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Vinyl Retention: Samurai Music

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Every Wednesday, Sardi lets us know what’s tickling his eardrums in the world of dance music…

It’s hard to believe 5 years have passed since NZ based label Samurai Music dropped their first release. It would be nice to say ‘they’ve come a long way from their humble beginning’ but the truth is, they were on point and featuring some of the most revered names in the D&B scene right from the get go.

In that short space of time, they’ve managed to rack up a ridiculous amount of great releases by scene heavyweights, but also expose and nurture a slew of amazing new talent. Their new LP Way Of The Samurai 2: Code Of Honour keeps the same ideals and brings us 22 brand new, cutting edge tracks.

On a whole, the album is on a somewhat moodier and minimal tip, but you’ll also find some lovely liquid gems steppy dance floor fillers interspersed amongst a variety of intricate-experimental cuts.

Featuring tracks from Marcus Intalex, Tokyo Prose, Loxy & Resound, Nymfo, ASC & so many more, Way Of The Samurai 2 does an amazing job of giving you a glimpse of where D&B is currently at and where it’s heading.

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