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Anger Management: The Amenta

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

We check in with all things heavy on RTRFM’s Critical Mass show.

The Amenta are back with a vengeance with Flesh Is Heir, their latest full-length offering on Listenable Records. It is every bit as gritty, dour, and extreme as the last two releases, except this, the band’s third full length release, completes a major overhaul of the band’s imagery.

The “overhaul” of the band goes by the name of local metal maestro Cain Cressall.

Cain has forged his trademark on-stage crazed front man persona through his band Malignant Monster, before linking up, or should I say chaining up, with Sydney industrial extreme metal titans The Amenta.

As a result, I believe he has honed in his demented frenetic vocal style to its best use, enhancing the band’s caustic industrial sound. The first half of the album is probably your best snapshot of where this band is at musically. Flesh Is Heir is sure to be among the metal treasures of year end polls everywhere.

Should appeal to fans of Anaal Nathrakh and The Berzerker, The Axis of Perdition etc.

Check out the bands new video for the track “Teeth” below.