crossfaithChallenge Stadium 12th of October Bring Me The Horizon, Of Mice & Men and Crossfaith.

Exceeded Expectations

By Josef Barker

This show from the get go was always going to be huge. Three bands in the peak of their ascendancy, Japanese metalcore newbies Crossfaith started the show the only way they know how. Circle pits and general insanity mixed with dropping dance beats. They’re an insane live band that always deliver.

Next up were Los Angeles natives Of Mice & Men they played a good set but it felt formulaic and quite short more like filler than anything else. The best part of their set was that it was their final show of 2013 which was a minor consolation prize.

It was no surprise tonight that everyone came to see British metalcore heavy weights Bring Me the Horizon. When the lights dropped the stadium was full of screaming and the show started with the drums pounding while the other band members stood behind a curtain where you could see their silhouettes. Then when the curtain dropped the place practically exploded in lights and confetti. Musically they were at their best while Oli Sykes delivered an extremely strong razorblade vocal performance. The recent addition of key board player Jordan Fish brings an exciting new element to this band’s live performance than what it did in the past. Another great element was the way the lights matched the tempo of each track. They flashed and pulsed during moments of high intensity and created an eerie moodiness in down tempo tracks.

Midway through the show another curtain dropped revealing the letters BMTH in lights. It was an awesome moment to hear the crowd scream and see those lights flashing while the band was crushing ears and senses with no signs of slowing down. Then the concert ended with a foot stomping two song encore that was a great summary of Bring Me The Horizon’s dominance of the night.

It was a truly sensational show that blew me away it solidifies Bring Me The Horizon’s place around the top of modern metal music, truly brilliant band live and on record.


A Swift Dose of Brutality

By Josef Barker

There really is something very unique about Meshuggah from their banners to the mood they create in the room the dark, brooding and brutal show these Swedish folk deliver. Their performance feels restrained yet energetic at the same time. It’s fair to say I’ve never heard a band like them before they certainly didn’t sound or look like your typical American metal band, I found their sound to be very unique deep and dark. The light show was spectacular and the guitar solos felt different instead of thrashing a guitar the soloist drew out several notes and the stage craft this band possess is fantastic. It was my first time seeing them and I was really impressed.

Lamb of God were co-headlining with Meshuggah but as their vocalist Randy Blythe said “It’s pretty hard to play after these guys”. Nonetheless Lamb of God put on a fantastic energetic show that really got the crowd moving. Randy is very natural and really easy to watch perform he seems very friendly, thankful and encourages singing along. The band went through a few of their noteworthy tracks to cap of a fantastic night of two contrasting metal bands from either side of the world, and that showed in their style and sound.

Metro City being in Northbridge has many restaurants nearby such as: Valentino’s, Rosie O’Gradys and Sorrento Restaurant.

10 Years Out of the Drive Way

By Josef Barker

One of Australia’s biggest heavy bands Parkway Drive is celebrating 10years by touring the country and playing songs from their entire back catalogue.

Local melodic death metal five piece, Make Them Suffer opened proceedings at the Capitol on Sunday, with subtle keyboard playing, insanely fast drumming, brutal screams, thunderous guitar and a deep bass line. Make Them Suffer are quite popular in the Perth scene and the crowd really enjoyed their brief set. Not many opening acts can get a mosh started.

Extreme metal band, Thy Art Is Murder was up next with their singer Chris Mcmahon looking like he was about to murder someone, truly menacing. What followed was an absolutely brutal pulverising set full of aggression, speed and technical guitar playing and solos. Thy Art Is Murder pull all the punches and leave the crowd wanting more, unfortunately the vocals were extremely hard to hear over the instruments, (the only complainant).

Everyone came to see Parkway Drive and from the second the PA stopped and the lights dropped the crowd started cheering. Parkway Drive delivered an extremely engaging and energetic set. Crowd interaction is a huge aspect of any Parkway Drive show with people constantly diving off the stage, crowd surfing and moshing. Their music really creates an insane electric atmosphere that is very enjoyable to watch. Parkway’s singer Winston McCall puts in unbelievable effort into his live performance the equivalent to a gym workout and the rest of the band really feed of his and the crowds energy. The set was finished with Parkway Drive’s usual encore tune Carion and a stage invasion of epic proportions. This truly was a set for the hardcore Parkway Drive fan that has been supporting them since day one.

After shows at Amplifier/Capitol you can grab a kebab at City Kebabs. There is also various other eating establishments near the venue such as Grill’d and of course you’re in the middle of the city on Murray Street so there’s plenty of choice just a few footsteps away.

MIDGE URE – Saturday 27 April 2013 at the Charles Hotel, North Perth

The voice behind critically acclaimed band Ultravox, MIDGE URE is an artist who needs very little introduction – he has received a plethora of awards over his impressive career, producing chart smashing singles like Vienna, If I Was, Love’s Great Adventure, Fade To Grey and many more. Catch his show at the Charles Hotel on Sat 27 April 2013. Jason Ayres will be doing the support.

Tickets through Ticketmaster or direct from the venue.

For more info visit www.lesliehintonentertainment.com

Proudly presented by Leslie Hinton & Roy Ortuso

ARTURO SANDOVAL – Tuesday 18 June 2013 at the Astor Theatre, Mt Lawley

Six time Grammy Award winning jazz trumpeter ARTURO SANDOVAL, a protege of the legendary jazz master Dizzy Gillespie, is touring Australia in June 2013. Cuban-born Sandoval has evolved into one of the world’s most acknowledged guardians of jazz trumpet and flugel horn, and is also a renowned classical artist, pianist and composer. Sandoval’s virtuoso technical ability and versatility in styles ranging from jazz to latin to classical music makes him recognised as one of the most highly regarded and renowned musicians of our time. A movie was made (For Love or Country, starring Andy Garcia) based on his life, and he has recorded with many of the great names such as Dizzy Gillespie, Frank Sinatra, Rod Stewart and Alicia Keys, to name a few.

For bookings call Show Ticketing (08 9370 5888) or visit www.showticketing.com.au

For more info visit www.lesliehintonentertainment.com

Tonight Alive Were Alive

By Josef Barker

Lining up at the Astor Theatre on Saturday in the cold wet weather was rewarded with a fantastic concert featuring some of Australia’s up and coming ‘rock’ bands. Tonight Alive were touring their second album ‘The Other Side’, which was released earlier this month.

