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Craig’s List: Alma Construct

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Every fortnight, RTRFM’s Craig Hollywood will bring us a little taste of what to expect from Tuesday’s Full Frequency…

R&S Records introduce the hugely talented new signing Alma Construct to the world for his debut self-titled EP. From the throbbing bounce of Balearic opener ‘On The Edge, Surrounded With The Shores Of Assudrey’ to the menacing hum and snarl of ‘Deer Drink From The River’, it’s clear that Alma Construct music is wildly ambitious and expressive.

Taking inspiration from La Planète Sauvage — a 70s stop-motion science fiction allegory by René Laloux, his music conjures up finite visions through caustic timbres and enigmatic melodies. On the flip ‘Imagine Them’ scores out gritty industrial beats, strobing synths and hypnotic bass melody give way to a pair of trippy hallucinogenic audio work out in ‘Dialectic A’ and ‘Dialectic B’.

The Alma Construct EP will be released on 26 August through R&S Records.

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