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NO ZU — “Life”

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

No ZuWe’ve been looking forward to NO ZU’s debut LP for a while, and now Life is out and blowing our minds.

The title is explained as follows: “[Life is] broad, all encompassing and infinite. Life is also deeply personal, individual and finishes all too quickly. Life is a trip to the IGA, but also moments of euphoria and experiences of uplifting trance states. NO ZU are part of this like everyone/everything else – unpretentiously universal, non-niche, quoting suburban motifs and trawling the ‘uncool’/our real-lives for inspiration. Life is a slogan lifted from TV Week and pasted onto Tony Robbins forehead”

Stream “Emotion”, the fourth track from Life below.

Life Tracklisting
1. Spiritual Heatwave
2. Fa Foma Fi
3. Prstn F’ever
4. Emotion
5. Telepathic Body
6. 100% Viscose
7. Eternity
8. Loving You Overtime
9. Si Lo Zu
10. Perfume
11. Impulse/Jazz
12. Bust Body Move
13. Inca Dee Laa