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Beach Coma

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

Beach ComaSometimes that link between name and sound is so incredibly spot on that it all just makes sense. Beach Coma is a pretty fine example of this.

Summer is usually portrayed in music as an upbeat, innocent, rollicking good time (see, for example, The Beach Boys, et al). While this is true in reality, you’ll live a quarter of your life in summer, and there’s somewhat of a distinct lack of music to soundtrack the plethora of food comas, hangovers, lethargy and general apathy that summer is also full of, mixed in with a lovely pile of ambience, verb-washed melody and detuned synths. So, here’s Perth’s Beach Coma’s excellent Bohemian Crystal EP (it’s kinda almost a mini-album), perfectly filling that void.

Stream the record below, or download it on a name-your-price basis from Bandcamp.