there but I decided to stay down in the crowd so I could be entertained for another good 3 minutes.

Live Review: Paul Kelly and Neil Finn at Red Hill

By James Pratt

Kudos to the person who had the brainwave to use Anzac Day as an excuse to get Paul Kelly and Neil Finn together at Red Hill under the stars with the backdrop of Perth’s city lights providing the sensation of seeing it from a 727 at night. It was an occasion to be savoured and the grand talents of the lads in the trenches did not let us down.

Paul kicked off with You Touch me Down To My Soul and Have You Ever Seen Sydney before being joined by the wonderfully gifted Dan Kelly who contributed via numerous guitars and languid harmonies to some of the most loved songs in the country. Dumb Things, Before Too Long, Careless, How I Wish I Was Asleep sailed by amongst other Kelly constructions until we arrived at How to Make Gravy and To Her Door. Neil Finn joined in and the trio combined for a version of Leaps And Bounds that was breathlessly good.

Intermission: refreshments and extreme stairwell sports. The designers of the Red Hill amphitheatre have contrived to somehow make every second step invisible when you are walking down towards the light with hands full of modest (at best) and difficult to acquire food and much easier to acquire drinks. You can start a raffle on when the first serious face plant and lost row of front teeth will occur. Ignore Red Hills suggestions that you don’t eat beforehand or bring food, you will go hungry if you don’t like sausage on a stick or squares of pizza with names stolen from superior establishments. And if you want coffee be prepared to wait a very long time to get to the single attendant with the apologetic look.

But eventually the show goes on and a man who has been blessed to house within the same modest Kiwi frame both one of the most beautiful voices and one of the most beautiful songwriting talents presents himself and adds to the legend with dry Kiwi humour that wouldn’t look out of place in a Flight Of The Conchords episode. Reaching back to Split Enz days Neil Finn gifted us with One Step Ahead, then let the trivia buffs in on the nicknames that each of the Split Enz had for each other (Neil was the Ant) before leaving the Enz behind. Then the Crowded House songs cascaded into the night: Whenever I Fall At Your Feet, Seven Worlds, Hey Now and Something So Strong. All wonderful yet all cleaved with an attempt at compensating for not having a band by playing some very strange and unpleasing looped guitar solos in the middle of each song. You know we love you Neil but please leave that idea at home next time.

Then the Kelly boys returned to the stage and we were treated to Four Seasons In One Day. These three guys have palpable synergy, the whole is considerably more than the sum, and the three playing together was the highlight of the night. One wonders (hopes) whether they will decide to take that union further. There were encores but babysitter beckoning your scribe left pre-encore, although it was well after midnight and I did have trouble getting the pumpkin started.

Live Review: Tiaryn Griggs at The Bird

By Sheena McGorlick

Tuesday 19th April, local songstress Tiaryn Griggs showcased her talent to a small audience at The Bird in Northbridge. She was accompanied by her band who played remarkably well, but Tiaryn was the one that the audience had their eyes on. Displaying her amazing vocal range, the 22 year old stole the limelight with her jazzy 1930’s cabaret baroque sound. She started off the night with ‘Keeper’ which was pitch perfect and had everyone’s feet tappin’. But the standout song to me was ‘You are mine’ which was in fact a new song that hadn’t been played live before, so the audience at The Bird that night were the first to hear this classical jazzy tune. I really appreciated Tiaryn’s sound; it is great to hear quality musicians that are from your home town. After she had finished her gig I headed next door to Jus Burgers for a  good old fashioned cheeseburger. Not bagging out McDonalds or anything, but Jus Burgers definitely take the gold medal.

The Garden

By Sheena McGorlick

The garden is a great place to have after work drinks, a good meal or even just a snack. It is sophisticated and classy, only serving wine and beer – no spirits! The whole point of opening up the Garden which use to be part of the Leederville hotel was to attract a slightly older more refined crowd. The alfresco style bar attracts many people on a summers day, where you can sit on the high chairs or at the long wooden table.

The average price for a bottle of wine is around $30-40 and the beer list has all the favourites on there. Tapas here cost an average of $10-$15, with main meals averaging around $20-$30.

