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LISTEN: The ethereal jazz of MazzSacre’s +

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

The latest release from the venerable Polish label Instant Classic — who introduced us to the likes of Merkabah, Kapital and the THAW / Echoes of Yul collaboration — is perhaps their most challenging yet. MazzSacre’s + is about as far removed from easy listening as a record could be, yet there are still moments of beauty and great pleasure interspersed throughout the sprawling and schizophrenic acid jazz safari from Jerzy Mazzoll, the driving force behind the MazzSacre name.

+ is built around the seven deadly sins, and despite the experimental rigor of Mazzoll’s compositions, there’s a consistency to the chaos of this record. “Gluttony” is almost relaxed in its light percussion and slow progressions that verge on making brass instrumentation sound synthetic, while “Greed” is a bloated and excessive romp, dizzying in its climax before fading into the comparative calm of “Sloth”. This is movement music for the most twisted of contortionists. If David Lynch needs a new composer, he need look no further.

+ is available from April 16 on Bandcamp.