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Eat a Bag of Mix: Puro Instinct

Monday, October 8th, 2012

Eat a Bag of Mix is the name of a feature here on life is noise where we get a DJ, musician, producer, industry figure or just someone with good taste in fucked-up and weird music to give us a mix of music that has influenced them, or tunes that are currently rocking their world.

Puro InstinctThis week, we’re bag o’ mix eating with sumptuous swirling pop act Puro Instinct ahead of their performance at This Is Nowhere this Sunday, October 14.

Stream the mix below, and get tickets to the show here.

Iasos — Libra Sunrise
Drexciya — Neon Falls
Mak Zering — Right There Next 2 Me
DJ Quik — Tonight
L.O.C. — Hot
Geneva Jacuzzi — Dark Streets
A R Kane — A Luv From Outer Space
Virna Lindt — Underwater Boy
Zapp — I Only Have Eyes 4 U
Outer Limitz — I Kontakt
Andreas Vollenweider — Lion & Sheep