There is a ‘loft’ style area upstairs which overlooks the entire bar and is perfect for viewing short films and video clips that are playing on their big screen. If you are looking for somewhere that is great to have a few drinks and a bite to eat at without the loud noise of the younger crowd, then look no further then The Garden

Margies-Drug Aware Pro and Concert

By Claire Wragg

This weekend was the busiest weekend Margaret River has seen in quite some time, as both the finals of the Drug Aware Pro Surfing Competition and Margies Concert got underway. The Margies concert was an all ages event held on the Saturday night headlined by Karnivool and also included amazing sets by Ash Grunwald, Tijuana Cartel, Split Seconds and a local Margaret River band.

The concert was smaller than I expected, however it allowed us all to get up close to our favourite acts. The event had a very relaxed vibe that captured the essence of Margaret River itself.

Sunday morning required a classic full breakfast to balance the festivities of the night before, we headed to Sails Café to indulge in such a feed.

The café was as we expected…..packed. This is where patience and embracing the laid back feel to Margaret River is truly required! We were asked to wait ten minutes before even bothering to order – they were obviously not used such big crowds.

The meal itself was enjoyable, reasonably priced and the staff all very pleasant. It was the perfect start to the drive back to Perth.

The Moon Cafe

By Sheena McGorlick

The Moon Café is a perfect place to chill out before or even after a night out. It is located on William Street Northbridge so the location is great if you are wanting a night out in the city after you have had a bite to eat here. Decorated in a 70’s grunge style, this café definitely has character ; I cant see why anyone would dislike it!

The inside of the café is decked out with booths and stools at the bar, and the walls covered in posters of upcoming gigs and events happening in Perth. The lighting is dim, which adds to the mellowness of the vibe. The outside décor consists of retro antique couches which attract groups of people to sit and hang out, aswell as tables with chairs that look like they have been picked up at a garage sale, and classic style lamps situated on a few of the tables. My favourite aspect of this venue is the menu’s. They are stuck onto the back of record covers ranging from records such as the Doors, Neil Young and The Beatles and the walls are covered in quirky art paintings which gives you something to admire if you get bored or are on a bad date! Their music playlist is one of the reasons why people come back, playing a range of tunes both new and old, but mostly a lot of rock, folk, acoustic and indie beats. This adds to the uniqueness of the Moon, and is why there are many regulars that come here.

The food is fairly well priced but the service isn’t exactly quick. The staff are laidback and friendly but you may have to wait a little while for your meal, depending on how busy they are. I recommend trying their range of pastas and pizzas, they even have dessert pizzas! I found myself trying their Marco Penne the other week, which contains chicken, bacon, broccoli, diced tomato, parmesan, cream. It was delicious and the serving was decent. Their beverage list is quite extensive, but I found myself just going with vodka, lemon lime and bitters.

Whether you are wanting a place to catch up with your friends or are looking for somewhere to eat and drink with your partner then try out the Moon. I am sure it wont disappoint.

Live Review: Angus & Julia Stone at Red Hill

By Kayt Davies

The new Red Hill Auditorium is a stunning venue and Angus and Julia Stone were a great act to be the first band to play on the new stage, on April 2.

An audience of around 5000 sat on tiered concrete steps, rising up from the stage, and the standing area in front of it. The elevated steps allowed those seated to have a clear view of the performers, seeing clear over the heads and camera bearing hands of the standing crowd.

Angus and Julia were fabulous, and the crowd was adoring. In addition to old favourites, they played some new tunes that have more of a Doors-like hypnotic throb to them. Julia, as usual, showcased her astonishing vocal range, at times seeming like she was channeling Marlene Dietrich and at other times sounding coy and girlish. She also moved with seemingly effortless ease between playing a range of guitars, a trumpet, harmonica and keyboards.

In contrast to her high energy presence, Angus seemed still and peaceful – almost shy, like he’d rather just be singing his tunes around a campfire with a few good friends. This sense was reinforced in the last moments of the show when in response to a call for suggestions about the encore tunes, the crowd had asked for his songMango Tree. Waving an empty wine bottle he apologized and said he’d “had a moment” and forgotten his songs. Julia stepped into the breach and belted out a crowd pleasing rendition of her hit Wasted, saving the day but leaving the crowd wondering how much longer she’ll have her brother with her on stage.

