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Live Review: Cat Power

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Feb 26th 2013 Festival Chevron Gardens.

Anxiety is a pretty awful thing. “My name is Chan,” Chan Marshall aka Cat Power said after introducing her band mates toward the close of her set last night at the Perth International Arts Festival. “I did a terrible show,” she continued before adding in a choked whisper, “but I hope you enjoyed yourself enough.”

It has been a long time since I attended a gig where I knew as much about the personal hardships of a performer as I did their music. You know her songs, you also know her history as a challenged, nervous performer who in the last twelve months has faced a breakup, hospitalization and bankruptcy. Walking out on to the stage at the Chevron Festival gardens, Marhsall looked tired, and unwell. At the same time she communicated in her walk and poise a confidence and air of professionalism that hinted a successful show might follow. We waited.

Joined on stage by two drummers, and two guitarists, Marshall began show opener The Greatest, and nailed it. It was a soft, dark and gentle drawing of the audience into her personal world. What followed was an excellent set, mostly of tunes from new record Sun: the upbeat singles “Cherokee” and “Silent Machine” came second and third lifting the energy with the hook-laden catchy pop vibe of the album. Throughout the show I watched her transform over ninety minutes of riveting and beautiful performing, her face altered from a worn-out forty-one-year-old to a youthful, vibrant rock queen.

Her band were tight, young, sexy-arty looking folks and Marshall shone, belting her tunes out like it was the last time she’d ever perform. It was captivating. Slower tune “Manhattan” came next, and yet the tension, the energy remained as Marshall moved around the stage, leaning out to serenade her audience and marvel at the full moon. A green hue lit the scene for “Human Being”, as Marshall took a place at the back of the stage in between the drummers, underneath projected images of displaced, disadvantaged people from the third world. Things stayed broody and contemplative for synth tune and album title track “Sun”, “here it comes, here it comes” Marshall warned in the song’s chorus. Once the tune ended, Marshall waved over her technician. Inaudibly she expressed her concerns to him, and for the next three or four songs she performed in near darkness, as if she had asked for all the lights to be turned off for a while. “This one’s for the dead and the dying” she dedicated the next song.

There is something to be said for a performer who can still hold you in the palm of her hand, when you can barely see her, just a dancing silhouette, back-lit at times by a single white spotlight shining low from the rear of the stage and playing a halo around her peroxided, Annie Lenox hair-do. Marshall was singing her heart out, expressing every word as if she was reliving in front of you whatever inspired her to write the song. Despite the darkness, and her clear emotional connection to what she was singing, there was no melt down. No drama. The songs were tight, entertaining, and beguiling.

Light began to return with pop tunes “3,6,9”, “Nothing but Time”, “I Don’t Blame You” and “Peace and Love”.

Then she introduced her band, and expressed her heartfelt chagrin in a concerning, desperate whisper before the musicians struck up the intro for show closer “Ruin”. I was moved because it was about the most real, honest moment I’ve witnessed from a performer, ever. The general response to her apology was confusion and surprise, as (aside from the lack of lights for a while) the show had been exceptional. The band looped Ruin’s joyful piano riff while Marshall looked into the sky, as if trying to remember the first line. She nodded to herself and began an incredible rendition of what is my favourite track from the record. The audience erupted, more than happy to hear the tune, we were responding to this woman suddenly so sad before us, who was still performing incredibly well. Thousands of people in front of Marshall danced and sang with her, “we love you” they said in words and in spirit. I was moved to see her eyes welling with tears that did not fall.

“Bitchin’, complaining, when some people ain’t got shit to eat, bitchin’ and moaning, so many people you know that they ain’t got… what are we doing? We’re sittin’ on a ruin.” I had until this moment assumed “Ruin” was a plea in song to people to have gratitude, and recognize that so many in this world don’t have very much. But I wondered if perhaps in this lyric Chan Marshall is singing to herself: desiring to escape an anxious cycle of worry, and cruel self-critique, when she is a rock star who gets to travel the world. Many people would dream of such a life. In this song I heard a moving attempt by Marshall to remind herself not to get so upset.

The song ended, the house lights went up and her fans applauded with gusto. They threw gifts onto the stage, including a pretty awesome tote bag that said “I GOT IMPORTANT CAT SHIT TO DO”, and Marshall seemed genuinely delighted. She appeared overwhelmed by the love flowing forwards, and extremely grateful. She walked alone up and down the stage waving, saluting, whistling, and left only to retrieve a bouquet which she separated into individual stems and threw to the crowd. Having exhausted the flowers, she carefully removed her set-list from the floor, scrunched it into a ball and launched it forwards. We were more than satisfied.

Vinyl Retention: Alix Perez

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Every Wednesday, Sardi lets us know what’s tickling his eardrums in the world of electronic music…

After stepping away from the D&B scene for a couple of years and focusing on his equally brilliant ARP.101 project, Alix Perez returns to his roots unleashing a teaser for his upcoming sophomore LP due out on Shogun Audio later this year.

‘Feelings of Regret’ is classic Perez – soulful Drum & Bass at it’s finest. Steppy beats, deep bass, oscillating synth chords & gentle vocal touches – it has it all. Whilst his last few releases have seen him exploring a more techier sound, this sees him go back to what made him a household name.

Best of all, you can grab it for free! Head to for a free download of this beautiful tune.

If you like what you hear, be sure to tune in to RTRFM’s Full Frequency between 3pm & 5pm, as Sardi and Dart explore the latest beats & bass from around the globe.

Anger Management: Ghost

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

In a new, regular column, we check in with all things heavy on RTRFM’s Critical Mass show.

