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Anger Management: Joel Grind

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

We check in with all things heavy on RTRFM’s Critical Mass show.

Joel Grind is a busy man. Though mostly known for his work in Toxic Holocaust, he has found time to run two record labels (Nuclear Hell Records and Witching Metal Records), release an album as War Ripper, play live with Japanese black/thrash brigade Abigail and record the Tiger Junkies project (with Yasuyuki Suzuki from Abigail). In between all of this, Grind decided to self release a 25 minute, ten track album of ‘80s-era Bathory worship.

The Yellowgoat Sessions is, in Joel Grind’s own words, “raw, stripped down, reverbed and distorted to hell”. Most of the songs power along to a furious Motorhead/D-beat rhythm, only slowing for the mid-paced “Foul Spirit Within” and the doom crawl of “The Eternal One”.

Lead single “Cross Damnation” is a blast of ‘80s punk/speed metal worship: fast paced, distorted and verging on being out of control. Topped off with the perfect dodgy ‘80s reverb on vocals and a screeching guitar solo, it’s not at all original, but a lot of fun.