Mike Rosenberg, who performs under the name Passenger, was the support act and he charmed the crowd with his English accent and humble, heartbroken patter explaining the context of his hauntingly beautiful folk tunes. His next gigs are at the Indy Bar in Scarborough on April 29 and the Norfolk in Freo on April 30.

A tip for people planning on heading to events at Red Hill: Take some cushions, the steps are concrete and you’ll end up a little sore in the end if you don’t pack padding. Blankets will also be a good call when the weather gets cooler.

Red Hill also has quite a few high quality food options, which you can order from the bar. To check out some of the upcoming gigs on at Red Hill, please click here.

Live Review: Lior at the Fly By Night

By Sheena McGorlick

The indie/acoustic sound that is Lior, graced our shores at the Fly By Night in Fremantle on 25th March. The venue was packed with people of all ages standing side by side and braving the heat in order to see this remarkable musician and hear his soothing tunes. Although it was my first time at the Fly By, it has been around for a successful 20 years, previously being the venue of an airplane hangar. It is cosy and intimate and the service is fast and friendly.

When arriving on stage, Lior shyly greeted the crowd who were ever so happy to see him, before he told his fans that tonight is their night – he would be playing anything they requested. It isn’t often that musicians are brave enough to take requests, but this Arabian muso wanted to give the crowd what they wanted.

He played my personal favourite, ‘This Old Love’, so after that my night was complete. I couldn’t help but get shivers down my spine, he was pitch perfect and you could feel the romance in the room. Not a single eye was wandering, not a single voice was spoken, the crowd was so captivated by this amazing person – all eyes were focused on him.

The crowd were wooed by a cover of Dr Hook’s ‘Cover of the Rolling Stone’, which ended in everyone singing along and laughing at themselves. Lior commented on how good we were at singing, we nearly out did him!

A few more of his classics and three encores later, came the end of Lior’s show. And lets just say that my friend that came along with me wasn’t a huge fan of Lior before the show, but now, she can’t get enough of him.

2011 Chilli Festival

By Sheena McGorlick

The Araluen Chilli Festival kicked off for another year last weekend, this time it was held in the heart of Fremantle – The Esplanade. The hottest food festival of the year went over 2 full days (Saturday and Sunday), showcasing all things that chilli lovers live for. I was lucky enough to be amongst it all, and was even lucky enough to catch some very talented local musicians playing at the Total Hits stand, providing the entertainment for the day. Jason Ayres played his soothing tunes pitch perfect, adding a happy and relaxing vibe to the festival. He covered some Jeff Buckley, Coldplay and John Mayer songs, and nailed them. Straight after Jason Ayres, came 17 year old country boy Mitchell ‘Fingers’ Cullen. I had never heard of Fingers before and was extremely impressed with this teenager’s unique talent. He is a multi-instrumentalist, having mastered the didgeridoo, slide stomp box, harmonica, percussion and banjo whilst topping it all off as a singer and songwriter. This young musician certainly knew how to pull a crowd as well, with many people flocking from all different areas of the Chilli Fest, after hearing this unique sound from a far.

Once the boys had finished performing I decided to head over and taste some of the marvellous food the ‘Masters of Menu’ (the masters of menu are some of the chefs featured in Menu Magazines ‘Masters of Menu’ recipe book) were cooking up. I wasn’t feeling brave enough to try any food after I had a sample of the dish that goes by the name of ‘fried mice’, which mainly consists of Jalapenos! I am a wuss when it comes to hot food, so I stood back and enjoyed the amazing aromas that came from the ‘Masters of Menu’ stand instead.

The Generous Squire

By Claire Wragg

Located in the heart of the city, Friday nights at The Generous Squire has it all. They have an extensive menu at the Squire, which ranges from share plates, seafood, steaks, pizza and salads of which they match the James Squire ale or lager to.

You can choose from having a few casual drinks and catching up with mates downstairs, or to welcome in the weekend alternatively head up stairs. When you’re ready to take it up a notch, DJ Anaru is the resident Friday night DJ, catch him either here at The Generous Squire or The Saint George in Innaloo throughout the weekend. I was lucky enough to see DJ Anaru spin some amazing mixes along with the truly unique sound of percussion; Ryan McGettigan from Indi Bar regulars “The Tunes” provided an awesome sound to all your dance beats.

