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Eat a Bag of Mix: Manimal

Monday, August 26th, 2013

Eat a Bag of Mix is the name of a feature here on life is noise where we get a DJ, musician, producer, industry figure or just someone with good taste in fucked-up and weird music to give us a mix of music that has influenced them, or tunes that are currently rocking their world.

When he’s not downloading music on the company dime/wifi for his 9–5 job, Manimal (aka James Beecroft) is resident DJ for Get Weird, Tiny Club, and currently on-hiatus party The Animal Ballet. He cut his teeth mixing breaks and dnb records in the early ‘00s, back when it actually mattered if you could mix good or not, but it’s all computers now hey. Prone to losing/removing clothing at nightclubs and ruining party conversations by steering them towards cats.

Eat a Bag of Mix: Manimal by Lifeisnoise on Mixcloud

1. About Group — You’re No Good (Theo Parrish Translation With Aashong)
2. Raudive — Ruins
3. In Flagranti — Headrush
4. Kowton & Julio Bashmore — Mirror Song (Techno Remix)
5. Cultural Vibe — Ma Foom Bey (Moplen edit)
6. Munk — Coolo Boogaloo
7. Claws For — Profumo
8. Archie Pelago — Avocado Roller (feat Becca Stevens)
9. Lone — Airglow Fires
10. Anstam — Intuit
11. Joe — Studio Power On
12. L-vis1990 — Ballad 4D
13. Wen — Takin’ Over
14. Mak & Pasteman — Dancing Kicks
15. MPIA3 — Mountain of Ash
16. Audionite — Concentration of Authority (J. Tijn Remix)
17. Hell — Definition Of House (Vocal Version)
18. Zed Bias — Music Deep Inside
19. Paul Kalkbrenner — Der Buhold
20. Funkineven & Fatima — Phoneline
21. Distal — Temple People
22. Obey City — Neva Knew