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Sonic Truth — sleepmakeswaves’ Alex Wilson Answers Your Questions

Thursday, January 7th, 2016

Hi, I’m Alex. I play bass in sleepmakeswaves, and I want your questions about life, the universe and everything. Unsurprisingly for a guy who spends his time writing dramatic post-rock epics, I’m pretty fascinated by the big picture.

Touring and seeing the world threw me off from a plan to do a PhD in moral philosophy and become an academic — probably dodged a bullet there. But when LIFE IS NOISE approached me with a little corner of the internet where I could muse about humans and everything around them, there was no way I could turn it down.

Although this will follow the format of an ‘advice’ column, I’d like it to be more than that. We can run the whole gamut, from the serious to the utterly silly, from the smallest personal things to the most mind-bending concepts. If you give me question I don’t know about, I’ll get my facts straight before running my mouth off. Checking the facts and having an open mind matters. I’m also up for a healthy amount of trolling, because: internets.

You can me ask me things like:

Why is there something rather than nothing?
Is happiness even real?
Can we even make choices?
Why is music so goddamn meaningful?
What is the good life, and how do we find it?
Does the body rule the mind or does the mind rule the body?

I’m aiming to try and crank a couple of these out every month. If you want to help us get started, shoot a question to — you can be as anonymous as you like.

Alex Wilson is a musician and writer from Sydney’s Inner West. He plays bass in sleepmakeswaves and produces bands, and video game and film soundtracks. He has a philosophy degree buried in a box somewhere under his bed.