Live Review: Wavves at The Bakery

By Sheena McGorlick

Friday the 11th March I found myself at the Bakery Artrage in Northbridge to see the hipster surf-pop band from San Diego California; Wavves. But before I saw this band perform their magic my friends and I decided to get a bite to eat at Little Caesars Pizzeria. Little Caesars is the place to go if you are really craving a traditional pizza or Dominos just doesn’t do it for you. They have a range of pizzas to choose from, and trust me it is very hard to choose. The one that caught my eye was the ‘Italian’ which consisted of pepperoni, capsicum, mozzarella, onion, sauce, olives and tomato. The service was great and the pizza was to die for.  After stuffing my face I headed to the Bakery Artrage. I got there just in time for the support act which was the Australian duo Bleeding Knees Club. This band is quite similar to Wavves, in the fact that they play fun surf pop tunes. If you ever get the chance to see these youngsters, keep your eye on the drummer – he is also the lead vocalist!

At around 10.30pm everyone started flocking to the stage to get ready for Wavves. When they finally came out the crowd went wild and to tell you the truth I actually haven’t heard so many girls scream so loud before. They effortlessly greeted the crowd with their “we don’t care what people think” attitude before they played their first song. The crowd were still going wild of course, and the band still continued to play with their rock n roll ‘who cares’ vibe. Standout songs were ‘Idiot’ and ‘King of the beach’. Their set was raw but tight and the crowd wanted more. As they were playing their last song, numerous people jumped up on stage and danced around with the band before launching into the crowd. I have one word to describe Wavves – entertainment.

Live Review: Best Coast at Beck’s Music Box

By Sheena McGorlick

Remember the days when you were little and you would go out with your friends to the roller drome? The music was always poppy and the vibe was always jolly? If you do remember this then the band Best Coast will remind you of this feeling, if you don’t then I guess the same answer still applies. Basically what I am trying to say is that this 3 piece garage rock/surf pop group will never fail to make you smile when you hear them live. I had the pleasure of seeing this Californian band at Beck’s Music Box Friday 4th March.

Beck’s Music Box is part of the Perth Festival which is held every year, this year running from February to March. When I first arrived I could smell the amazing food that was prepared especially for the event. Now the food wasn’t typical festival food such as hot chips and hotdogs, they had a range to choose from such as Smoked Paprika Chips, Cumin & Coriander Salt & Pepper Squid, Lemon & Oregano Lamb Cutlets, Greek Salad plus much more. I decided to go with the salt and pepper squid because the smell of it was just divine. So divine in fact that the lead singer from Best Coast even commented on it.  To compliment my food I purchased a bottle of 2007 Vasse Felix Chardonnay. I was set for the night.

The highlights of Best Coast was their well known songs ‘Boyfriend and ‘When I’m With You’ plus ‘Goodbye’ which is also one of my favourites. This particular gig happened to be Best Coast’s first one in Australia and they admitted to how amazing they thought the Perth crowd was. The lead singer Beth also managed to chip her front tooth with the microphone whilst playing their last song. But us Perthian’s cheered her on and she continued on with the song. How’s that for dedication?

*Photo courtesy of Kevin Pham

Sounds in the Valley at Elmar’s

By Scott Arnold-Eyers

On Saturday 26th of February, I went to Sounds of the Valley at Elmar’s. Normally Elmar’s has a fully operational restaurant but tonight they had a set menu of German sausages, hot chips, pork shanks and picnic hampers on offer.
Their regular beer (They make four different types of beer) was available and 2 coffee vans were set up.

I made the fatal mistake of not reading the fine print for what was on offer, so I ended up being completely unprepared!
Everything was set up outside on the grass so we needed fold up chairs and I was too overdressed for a hot day. I was also low on cash and because there were so many people, getting to the eftpos machine was a nightmare!

First up on stage was Bill Chambers (Kasey’s Dad). He was not too bad and he even played along with violin / mandolin player Dallas from Tamworth.
Next up on stage was Blue Shaddy. It has been years since I had seen these guys. In fact back when I was playing we frequented the same venues and occasionally at the same time.
Anyway these guys were awesome – the energy level was massive. I really need to take my hat off to the harmonica player he played no other instrument on the night but he was the one that made the vibe. The lead singer/guitarist and the harmonica player are brothers, and the bass player lives with him so it is a very close-knit type of band. They had a new drummer who simply pounded the crap out of his kit and was a master on the chicken box. Well done guys 10/10.