Cupid Falls were the opener with some solid yet unspectacular and generic hardcore sounds. This band needs to find something new because their shows are getting stale. The contrasting clean and scream vocals aren’t enough anymore. A brief guitar solo was an unexpected highlight of their set.

Next up was Brisbane’s D at Sea (Doyle Perez). Doyle completely changes the pace of these ‘rock’ shows with his acoustic beats. He has a beautiful, relaxing voice and is refreshing to see on a lineup such as this one. He also offered an alternative to the wall of death (where to crowd part and then run at each other), called the wall of hugs, which offers a non-violent hilarious alternative.

The main support Hands Like Houses is a post-hardcore band from Canberra and they’re an extremely good band. They have a really fresh, unique sound that you won’t hear anywhere else. Singer Trenton Woodley is a great live vocalist with the rest of the band backing superbly with a wall of guitars and keyboard.

Finally Sydney’s Tonight Alive, opened up with a drum solo and flashing colourful lights, which you don’t see often with bands of this ilk. The bands singer Jenna McDougall is a really engaging vocalist and feeds off the crowds’ energy. The band blasted through a fantastic melodic and energetic set showing off new and old material from their two albums and one EP. The show finished with a one song encore which summed up how thoroughly entertaining and popular they were.

The Astor Theatre is located on Beaufort Street in Mt Lawley, surrounded by cafes and restaurants for even the pickiest of eaters, making it a fantastic place to get a bite to eat, or sit down to a quality meal.

Sam Perry and his Vocal Machine

By Jason Cook

I’ve never been to a gig to watch a band, or an artist in this case, and seen an audience in complete awe of what was happening on stage. But this is one of those moments in life where you just go “Wow”.

Sam Perry is his name and his voice is his game. He has no band and no back up singers – just his voice, effects pedal and a loop station.

I saw Sam at the ever-amazing Rottofest at the weekend. Not only was there some amazing comedic talent, the music was top notch. But nothing compared to the sounds of Sam Perry.

My friends and I sat down for some lunch at the Quokka Arms where Sam played. They had put some quick and easy items on the menu for the festival, like pizza or a pasta cup. But the Quokka Arms has an amazing menu year round, worth a look if you’re over there.

We were lucky to see Sam; he was about to board the ferry home on Sunday as he had played on the Saturday. But as someone had pulled out at the last minute, he was called back. Even though I’m sure he’d have had a big night like every other person on the island the night before, he made some sweet, sweet music.

Sam started with some mesmerising ambient harmonies looping over one another. Then he spoke to the audience to give everyone an idea of what was actually going on. As he spoke about how it works and what he’s pressing and tapping with his foot, his words were looping to a point where no one could understand what he was saying.

Then he did it all again, either creating a bed for him to sing over or as he did for one song, invite Ben Fear from the Brow Horn Orchestra on stage. Ben laid some tight lyrics over Sam’s amazing hip-hop bed and chorus, sending the audience into frenzy.

Another song he did, which you can find on his webpage, is Aladdin. Yep, a hip-hop infused song about the much-loved Disney classic. The almost haunting and beautiful ambient harmonies captured with his beatbox beat in addition to his great singing voice made for one hell of a song from one guy.

It was truly an amazing show, not only because the music was something I hadn’t heard a lot of (and I got the feeling some people in the audience young and old had never seen before), but also because it was just so darn cool.

Make sure you check this guy out on Facebook or catch him at his next gig because I’ve got a feeling he will be doing some big things very soon.

Manhattan Transfer at The Regal on Sunday.

By Georgina Goss

What a night! Jason Ayres was excellent in the support spot – that young man will go far. The audience appreciated him and I saw plenty of them buying his album in the lobby after the show.

Then the main Act came on and Manhattan Transfer certainly did not disappoint. After 40 years in the business these guys (and gals) really know their stuff.

The backing band (piano, bass and drums) were all really good players, but with Manhattan Transfer it’s all about the vocals, and these guys are vocal gymnasts. Fabulous harmonies of course, but each of the four singers also did a solo spot and were all comfortable talking to the audience as well.

One of the original singers was absent due to recent back surgery, but the guy who filled in for him was also very good.

They use their voices as instruments, variously sounding like trumpet, sax, bass or clarinet. In one song – a Miles Davis number – they all improvised simultaneously. It was absolutely amazing.

It was a full house and I’m sure every member of the audience would happily come to see them again next time they come to Perth.

The Regal Theatre is a great venue and very well situated in the heart of Subiaco, where you’re spoilt for choice, with many restaurants and cafes within close walking distance.


By Brad Davis

Vancouver rock outfit Japandroids kicked off their Australian tour with a bang at the Rosemount Monday night.

Even seeing them five metres before my eyes, it was hard to believe that just two guys could generate such a massive wall of sound. That’s not to say it looked easy.

Drummer David Prowse’s arms were a blur and guitarist Brian King looked close to passing out by the end of the energetic set, which had me thrashing around with the rest of the crowd despite a belly full of some of the sauciest, cheesiest nachos I’ve ever indulged in.

We were lucky enough to score a table outside before the set and enjoyed the atmosphere and food (which came out barely ten minutes after ordering) before strolling in when we started to hear the high-pitched squeal of feedback.

After belting through a few songs, the duo engaged in a bit of friendly banter with the crowd and discussed their tour (Perth was the first stop of their Australian leg) before slowing things down a bit with a few of their album-closers in a row.

Slowing things down doesn’t mean the same thing for the Japandroids as it does for other bands. However, I noticed on a few songs Brian sung an octave lower than he does in the studio, which resulted in more of a dull drawl instead of his usual lively screaming.

Overall, their newer stuff seemed to be what got people going but the people up the front seemed to know every word of their entire back catalogue.

After their three or four encores, the two-piece thanked the crowd profusely and came down for beers with their fans.

The way they created a Saturday night vibe on a cold miserable Monday night, I’d say we’ll be hearing a lot more from these Canadian party rockers!

Friday night grinning

By Josef Barker

What could be a better way to start a weekend then going to see Grinspoon – one of Australia’s greatest rock bands going around the country touring their latest album released last year called Black Rabbits. This was my third time seeing them this year but more on them later.

