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Noiseweek: RIP Lemmy, Xmas Freebies and more

Sunday, January 3rd, 2016

The sights, sounds and words of the week in noise.

Vale Lemmy. A great tribute from The Nation Blue/High Tension’s Matt Weston over at Noisey and a fantastic insight into his last days up at Rolling Stone. Fittingly, a memorial service has just been announced for the rock god at his favourite boozer, The Rainbow Bar and Grill on January 9.


Turns out Deafheaven pretty much owned 2015, if the critics are to be believed. The divisive ‘blackgaze’ band might be false metal to some, but not the boffins at Pitchfork, who rated the band’s most recent full length New Bermuda as the best metal album of the year, and 26th in its overall poll. Meanwhile, Spin named the LA five-piece as their band of the year. Haters be damned.


Punk’s not dead, it just deserves to be: With news that legendary NYC venue CBGB has been revived as an airport restaurant at New Jersey’s Newark terminal. As if the terrible film retelling the CBGB story wasn’t tarnish enough on the legacy of the once-great venue.



Closet Metalheads: Neko Case | Decibel
“One thing about metal that people often don’t talk about but I’m always curious: How was there so much crazy sexism and homophobia in metal in the 80s and 90s yet people just refuse to believe that Freddie Mercury and Rob Halford were gay?”


AFX – ‘T17 Phase Out’
Richard D. James has too much eggnog, posts another AFX rarity to his ‘User18081971’ Soundcloud account.

Radiohead– ‘Spectre’
Not good enough for the latest Bond film apparently, but good enough to give away as free download.

DJ Shadow – ‘Swerve’
And another Festivus miracle. DJ Shadow treats the world to a bass-heavy ‘battle weapon’.


Seven Sisters of Sleep – ‘War Master’

Lemmy’s last interview
In which Mr Kilmister speaks with trademark candour about terrorism, religion, 40 years of Motörhead, drugs, punk and all else. RIP.