Finally Kasey Chambers hit the stage. After watching Blue Shaddy I found her a bit of a let down personally as the energy level on the stage was no comparison that of Blue Shaddy. The crowed however seemed very satisfied – she did sing well and the band was solid.
The night most certainly had a family vibe as Bill Chambers also played guitar in Kasey’s band and we found out how Worm the lighting guy was best of best friends with Kasey.

Overall, the night was a great success and I take my hat off to the crew at Elmar’s.
Jimmy Barnes will be playing at the next Elmars and Sounds of the Valley event on March the 26th. I would recommend you go, even if you are not a Barnesey fan.
For more info on what’s on at Elmar’s, please click here.

Thursdays Page at The Rocket Room

By Claire Wragg

“Thursdays Page” single launch of Octagon (Play It Out) supported by The F.A.I.M Project, Serial Killer Smile and One Thousand Years held at the Rocket Room was a Rock gig to be seen.

The Rocket Room infamous for being a great local Rock venue and this night was no exception. Upon entry I was given a download card for the Single of the night “Octagon (Play it out)” a great change to the usual cd.

Thursday Page enticed the patrons to the dance floor and kicked off the weekend for us all.

Friday nights at the Rocket Room are dedicated to original music from 8pm, perfect for acquainting yourself with local bands and new sounds. After midnight “Side FX” takes to the stage to keep you entertained to the early hours of the morning.

An awesome small venue, great for any music lovers, holding nights dedicated to rock, hip hop and open mic. A great Northbridge venue for any Perth music lover.

Live Review: Katie Noonan at the Ellington

By Sheena McGorlick

On Thursday 24th February I found myself at the exquisite Ellington Jazz Club being captivated by the magical Katie Noonan. Many of you may remember her from the band ‘George’ but this show was  just her solo project  promoting her latest album Emperors Box. She was accompanied by Guitarist Cameron Deyell who had flown straight from India especially for the show. Katie started off the night with ‘radar’ where she sat down and played the piano for a good 2 minutes before she started singing.  When she did start signing I was so taken back at how amazing her voice was I actually had a tear in my eye. The Ellington was filled with couples, families and friends who were there to be completely mesmerised by this extremely talented red-head. The Ellington was cosy and intimate and you couldn’t help but feel the romance in the air. The venue has an extensive wine list and tapas menu, with the tapas ranging from $10-$15.

What I loved about Katie that a lot of musicians fail to do is the fact that she explained the story behind each one of her songs before she performed them to the audience. This helped me to connect with her more and feel the music from her point of view, and this really touched me. The last song of the first set was ‘special ones’ which was a song she wrote with George years ago. This was in fact my favourite George song and I wasn’t expecting her to play it but was pleasantly surprised when she did! It made my night! It was clear to see that Katie is such a beautiful soul and this shows through her music. She was so comfortable in her surroundings that she agreed to play for us a song that she only wrote a week ago and hadn’t completely memorised the lyrics yet but she still insisted that she play it for us. This required her to go back to her hotel and get these lyrics especially so she could play this new song. If you haven’t seen or heard Katie Noonan before I suggest you get onto her, she really is amazing.

Grill’d Healthy Burgers

By Sheena McGorlick

Every time I go to Melbourne I have to, without a doubt make sure I go to Grill’d to get myself one of those amazing burgers that never fail to disappoint me. And every time I sit down in a Grill’d cafe indulging in my lunch/dinner a feeling of deep sorrow comes over me – why don’t they have this burger bar in Perth? And much to my surprise, Grill’d finally opened up in Perth! Hooray! There are now three Grill’d locations in Perth; Subiaco, Mt Lawley and Claremont. I popped into the Mt Lawley Grill’d with a friend the other day and couldn’t go past getting the crispy bacon and cheese burger which consists of grilled 100% lean beef, crispy trim bacon, tasty cheese, salad, relish and herbed mayo on a traditional bun. My friend decided to go for the hot mama which was made up of grilled 100% lean beef, roasted peppers, dill pickle, tasty cheese, tzatziki, salad and harissa paste on a Panini bun. The service was fast and efficient and the place has a hip vibe to it. Seeing as it is located in the main strip of Mt Lawley, you wouldn’t expect any less.