First on the bill was Perth’s The Love Junkies. They delivered a highly energetic, raw rock n roll set with 1 or 2 technical faults which according to the front man “It isn’t a Love Junkies show without a few technical faults”. Despite this they are a brilliant live band and certainly one to keep your eye on.

Next on the line up were the second local support Emperors. They played a solid yet unspectacular set. They’ve got a few singalong choruses but nothing you haven’t heard before. The highlight of their set was the bass player giving a shout out to her mum who was sitting in the balcony area.

From the second the opening music came out of the speakers and the fantastic light show started, Grinspoon delivered a brilliant rock n roll show playing material from their early days’ right up to their latest album. It shows just how strong this band’s back catalogue is. Everyone knew every song and everyone was singing along. Phil Jamieson (lead singer/rhythm guitar) told the security guards what he thought of them attempting to stop people from having fun, which went down well with the crowd. This was the only blunder of a fantastic hour and a half set that included a three song encore. Along with a fitting finale, it’s impossible to get sick of a band like Grinspoon who really know how to put on a great show.

The Astor Theatre is well placed on Beaufort Street, surrounded by cafes and restaurants. Getting a bite to eat before the show from Cantina, Grill’d, Crust Pizza and Gelare will always go down well.

Award Night Action with Flash Nat and The Action Men


By Georgina Goss


Scott and I went to the 2013 Restaurant & Catering Awards at Perth Convention & Entertainment Centre on Monday night. There were loads of people there from the hospitality industry, all enjoying the wine, the food and the occasion. The Caterer of the Year Award was won by The Old Brewery, Perth, and the winner of  the Restaurant of the Year Award was Mosman’s Restaurant. Cosmic Cocktails & Catering won the Consumer Vote Award. A three course meal was served throughout the evening while the various awards were presented. The staff kept the wine glasses filled, and tasty mini bread rolls kept hunger at bay between courses.



After the Awards were finally over, the crowd stayed on and partied to music from Flash Nat and The Action Men – a six piece band featuring the lovely Natalia on vocals – who played a good mix of popular hits and dance numbers from the 80’s to now. The dance floor filled up rapidly and a good time was had by all. The big screens either side of the stage meant that even those sitting at the back of the huge ballroom had a good view of what was happening on stage.

Wednesday’s Gig at The Amplifier

by Josef Barker

7 August featuring Alesana, Avastera, Cupid Falls and Illuminator.

Going to a gig in the middle of the week is hard enough, let alone the rain making it harder, but despite this, a fair few people turned up to see American melodic hardcore band Alesana play with a few local supports.

The first band always gets the hardest job at gigs and Illuminator didn’t have it any different. There were a few people watching but no one really got into their music which was quite generic and nothing regular patrons to this music haven’t seen before.

Next up were Cupid Falls, it was obvious from the beginning of their set that they were more popular than the previous band. The dynamic between lead vocalist Dave Lee (screams) and clean vocalist Ryan Botha is the best thing about this band. People enjoyed their set and they were quite appreciative of the local crowd, having just come back from playing shows in New South Wales.

Third up was Avastera, their sound was a definite departure from the previous two bands and they played a fantastic set with a few new band members, and having just returned from recording new material in the USA.

The headliner Alesana, were the most popular band of the night and from the start the room was full of high energy from the band and the audience who really enjoyed how engaging the band was, and playing for well over an hour goes down well, especially at a small venue. There was a certain sex appeal in clean vocalist Shawn Milke’s body language and Dennis Lee’s dirty, rough and deep screams engaging the crowd because he gets in their face. They played a two song encore which included a patron helping them sing the last song inadvertently. Alesana will be releasing the final part of their trilogy of albums later on this year.

Spot of Malaysia truly Asia in Perth.

By Jasmine York.

On Thursday 20 July, Tracey and I attended the Malaysian 2014 Tourism event at the Pan Pacific hotel in Perth. After the press conference we were invited into an amazingly colourful ballroom for a dinner that we certainly won’t forget anytime soon. Whilst we were waiting for the food service we enjoyed watching some traditional Malaysian dancers, with lovely background music from a band called Urasia. I found the music really nice, not too overpowering – you could still have a conversation with the people around you, but the music was loud enough to hear if you just wanted to take in the atmosphere and enjoy some of the Malaysian culture.

The band played a variety of BeeGee’s cover songs, some of which I found a little depressing, and other songs Tracey and I could not stop laughing and singing along with. When they played Malaysian music: even though we didn’t understand the words, the soft tone of the beat and rhythm was something that I found really enjoyable.

There was plenty of food and drink for everyone to enjoy. My favourite part of the night was when the dancers sang the ‘Malaysia truly Asia’ song – I knew all the words and it was a nice way to finish off the evening.

State of the Art WA

By Georgina Goss

Sunday 2 June at the Perth Concert Hall. There were three separate stages set up outside plus the headline Acts playing inside. It was a freezing cold day, but quite nice in the sun. We enjoyed a Wagyu beef burger from the Margaret River Burger Bar as Fitzroy XPress kicked off the proceedings on the main outdoor stage with a bit of country rock indigenous style. The big marquee gradually filled up with a motley assortment of people of all ages and ethnicities.

Fitzroy XPress hail from Fitzroy Crossing about 400km east of Broome and the cold Perth weather on this second day of winter must have been a bit different to what they’re used to. The crowd was enjoying the music, and dancing was a great way to warm up.

The band played a few songs from their previous albums then got Tom Thorpe from Bonsai studios to join them on stage for a few numbers from their latest album which has just been completed. Tom produced their last album as well as playing a bit of slide guitar and singing the odd backing vocal on it. Lucky Oceans also featured on the album but he was not in Perth last week so couldn’t join them for the State of the Art Concert.


A night of Rock

By Jasmine York

On Saturday night I attended a rock concert at the factory in Welshpool, I wasn’t able to stay for the whole concert but what I did see was amazing. The venue wasn’t fantastic it didn’t have a lot of seating and there was no food at the venue, and due to the venues location there was really no food places close by. But the music did not disappoint – most of the music played was  Australian, and much of it local. The first band to start an entertaining night was Black Ink. This band started off with a small audience as most people started turning up around 8:30/9’oclock, the next band to follow was Hailmary and we finished the night with Stone Circle.