When it comes to choosing a song to cover, there are two roads you can take:

i) The easy road – cover a band in a similar genre, imitating the same style of the original, and be generally accepted by the musical community – see recent covers of T.N.T. by Anthrax and Number of the Beast by Kreator.

ii) The dangerous road – cover a famous song in a genre that’s far-removed from your band’s  existing catalogue, and be potentially praised or pilloried by the musical community – see Oops… I Did it Again by Children of Bodom and Maniac by Firewind.

This latest cover of ABBA’s ‘I’m a Marionette’ by Swedish mysterio-metallers Ghost take a drive down the dangerous road, escorted confidently by Mr Grohl (Dave to his friends) as drummer/producer. No stranger to ‘70s pop (rock?) covers, the band also have ‘Here Comes The Sun’ by The Beatles on their CV, released as a bonus track from their excellent debut album ‘Opus Eponymous’.

Ghost is known for causing controversy. Notably performing under secret monikers; disguising their faces on stage and vocalist Papa Emeritus II dressing up as a demonic catholic priest. This cover of a B-side song by their iconic compatriots is certainly an interesting choice. Perhaps there is a family connection?

Speaking of connections, there have been rumours circulating about Ghost sharing members with fellow Lucifer-loving Swedes Watain. When asked about these rumours in early 2012, Watain frontman Erik Danielson stated “I cannot confirm or deny such rumours”, and added “out of respect for the band, I will not comment on that.” Wouldn’t it have been easier to say no?

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

New Tangled Thoughts of Leaving is always a good thing.

The Perth outfit’s new EP, Failed by Man and Machine is out in early March, with the band putting the opening two tracks online.

Check out “Dance Before You Die” and the awe-inspiring “(quakes)” below, and then head to the TToL Bandcamp to pre-order the new record.

Photos: Vida Cain EP Launch At The Rosemount

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Vida Cain LIVEVida Cain EP Launch at the Rosemount, Perth. Photos By Michael Farnell. Featuring: Bears & Dolls, Room At The Reservoir, Gombo & Vida Cain.

The Drones Announce ‘I See Seaweed’ Aus Tour

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

The_Drones_1_MED.1.1This April, The Drones are heading out in the I See Seaweed Tour, playing some of the most iconic venues they’ve set foot in to date, including a night that’s likely to become one of those legendary shows people talk […]

Anger Management: 70,000 Tons of Metal

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

In a new, regular column, we check in with all things heavy on RTRFM’s Critical Mass show.

Cam Crimson and Matt Militia of Critical Mass (The Quest) made the pilgrimage last month (Jan 28 — Feb 1, 2013) to Miami, Florida to witness the crazy combination of Metal Festival and Carribean Cruise rolled into one.

This creature was called…

70,000 Tons Of Metal (4 Days, 40 Bands, 1 Cruise Ship, Only 2000 Tickets)

Sailing from Miami, Florida to the Turks and Caicos Islands and back.

Being the third installment of metal madness on a boat, this epic enterprise has never failed to deliver the goods. Being sold out again, and attracting metal heads from over 55 countries, the stage was set for another brutal offering of diverse heavy music and entertainment designed for maximum moshing enjoyment.

The cruise ran over 4 days with each of the 40 bands playing two separate sets on two of the three stages. (Open Pool Deck — Main Stage, Chorus Line Theatre and Spectrum Lounge) Some of the bands chose very similar sets while others played completely different songs on their follow up performance.

The Bands:


The Radio Show:

This Wednesday night on RTRFM 92.1 The Sound Alternative from 9 to 11pm, (, Critical Mass (The Quest) will be featuring highlights of the cruise and sharing stories about our experiences onboard the 70K Ton Cruise Ship “Majesty of the Seas”.

Vinyl Retention: DJ Day

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Every Wednesday, Sardi lets us know what’s tickling his eardrums in the world of electronic music…

It’s been a long wait for fans of ‘Palm Springs Finest’, but the day (pardon the pun) is finally upon us, with the release of DJ Day’s sophomore album ‘Land Of 1000 Chances’.

Whilst it’s been 5 years since ‘The Day Before’ came out, Day has still been a busy boy releasing a slew of 12’s, EP’s and collaborating with like-minded artists. With this LP though, he goes back to his roots and brings us an album full of lush summer vibes accurately representing his home surroundings.

Comprising of 15 tracks in total, ‘Land Of 100 Chances’ is an ambitious journey down the Hip Hop path taking in influences of Soul, Jazz & Rock. It’s a fusion of classic sampling techniques and live instrumentation blended to perfection. It’s raw, yet polished but above all else, full of emotion.

If the music alone wasn’t enough, the limited edition vinyl pack comes packaged in a hand-made, PETA approved faux leather case, complete with foil stamping and a removable Polaroid photo. Classy….

If you like what you hear, be sure to tune in to RTRFM’s Full Frequency between 3pm & 5pm, as Sardi and Dart explore the latest beats & bass from around the globe.

Live Review: Future Classic At Perth Festival

Monday, February 18th, 2013

MitziSaturday 16th of February, 2013 at Chevron Festival Gardens, Perth. > Review By Sophie Yeomans. > Photos By Michael Spencer. Saturday night saw a further continuation of Perth’s revitalisation when Sydney record label and tour group FUTURE CLASSIC took to […]

Photos: Future Classic At Perth Festival

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Flight FacilitiesShots from Future Classic at Chevron Festival Gardens, Perth Festival. Photos By Michael Spencer. Featuring: Scenic, Panama, Mitzi & Flight Facilities. Click HERE to read our Future Classic review.