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Antennas to Heaven: Katie Gately

Monday, October 13th, 2014

Your weekly submersion into new and experimental music.

For precisely thirteen minutes and forty-eight seconds, ‘Pipes’ — the one and only song on this limited release cassette — opens fire and doesn’t withhold until the its final second, a surprising entrapment considering the intangible nature of the music.

Deep vibrational hums, layered over snapshots of Katie Gately’s, voice are soon betrayed when the heavenly gospel becomes less spiritual and more hellishly psychotic, as the beats begin to skitter and fragment into a cacophony of different noises you could spend hours trying to single out.

For all its wayward directions there’s always something to admire in the craziness of ‘Pipes’: the deranged chanted build ups that ecstatically heighten senses of unease, only to calm with dreamy synth and a flatbed of velvet-soft vocals. This is undeniably complex music, procured with the deftest of hands.