The guitar and drum work was amazing in all the bands and you could feel the vibrations through the floor and into your body. I am not into rock music but Saturday night was a fun night and in some songs I didn’t understand the words…but I really enjoyed the strong beat of the drums and guitar.

Waiting at the Rosemount

By Jim Smith

I gotta say that the Rosemount is fast losing its flavour for me; I can’t understand why people are made to stand in the rain only because there is a door charge to see the bands. Surely they would save on staff costs by only operating one bar? It took 23 minutes for me to get a drink! And the bar was not even packed; the staff were multi tasking to such an extent, nobody knew who was next to be served. On my last few visits to The Rosemount I had heard that the mix could be a bit dodgy sometimes, but I thought it hadn’t been too bad, until tonight that is. I caught the tail end of The Imps. They were pretty cool but it seemed to sound better outside. The band I came to see was The Kickstart Cadillacs. A hard rockabilly band with a lead singer who had a very strong UK accent. Even though the band was really tight, something was missing – the lead singer seemed up tight and a punter told me it was only their 5th gig, but they are getting better, saying improvement lies in the vocalists confidence, which, yup, I agree with.

Last on the line-up was The Long March, and again, something was out of whack, all the vocals sounded off to me tonight, maybe it is the mix? Having said that, things did get better for The Long March. They had a lot of random stuff going on; unexpected stops, weird guitar riffs that were so dodgy that they could have easily been interpreted as cool. Now the lead singer has pulled out a bongo. Here we go!
There must have been something in it though, cause after the bongos, they seemed to get better and better. Caught me by surprise I must say.

With most of the cafes and restaurants nearby closed and The Rosemount doing reno’s on their kitchen, I headed next door to Chilli Orange for some post gig chow.

 A Night at the Circus

By Tracey Bridges

After a warm, hug-from-your-gran type curry udon from Ohnamiya in Applecross, we headed into the city for a night of entertainment under the big top for Cirque Du Soleil.

The atmosphere was amazing; the yellow and blue stripes of the peaked tent all lit up, there was that air of excitement! You could feel the hubbub and mystery of the circus; all the while, the heady mouth-watering aroma of popcorn floated around us.

As per usual, the Cirque crew brought the wow-factor in bucket loads as the love affair between a voluptuous ladybug and a charismatic fly was played out. Incredible demonstrations of human skill and strength made the show fly past in what seemed the blink of an eye.

This year Ovo stepped away from the ethereal, the soundtrack was characterized by pulsing drum beats, jungle bug sounds and underlaid with amazing strings and vocals. The violinist often came out onto the stage, whipping up a musical storm with his bow – a definite showman, he played it upside down and behind his back.

The vocalist blew me away- a tall, elegant lady dressed in character, she gave me goose bumps with her clear, dainty voice that never wavered. The music definitely made the show for me, there could not have been a better soundtrack, the live factor made it even more intense.

Chet Faker and Flume rock out at Metro’s

By Chris Gardner

If an Australian music fan were to take a short, detached glance at the place in history they find themselves, they’d probably find the past and the future, the good and the bad, coexisting in an almost harmonious way; the double billing of Flume and Chet Faker at Metro City in Perth on Sunday the 13th of May was a perfect example.

The different levels of Metro’s may seem like an amphitheatre hunched in a nauseous foetal position, but by the time Chet Faker and band came on stage, they seemed more like towers of swaying, gyrating bodies. With an affected half-grin behind his thick beard and his shabbily dressed but musically magnificent band backing him. Faker had the rag-tag crowd of insular music geeks, scantily-clad young women and their impressively muscular male cohorts eating out of the palms of their hands. In particular, Faker and band managed to infuse the insistent groove of the soul and hip-hop beats with a distinctly human quality, no doubt due to the both talented and humanoid rhythm section.

Giving the fans undoubtedly what they wanted, Flume brought Chet Faker on stage for a rousing singalong performance of the duo’s collaboration “Left Alone”, as well as a new, as-yet-unheard track. Closing with “Sleepless”, Flume made up for the inherent dorkiness of twisting knobs and smacking drum pads in the only way a musician really can; by putting on a tight performance full of amazing tracks. Indeed, even the choice to only have two acts performing played perfectly into their hands, turning what started as a simple Sunday night concert into a celebration of everything Australian music has achieved, is achieving and is yet to achieve.

Adrian Edmondson and The Bad Shepherds

By Nicola Heyes

The musical combo sounds a bit bizarre but it worked perfectly at the gig which was part of the Perth Comedy Festival. There were songs by The Clash, The Sex Pistols, The Specials as well as Talking Heads and Kraftwerk- all with a real Celtic twist of jigs and reels.

Adrian Edmondson (the UK comedian famous for his role as the heavy metal freak, Vivian, in The Young Ones), a vocalist who magically played the mandolin, while world renowned Troy Donockley played the uillean pipes and the bouzouki, with Andy Dinan on the fiddle. All the instruments were fantastically played.

The trio certainly had the crowd tapping their feet and dancing the night away.

Adrian gave great banter in between songs, sharing tales from his childhood about his ambition to be a musician. This provided an intimate and unique atmosphere at the Astor Theatre.

There was a real energy and sense of fun to this show and it was easy to see the band loved performing- and the audience loved it too.

Shaking it at SHAKE IT

by Tracey Bridges

Funk Club’s SHAKE IT was a funk bonanza. About 40 acts were showcased over two stages at Salt on the Beach on ANZAC day last week. The talent was mostly local from the Perth and Fremantle area along with a few overseas artists, bringing us exotic grooves from Senegal, Zimbabwe, South Africa and the Seychelles.

Salt on the Beach, Fremantle was a great venue that really suited the gig. Beautiful views over the ocean; it had a great atmosphere, which added to the festivities. The crowd got into it, with foot sliding, head bopping and overall body wiggling being the trend of the day.

The Brow Horn Orchestra got amongst it, lead singer Nicholas Owens jumped through the crowd belting out “Don’t you wanna sing for ever?” while Benjamin Fears gave the set some fast-pace rap. Ensemble Formidable, a quaint group of eclectic, talented souls was the best performance for me. Downscaled to 8 from the usual 30-piece group their energy and pure enjoyment on stage overflowed to the crowd.

The variety was brilliant. Reggae rhythms, honey voiced songstresses, astral electric flows, heavy bass beats or gypsy-swing there was something for everyone.