Bryan Ferry at Leeuwin Estate

By James Pratt

Bryan Ferry always had swagger, that air of someone who knows what he brings and believes he won’t be needing to make any concessions. And so it was on Saturday night at Leeuwin when the crowd, who had patiently waited through half an hour of lesser-known Roxy Music numbers, began calling for something they knew. The man of no concessions made a small concession and played one of his minor hits before returning to what to him felt good on the night. Those in the expensive seats, restricted from dancing so that their comrades, who had equally been lavishly catered for by a grateful client, could have a clear view, shifted restlessly.

Then he played Jealous Guy. It wasn’t the song alone, or the depth of feeling, the remorse at past actions that he must share with the lad from Liverpool, but the connection with an audience freshly educated by numerous documentaries on Lennon in the 30th anniversary of his death. The song was achingly beautiful, time froze and the image became the one that will endure.

Then he rocked us with Same Old Scene, far superior live than on disc, followed by Love Is The Drug, Do the Strand, Avalon and, in the encore, More Than This. He knew what he brought, he didn’t make any concessions. Perhaps he misjudged his crowd, who at the end of a long days drinking would mostly just have liked him to run through the Best Of album. But the songs and the class and the sound left this pundit fully satisfied that, yes, this was a great band. In hindsight I should have learned the back catalog because it sounded bloody good.

Live Review: St Jerome’s Laneway Festival

By Sheena McGorlick

The St Jerome’s Laneway Festival kicked off again for another year, being held on February 12th at the Perth Cultural Centre, which is actually my favourite festival venue out of the lot.  The weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cold, just a fabulous summers day. The festival wasn’t packed and it didn’t take 2 hours to get a drink like it does at most other festivals in Perth.

The food on offer was pizzas, kebabs, chips, nachos, sandwiches and much more. I was quite suprised with the food because there was a lot more variety than your average festival food.

The standout acts for me were Cloud Control (who I also saw at Southbound and they were just as great as they were the first time), Les Savy Fav who put on quite the show, with the lead singer running through the crowd and spending more time off stage then he did on stage, Local Natives from the US, and of course my favourites Foals from the UK. Their gig was tight and polished and the crowd were going crazy for them. In my opinion their set didn’t go for long enough, I wanted more! To finish off the night I headed over to see Gotye which was the perfect finish to a great day. Gotye sounded even more amazing live then he does recorded.

Macc Coffee Bar

By Sheena McGorlick

The Macc Coffee Bar in Fremantle is in the trendy strip of Fremantle on Blinco street, so next time you’re nearby I recommend you definitely head there to grab an amazing coffee and a bite to eat. The staff are friendly and carefree (in a good way) and it was nice to see staff actually looking like they love their job for once. The coffee bar has a great vibe to it and attracts all different types of people, but they definitely have quite a few regulars that the staff know on a first name basis. I popped in on a Monday afternoon but if you head down there on a Sunday you can catch some live music which adds a bit more to their already fantastic vibe. The prices are amazing also

Indi Bar

By Claire Wragg

If you thought a relaxing Sunday session was on the cards for Sunday 13th February, not only would you have been mistaken but also pleasantly surprised at what was a jam packed night of amazing local music.Swiss Shepherd headlined with the release of their single “Recipe for the Fire”

With over 120 people through the doors of the Indi within two hours, we knew it was going to be a good night.

Welcomed by the first act Henry Clarke, who played plenty of familiar tunes including an awesome rendition of Daft Punk’s “One more time”

Leeuwin brought with them a substantial crowd and got everyone dancing, the perfect kick start to introduce Swiss Shepherd to the stage, led by Jake Hoskins who also fronts Perth band Thursdays Page, defiantly a recognised face in the live music scene.

These guys had a great stage presence and clearly loved every minute of entertaining, evident at amount of people leaving with a copy of the cd.

