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Vinyl Retention: Calyx & Teebee

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

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It seems like it’s been an eternity since Calyx & Teebee’s debut album as a duo was unleashed onto the masses, but I guess five years in the music industry is an eternity. Well, the wait is finally over and come November 4th, their sophomore release All Or Nothing finally sees the light of day.

An agonizing wait it was, as after dropping their amazing debut Anatomy virtually no new music was heard from the duo. They could be seen all across the globe DJing to thousands of people and perhaps this was the reason for the lack of studio output. Even the label seemed to disappear, and with their new LP coming out on the prestigious RAM imprint, I guess we won’t be seeing anything more on Momentum Music.

But, let’s forget about that and focus on what really matters – the new album. It’s an interesting one. It’s got that classic Calyx & Teebee sound; sparse atmospheric intro’s leading into a monstrous drop, except this time round, the latter isn’t always present. Sure, there’s still a few tear out tracks, but on the whole, it’s a lot more relaxed, for want of a better word. There’s a lot more musicality to it with a fair few vocal tracks. The production (as can be expected) is flawless and the LP features a wealth of collaborators including Kemo, Foreign Beggars, Beardyman & Craze.

All up, it’s a great release that builds on the past, but takes us in a new direction. The jury’s out on whether die-hard fans will appreciate the somewhat mellower direction.

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