A Month of Menu Closing at The Wembley

by Jim Smith

After 5 shows and nearly 1000 people in attendance, A Month of Menu has come to a close at The Wembley. It was done in style. Mr Arnold-Eyers was accompanied by a sax player and double bass in what was a faultless performance. Next up was Trav & Jay who have been on my radar for a while now and they did not disappoint. The twins pulled off some great harmonies while Jay kept perfect time on the brushes and shakers and Trav made it look way too easy on his beautiful white Gretch guitar. David Lazarus has probably been the most sought after musician since the Menu Music CD came out in January and it was fitting that he closed the shows off with his angelic voice, sweet guitar and beat box that he thumped along to for about 50 minutes. The crowd seemed to really enjoy the day, and why not, with an impressive Tapas menu to order from. Personally I knocked back a few mini pork burgers. Thanks again to everyone that attended. Until next time.

Midge Ure knocks ’em for six at the Charles

By Georgina Goss

The Charles Hotel was really pumping on Saturday night with a full house of fans who turned up to see scotsman Midge Ure playing hits from his days as lead singer for iconic 80’s band Ultravox as well as a few of his solo numbers. Local acoustic artist Jason Ayres did a very creditable job as support Act and was well received by the capacity crowd. Midge and his band had a great sound, and most of the audience were singing along, especially to the big hits – Fade To Grey and the classic Vienna. The stage at the Charles is not very high, and as I was standing about halfway down the room with a lot of bodies between me and the band, I found it difficult to see much more than Midge’s head above the crowd. The fans all cheered when Midge talked about the possibility of coming back with Ultravox next time. If they do, I hope they play one of the theatres where you can sit in relative comfort and see a bit more of the band.


Anzac Day Surcharge at Rosemount  

by Jim Smith

The 4th instalment of a month of menu was on Anzac Day and sadly it was a poor turn out. The high cost of wages forces a surcharge for most venues and as a result it seems to turn off the punters. The few people that did attend, however, did get to hear some great music, and for that matter some great food too. First up was Mr Arnold-Eyers who seems to be getting better every show. Dave Gillam’s On The Level had a big day after playing at the vets club in Nollamara before hitting the stage here at Rosemount. Last time we featured them I was told that they played mostly covers, but this time they changed it with a completely original set. Was more my thing I gotta say. Third on stage was The Crooked Cats who were forced to play a more relaxed acoustic set. Far different to when we last saw them. They have let the shackles go on their bass player and it is already paying dividends. Lets hope his replacement suits the band better. Sadly the band I wanted to see – Hostile little Face – were only left time to play a handful of songs. Seems the Rosemount are not interested in paying double time for their staff. Fair enough I guess. They finally hit their straps during their 3rd and final song. I think I will need to see these guys again doing a full set.


Month of Menu continues…

by Jim Smith

The 3rd show for A Month of Menu was held at Hotel Northbridge last weekend. Once again Mr Arnold-Eyers started off proceedings. It was a very intimate setting in the restaurant called Chimes. A large table from a wedding function made up a full house of 38 diners who enjoyed a great menu while listening to live music. Jason Ayres was next up on stage and what a true professional he was. He played about 50 minutes of mostly covers and threw in a handful of originals. What was impressive for me is that he did not look very well before he went on stage but when he was up there he gave it his all and nobody would have known otherwise. The crowd must have enjoyed it because I noticed he sold a few CD’s as well.

Next up was Paul White who has been around for ever. He took on more original songs that Jason Ayres but also added a couple covers. His band Pink and White Bridge are due to release a new CD very soon so it was a good chance to road test some of those numbers. Both Jason and Paul knew their way around a guitar I can tell you. So much so that in the last 15 minutes of the night they got up on stage together with their guitars and Mr Arnold-Eyers on percussion and harmonica. I swear you would have thought it was rehearsed but as it turned out it was a first for the 3.

The next instalment for a Month of Menu is this Thursday at the Rosemount Hotel and the final instalment will be Sunday at The Wembley so get on down there for great food and great music.

A Month of Menu Kicks off at Cicerello’s

by Jim Smith

Last Saturday saw A Month of Menu kick off at Cicerello’s in Fremantle. Opening up the festivities was Scott Arnold-Eyers and Dean Lucas on the double bass. Scott is the person behind the events who has had a rich past music life. Scott and Dean played a brief set of original acoustic songs with a highlight at the end being a cover of Cake’s Mexico. It was a good turn out for a drizzly day as a strong 150 people chomped away on their fish & chips while listening to some live music.Next up on stage was Ready To Fire. Only a young band but with plenty to offer. They struggled a bit with the outdoor sound blowing around in the wind but they held it together really well. Lead singer Donna O’Brien was what everyone was talking about. She has a truly unusual voice that will only get better as she matures. The other highlight for me was lead guitarist Nathan Crabb who was full of confidence. You could tell they were a bit nervous as they finished their set very quickly. Crabb improvised quickly adding a few unrehearsed tunes for the afternoon.

Last up on stage was an unusual trio acoustic set from Aztech Suns. I have had the pleasure of seeing the full band on a few occasions and they are amazing. Not so sure on the acoustic set. I thought it needed a bit more rehearsal, but they did shine with confidence as you would expect with a well-oiled group that has been together for a number of years.

This Saturday A Month of Menu will continue at Hotel Northbridge. Click here for more details.

Rock of Ages at Settlers

by Scott Arnold-Eyers

Having driven down to Margaret River on a Friday afternoon to do a photo shoot at one of the breweries, I thought it would be a great idea to visit one of my fav live venues, being Settlers Tavern. Coincidentally one of the acts from the Menu Music 2 CD was playing. I had not seen On The Level perform live before, so I didn’t really know what to expect and I don’t think the crowd did either.

The sound guy looked worried as 5 over-aged and somewhat over-weight musicians set their gear up, scoffed down their dinner, knocked back a few beers and had a laugh together. They seemed relaxed enough but there was a certain amount of anticipation in the air. When they finally hit the stage it was with confidence and power. They call themselves a boogie band but they also played some originals and a broad selection of covers.

The keyboard player really looked the part and was sensational on his new Hammond while also fronting with a great voice of his own. The guitarist on the other hand looked a bit out of place but frankly he did not give a shit as he carved out some great riffs while singing and dancing along all night. The drummer was solid as was the bass player who proved to me that all strings can be effective on a 6 string bass. Dave Gillam was the front man and he just got better as the night went on.