The Indi Bar is a great little venue where you are guaranteed to always see some great music talent, grab a bite to eat in the restaurant always plenty of specials and the usual pub food favourites all still within viewing distance of the stage.

Retro Betty’s

By Sheena McGorlick

If you are looking for an old school traditional burger diner, then Retro Betty’s in Leederville and Innaloo is your answer. With funky décor that takes you back to the 80’s or makes you feel like you are on the set of Grease, Retro Betty’s offers you a range of delicious burgers, fries, milk shakes and much more. You can choose to sit at a booth (which resembles the type that you see on American films), a tall bench, or a table. The walls are covered in posters for up and coming gigs, which often attract the hipsters of Perth.

I decided to grab a bite to eat at the Innaloo café before I saw a movie last Friday night. I ordered the ‘Bambino’ burger which is the equivalent to a cheeseburger, some fries with aioli and a Corona. I went with the Corona instead of a milkshake, as it was $5 for a beer with any burger combo. I couldn’t pass up that deal. The service was great, and so was the music. (They were playing Tame Impala the whole time I was there so they got extra tips from me!)

Subiaco Hotel

By Sheena McGorlick

The Subiaco Hotel is located in the heart of Subiaco, Hay St. It caters for all ages, and all different types of people. Myself and a few friends were there last Saturday for a bite to eat after we had been frolicking around and shopping in Subiaco. The service is fantastic, the staff are friendly and the food is delicious. Even though I only decided to order a bowl of shoestring fries, I was surprised by how good they tasted, how big the bowl was and how reasonable the prices of their food is. The Subi Hotel are well known for their amazing cocktails, so I couldn’t leave the venue without trying one. The hard part was choosing which one I wanted! After a gruelling decision making process I decided to go with the lime Caprioska which is made up of Smirnoff blue vodka, lime, raw sugar muddled and served short over crushed ice. I would definitely recommend this cocktail, and the Subiaco Hotel to anyone that loves sweet beverages, sweet music and sweet food.

Live Review: Southbound 2011

By Sheena McGorlick

The well known Southbound festival was on again for another year, this time starting on new year’s day 2011 and going for 3 whole days, instead of the usual 2 day festival. It was held down south in Busselton and was definitely a great way to start the New Year. . After organising my bags and getting everything ready, myself and my friends trekked it into the festival grounds to view the first act we wanted to see for the day – The Novocaines. The Caines played at the ‘Scissors Stage’ which was not the main stage but they had quite a large crowd indeed. The Novocaines are from Perth so it was great to see some local talent. Their single ‘adhere to’ was the highlight of their set, as it has recently received high rotation play on Triple J. The crowd seemed to enjoy them and definitely showed their support for their fellow Perthians. Other highlights for the first day of the festival were Australian’s Angus & Julia Stone and American’s Hot Hot Heat. Before I knew it, the first day was over so I trekked it back to my tent to get a good night’s sleep so I could do it all again the next day. The food on offer was typical festival good – chips, hotdogs, kebabs. I wasn’t complaining though.

The second day of the festival was in my opinion the best line up out of all the 3 days. We got a fairly early start by seeing the Jezabels play at 12 pm on the main stage. The Jezabels are also an Australian band and their performance was amazing. They had a massive crowd and the vocalist for the band blew away the crowd with her amazing powerful voice. When they had finished, everyone couldn’t stop commenting on the fact that they were amazing performers. After seeing the Jezabels, I stayed at the main stage so that I could see another Australian act which was Megan Washington. Otherwise known as ‘Washington’. She also had an amazing and powerful voice and really got the crowd going. By the time Washington finished it was about 2.30 in the afternoon and the heat was really getting to a lot of people. Many were huddled up under gazebos so they could keep out of the sun, whilst others cued up for drinks to cool down. I was one of the brave ones who stayed out in the sun waiting for the next act which were the Cold War Kids. The Cold War Kids are one of my favourite bands so I made sure I got close to the stage to get the full experience of seeing them live. The American band came on the stage at 3pm to a massive crowd of screaming fans. They played to us for a whole hour, and let’s just say that wasn’t enough. I wanted more! They sounded perfect live and were definitely the best band I saw at Southbound. Other highlights of the day were Los Angeles based band The Soft Pack and England’s ‘Beardyman’ who put on quite the show.