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A Minute With Leure

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

We spend a minute with Leure and find out what’s what…

LeureDescribe your music in five words or less
electronic, ambient, beat alternative pop?

What’s going on right now in the world of Leure?
My debut album ‘Holland Sky’ has just been released through Inertia. Only just returned from my first visit over east to play a Sydney show that went exceptionally well, basically rolling with the amazing support I have been given and challenging myself as much as possible. I’m also studying full time, have two jobs and a jewellery label Wolf Love on the go, so life’s wildly hectic.…I dream often of Paris and french martinis.

What are the worst and best gigs you’ve ever played and why?
In terms of Leure — it’s a super new project, I’ve only been playing gigs a couple of months so not much action to go off. I’d say the best was probably my most recent at the Oxford Arts Factory in Sydney, cool venue and the most delightfully responsive crowd yet. Worst was probably one of the first when my hard drive had crashed, nothing was connecting and i had no idea how to fix it then and there — needed a fine drop of whisky to get me through that one.

Tell us something about your music that we might not know
Hmm, before March this year I’d never known how the hell electronic music was made. No idea. Stuck to my electric guitar and the occasional loop pedal if things got technical. Once I started experimenting with different programs other than my knowledge of protools I guess producing evolved and I had the skeleton of an album within a couple of weeks. So I’ve a hell of a lot to learn but I’m excited to challenge myself and progress further.

You’re putting together your perfect local gig? Who would you get to play, why and where? Feel free to include acts/DJs/bands/venues that no longer exist
I’d have to have it at Mojos for obvious reasons — I’m also lucky enough to work there so feels like home. In terms of lineup there’s been some ridiculous talent leap out of Perth over the years, it would probably be an all day event to fit them all in! I guess I’m fortunate now to be surrounded by some pretty incredible friends who play music so I’d call in Pond, The Growl, Tame Impala, Gunns, Bastians Happy Flight, The Silents, MMHMMM, James Ireland, Greyjoy, Fall Electric, Apricot Rail, Felicity Groom — man the list is too long. That’s current acts alone — we could go back in time forever.