As a group they were highly entertaining – beyond what anyone expected – and the crowd danced and sang along all night.

The young girls were even flirting with these over-aged rockers.

They even sold a heap of CD’s and band merchandise.

Sons of Rico

by Claire Wragg

Amplifier Bar once again played host to a Sons of Rico album launch on Friday 5th April. Before kicking the night off, I thought it would be a wise move to enjoy a quick meal. With the city offering a plethora of food options, it was far too early for me to take to the numerous kebab shops, so The Generous Squire, being literally a stones throw away, was the perfect venue to start the festivities. Friday nights they are lucky enough to have the tunes taken care of by resident DJ Anaru. Sit down meals or bar snacks – there are plenty of options here – why not try matching your meal with a complementing beer?

Rolling into Amps just in time to catch the boys hit the stage I was slightly disappointed that the crowd wasn’t as big as I had expected…these guys are tight! Nevertheless, I enjoyed jumping straight in there, getting up close to enjoy the familiar songs like “Miss Adventure” and “This Madness”, then being treated to tracks from the new album “In Rico Glaciers”. Lead singer Alex MacRae has one of the most unique voices I have heard, and really commands your attention with his performance. The intimacy of the gig was amazing, with good crowd interaction, we were genuinely treated to quality musicians.

Amplifier Bar has a grunge feel with a few areas to spread yourself across. Whether you want to get amongst it and take to the dance floor or chill in the outdoor area, all zones enjoy the live music pumping through. Amps offers a vast array of gigs, there is always something new to catch there from local acts to well known outfits such as Sons of Rico. Tickets to all these shows are readily available through their website http://tickets.amplifiercapitol.com.au/. This was the perfect venue to take things up a notch after Friday work drinks.

Red Carpet rolls out all the Bunnies

by Scott Arnold-Eyers

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the launch of Bib & Tucker at Leighton Beach last week.

While most people were packing their bags and driving away for the Easter weekend, I was wining and dining with the likes of Eamon Sullivan, Troy Cook, Nat Fyfe and Kav Temperley to name a few.

This was a real who’s who event and why not since the owners consist of Eamon Sullivan (Olympic Swimmer), Steve Hooker (Olympic Pole Vaulter) and Jamie Dwyer (Olympic Hockey player). Sean Mc

Cann is the hands on GM (Ex Cheeky Monkey & Botanica) and he and head chef Scott Bridger (Ex chef from Rockpool) make up the other owners of this new establishment.

The night was fantastic as Sean’s good friend Luke Kordyl opened up the entertainment with some light acoustic guitar and vocals. (A few covers and some originals too)

I chilled out on the balcony overlooking the beach with Brenden from Char Char Bull and my old friend Kav who was playing a bit later. Always good to catch up with old friends and believe me there were lots of them at this event. It was like a reunion of sorts.

Cheeky Monkey‘s Old Reliable beer was on tap so that was our drink of choice while a few small bites were floating around before we were eventually seated for dinner. The people at my table were a joy to be with and we all agreed that the food & atmosphere were great, and the venue was going to be a hit. There was a whole pig cooking on a spit behind us while we dug into a tasting plate.

Before we knew it, Kav Temperley (Eskimo Joe) was on his guitar playing a few of his own tunes.

I hope he had a chance to eat some of the pig before it all went.

Lunch with Charisma

by Jasmine York

Georgina and I attended an Autumn Menu food launch today at Nell’s Café in Mosman Park. A quirky little café behind a boutique, Nell’s features Fenella Peacock’s French-meets-Middle Eastern menu, which was inspired by Fenella’s travels and passions. The food was amazing and made for a very enjoyable lunch out of the office. The Charisma Brothers trio were playing soft Jazz, setting a lovely relaxed environment where people were able to mingle and talk or just enjoy the music.

The food was full of warm autumn flavours, and then the beautiful homemade lemonade with pomegranate refreshed your palate. My favourite part of the meal was the beautiful seasonal fruit tarte tatin, filled with rhubarb that reminded me of a good old autumn dessert.


A Toast To The Coast Mixes it up

by Scott Arnold-Eyers

Last weekend Menu Magazine along with a heap of other foodies went on display at Mindarie Marina. With so much happening like the Blues Festival in Fremantle, it was great to see a good turn out.

Just down from where we were situated for the day was the The Indi Brewery who had a steady flow of different musicians hitting their outside stage during the course of the day. Most of what we heard was cover material but it also had a great cafe/pub flavour about it.

Located right on the water’s edge and open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner, 11am – late,  The Indi Brewery offers a selection of handcrafted beers brewed on site and serves a menu of wood fired pizzas, grills, salads and dessert specials to dine for! There’s live music on Fridays and Saturdays from 8pm and Sundays 1pm-8pm.

The main stage was located at The Boat who boast great fish & chips but is more of a pub than The Indi Brewery. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week from 11am – late with live entertainment every weekend.

Bush Dance Raises Funds For Cancer

by Rod Ross

On an appropriately beautiful clear evening under the Southern Cross, Araluen Botanic Park provided the perfect bush setting on Saturday 16 March for a traditional Bush Dance event, organised by ‘The Aluminators’ team in Relay For Life 2013 fundraising for Cancer Council WA.

‘Based on the very positive feedback received, clearly a good time was had by all,’ says The Aluminators spokesperson, Nick Pearson.  ‘There was a good turn-out on the evening, which raised a healthy fundraising profit for Cancer Council WA,’ he adds. ‘The Aluminators would like to thank everyone who attended the Bush Dance, and the enthusiasm and support of everyone who contributed to the organisation of this very successful event.’ Support from local musicians, businesses, organisations, and authorities made the event possible, with some very generous donations also made on the night.

The event featured traditional Australian folk music, and “called” dances in which participants are lead through the dance steps by a “caller” before and during the dances. Talented local musicians who formed the “Roleystone Bush Band” specifically for this event performed the dance music, while the Classic Sounds Fiddle Group and local guitarist, Haley White, provided supporting musical entertainment.

Guests were treated to a sausage sizzle, dessert and coffee, while face painting proved popular with the kids (and some adults!) while they weren’t dancing and otherwise having fun.  Door and raffle prizes from generous donations by local business rounded out the enjoyment of the evening.

