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Antennas to Heaven: Richard Dawson

Monday, January 12th, 2015

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Like a deranged performer in a carnival of freaks, Richard Dawson is the sort of man Jeff Magnum could become if he promptly joined a peyote cult and live the rest of his days in the desert.

Dawson and his crazier than hell style of weird new aged delta blues guitar is ugly yet alluringly hypnotic. The same is true for his voice — throttled in haphazard fashion, careening between a wail and straight-spoken bluntness.

“The Vile Stuff” condenses all these odd sounding narratives into a chanting stomp of chugging blues. At sixteen minutes it’s an exhausting listen but humbling in the way it holds the ear. If you like your singer-songwritersa little less Connor Oberst and a little more Charles Manson with talent, then Dawson will gladly beat you over the head.

Richard Dawson’s Nothing Important is out now on Weird World Record Co.