The Aluminators have been fundraising for Cancer Council WA since their first participation in Relay For Life in 2008. The Bush Dance has contributed to the team having now raised more than $10,000 for Relay For Life Perth 2013, making a total of some $70,000 raised by The Aluminators during their participation in Relay For Life.

GARY PUCKETT – Saturday 9 March at the Astor Theatre, Mt Lawley

GARY PUCKETT & The Union Gap was one of the most successful musical groups of the sixties. Gary’s unmistakable signature voice garnered six consecutive gold records and top ten billboard hits with the following titles: Young Girl, Woman Woman, Lady Power, Over You, This Girl is a Woman Now, Keep The Customer Satisfied, Don’t Give In To Him and Home. He has performed on more than 30 network television shows and primetime specials during his career, and even performed for the President and Prince Charles at the White House. Gary continues to tour extensively throughout the world, performing up to 150 shows a year to sell-out crowds.

Gary was supported by local Perth musician Jason Ayres.

For more info visit www.lesliehintonentertainment.com

Grant Hart at Gosnells Railway Markets

by Jasmine York

I am always hearing about how good the Gosnells Railway Markets are, so last Sunday I decided to check it out and see what all the hype was about. I walked into the food court and was immediately drawn in by the sound of live music being played by Grant Hart, so I decided to sit down and see what he had to offer. Grant’s main focus when he plays at venues like the Gosnells Railway Markets is to sing cover songs – his favourites being “We must stand together, “I’m Yours” and “I just haven’t met you yet.”

While talking to Grant during the break he said: “For places like the Gosnells markets, pub rock and old style music is what this audience prefers.” As well as enjoying Grant’s fantastic music, the markets had a lot to offer with loads of different stalls around the place, ranging from fruit and vegetables to clothes and shoes. It was a very enjoyable day out.

Links to Grant Hart: http://www.granthart.com.au/

Deville’s Pad funks it up on Friday

by Georgina Goss

The Funk Club were celebrating their 10th anniversary last Friday at Deville’s Pad in Northbridge. If you’ve never been to Deville’s Pad, do yourself a favour and go check it out. It’s a fun place with zany demonic decor and seriously sinful food and music. Their signature dish is the Hot Hickory Hog – a fantastic version of a pork roll. There’s a decent-sized stage and dance floor, and live music on Fridays and Saturdays. The first Friday in every month is the Funk Club’s night and the dance floor is packed with people partying out to the funky grooves of the Funk Club’s House Band and DJ’s.

The Funk Club House Band was formed in 2003 as “the face” of Funk Club and has since become one of the most loved and respected groups Perth has ever produced, featuring a troupe of brilliant local musicians and vocalists. Its focus has always been on paying tribute to funk and soul legends of old while spreading the love and good times that the music continues to inspire. Adopting the ethos of good fun, music to move to, and playing to a crowd, the band began to progress rapidly, covering all their favourite rare ‘old skool’ funk tunes, producing an exciting funk/jazz sound with visual appeal, but skating away from the traditional cover band. They are extremely excited to be celebrating 10 years as the arbiters of quality funk and soul music in WA.

Kids, family, the beach, great food and live music

Scott Arnold-Eyers

The Summerset Arts Festival closed with a free concert for all at Scarborough Beach Amphitheatre.

As the sun went down, it was a rare opportunity for families to catch a live concert on the beach. Scarborough has really developed over the years with ZandersCafe Del PescatoreWild FigBoho, Peters By The Sea and a heap of other places to feed you and your family.

The Backyard Project DJ’s opened with their chilled mix of tunes. Next up was the surf sound of Stillwater Giants and closing the evening off was local heroes Eskimo Joe. The ever popular firework spectacular was a great way to finish off the evening.

Apart from the obvious restaurants there was also A & J Belgian Waffles, Buttys, Churro Central, Delish, Japanese Gifts, Jumplings, Lady Latte, Snags and Sons, Spiral Spud Stick and The Big Orange providing on site food options.

I guess the reason that this has been such a popular event is that it is for the entire family and there is a strict NO ALCOHOL policy at Scarborough Beach. This was enforced for all Summerset events held at this location, including the Beach Closing Concert.

My daughter is only 4 and she had such a great time. It was her first concert and she now has a real interest in learning music thanks to this event. I look forward to next year.

For more info go to www.summersetartsfestival.com.au

Beer O’Clock!

Scott Arnold-Eyers

The second South West Beer Festival was on last weekend and it was yet again a great success, but I felt that spectators treated the entertainment as an afterthought, which was disappointing considering the high standard of the acts involved. On Saturday there was Pete, The Acitones, Three Hands One Hoof, New Sound Land and Boom! Bap! Pow! On Sunday there was Kate Tillman, Rob Walker, Ill Starred Captain, Tank 7, Skeleton Jump.

I made it in on the Sunday and caught the entire show of Rob Walker pictured here. It was a surprise that I had never heard of him before. He reminded me of Jonny Taylor. Ill Starred Captain was an interesting one having travelled from South Australia and only consisting of a singer/guitarist and a drummer. Don’t forget to visit our sister web site in SA called www.sacafes.com.au  You could see most of these artists playing in cafes and restaurants and obviously breweries.

There was an array of food options but it was hard to go past The Brewers Dray and Beersine – who make beer infused foods. Other foods on offer were Nachos courtesy of Settlers Tavern, Little Wiener Catering’s famous Cheese Kransky and Knacker Hotdogs, Roko’s one of a kind Kebabs, The My Way Highway Food Truck had salt and pepper Squid, Berliner currywurst, beef/chicken Geschnezeltes with salad and Spaetzle German style dishes. There was also Spanish style churros with nutella or caramel and frozen yoghurt, Margaret River Burger Bar obviously had burgers and Cecile’s Crepes had their crepes.

The standard of beer on the day was very high and it was tough to pick a winner compared to last year.

If you want a complete list of breweries in WA, you must get a copy of the latest issue of Menu Magazine.

Sounds bleed down the road to Margaret River Hotel

By Scott Arnold-Eyers and Jasmine York

The Margaret River Hotel is located 277 kilometres from Perth, at 125 Bussell Highway, Margaret River. This venue is fantastic for live entertainment every Friday and Saturday night from 8pm to late. The Margaret River Hotel has a variety of food from seasonal specials to the old school wood-fired style pizzas as well as over 40 elegant wine options from the Margaret River Wine region to add to your dining experience. Listening to the Fagan Brothers as well as enjoying a rustic wood-fired pizza made for a fantastic night that was thoroughly enjoyable.Last weekend, I heard some live music in Margaret River. I followed the noise and found myself at the Margaret River Hotel, where to my surprise I found my old friends the Fagan Brothers playing on stage. The Fagan Brothers are a local duo and perform acoustic covers; this band covers many genres from the old school pop to the edgy acoustic. Their songs are a mixed bag of passionate tones of deeply personal and universal themes.

Beers at Settlers with Da Mann

Scott Arnold-Eyers and Jasmine York

In what seemed to be a day of music on a Sunday in Margaret River. Settlers Tavern never disappoints, local music hero David Mann was performing with a friend while on-lookers sipped on beer or wine and nibbled away at their food. Dave Mann predominantly plays original tunes with earthy and rustic themes – one guy said someone should jump up on stage with pots and spoons. Dave Mann has consistently been producing music since 2003 and has released six CD’s with that distinctive earthy, rustic David Mann sound. Mann’s inspiration is pulled from family & friends as well as his country. Having this inspiration allows Mann to write and perform a wide range of unique genres from poetic music to songs about social and political problems.

This truly unique singer/songwriter displayed his talent at Settlers Tavern (located at 114 Bussell Highway, Margaret River), where you can find frequent local, national and international bands performing from Thursday through to Sunday. Settlers Tavern has your traditional pub style food featuring everyone’s favourite the traditional steak sandwich as well as more elegant dishes such as oysters and the mouth watering Margaret River Wagyu fillet steak. A gluten free menu is also offered.

Consistently pumping out great music and food at Caves House

Scott Arnold-Eyers and Jasmine York

Caves House in Yallingup have been consistently running a great Sunday session for years now. A great representation for food music and ambiance, on this particular day I caught half an hour of Big Bark Boogie playing a selection of bluesy covers.

This quirky band is well known for providing a fantastic, fun, relaxed atmosphere. Their latest gig at Caves House, (18 Yallingup Beach Road Yallingup), was a tribute to their Bass player Stefano who is now in New Zealand for a year, and was a huge success with many fans enjoying the fantastic pub-style Surf n’ Turf as well as the traditional steak sandwich whilst listening to the band play.


INDI BAR (Live Review)

by Scott Arnold-Eyers

Having played a large part in putting together the last 2 Menu Music CD’s, it has been interesting and a pleasure to get the chance to see the bands play live as well. Last night the Aztech Suns and The Crooked Cats hit the stage at my local so I just had to go. The Indi Bar in Scarborough has been a favourite of mine for years and we share some fond memories. I tried to get in early for a feed but due to family commitments I missed out but the Indi Bar & Bistro does have a good menu. Check it out here.

First up on stage was the Aztech Suns who play a heavy rock style of music. I though they could have been a bit too heavy for the Menu Music 2 sampler but we wanted the second one to be a bit heavier anyway. They can tone it down a bit but tonight was complete hard rock with lead singer Alex Robins rocking it up on a 40+ degrees day topless. I gotta say that they were incredibly tight.

Next up on stage was the Crooked Cats. Contradictory to the heat, lead singer Loretta Devaney donned a scarf… I guess it is rock’n’roll and there are no rules. They started a bit slow, probably because they did not get a proper sound check but by the 3rd song they were off and rocking. Loretta handled her role as front person very well with a powerful grungy / blues style of vocal and lead guitarist Eddie Schiel seemed to be in control all night long. It was a shame that they played their best song first before the mix was sorted.

If you get a chance to see Aztech suns or The Crooked Cats then do yourself a favour and do. For more details go to Menu Music 2.

Perth Festival Eve: Maceo Parker (Live Review)

by Scott Arnold-Eyers

My fellow muso buddies insisted that we go and see Maceo Parker perform at the Chevron Festival Gardens on the eve of the Perth Festival. They told me that he is a legend who played with James Brown and is a freak on the Sax. How could I refuse? On the night I felt a bit out of place after hitting the gym a bit too hard the day before and wondered if I could even stand up for the show as my legs were killing me. Fortunately they had a fair amount of seating as well. I had already eaten but there was a good selection of food and beverages. The Chevron Festival Gardens is a fully licensed venue which includes standing and or seated performances. No BYO drinks of any kind. Persons under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

So what did I think? Well it was set up really well. I felt like I was in an arena and I guess I was. The sound system did the job really well. In regards to the band? Maceo Parker was exactly what I was told. An amazing Sax player and a great performer. If I had anything bad to say it was that he went on about playing with James Brown maybe a bit too much but then if I had played with James Brown I would make sure everyone knew.

Bass player Rodney “Skeet” Curtis was a well rounded man who knew his way around the bass guitar and played like a magician. The Lead guitarist Bruno Speight was a crazy old guy who had amazing feel. Trombone player Dennis Rollins was spot on and created an extra dimension to the band. The drummer was Maceo’s nephew Marcus Parker. His father (Maceo’s brother) was also a drummer who played with Maceo during his time with James Brown. If he is half as good as his son then he would be amazing. Keyboard player Will Boulware provided a real 60’s sound. There were also 2 girls (Martha High and Darliene Parker) doing backing vocals and each did a cameo spot out front on lead vocals. So I guess this was a band of overly talented musicians. I look forward to my next outing at this years Perth Festival.

For more info go to www.perthfestival.com.au

HypnoCats & Freo Grasshoppers at Cicerello’s (Live Review)

by Georgina Goss

It was Australia Day in Fremantle and the place was pumping. The HypnoCats and The Freo Grasshoppers were playing alternating sets on the boardwalk outside Cicerello’s and there was a great family crowd enjoying the music and the fireworks. HypnoCats cruised along with their sweet vocal harmonies and soulful rhythm & blues, while The Freo Grasshoppers dished out the reggae and rock. The venue was doing a roaring trade, with fish & chips the order of the day. There was a very long queue waiting to order meals, but the staff were super efficient and it was really quite amazing how fast the queue moved along. The kids were having a great time, dancing on the grassed area in front of the bands. All in all, a very enjoyable day.