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Noiseweek: New Releases for 2016, Kev Carmody, Church of Misery and more

Sunday, January 10th, 2016

The sights, sounds and words of the week in noise.

It’s a quiet time for new releases and tour announcements, but that’s all set to change in the next few weeks, with new records from Witchcraft, Tortoise, Abbath, Ty Segall, and Savages all coming before January is done.


Oh that’s right — Bowie’s new album ? is already out. His late-career purple patch continues. Five ?s.


Panasonic executives have made the sensible decision to cash in on the vinyl revival, with the return of the legendary Technics 1200 turntable announced at CES in Las Vegas this week. The almost-indestructible turntables were discontinued a few years back, but much like in the case of LCD Soundsystem the time (and the money) were right for a return, so here they are again. Anyone asking where the sync button is needs to get in the sea.


Municipal Waste have made a strong start to 2016, with this excellent piece of anti-Trump merch.



Discogs Turns Record Collectors’ Obsessions Into Big Business | New York Times
“The site, once run from a computer in Mr. Lewandowski’s closet and originally restricted to electronic music, has grown rapidly. It now has 37 employees around the world, 20 million online visitors a month and three million registered users. It eventually opened to all genres of music and has a mission of cataloging every record in existence.”

‘Bloody oath’: Kev Carmody on politics, Paul Kelly and music industry battles | Guardian Australia
“Carmody first picked up a guitar in the late 1960s, teaching himself to play with the aid of a book he found at a local dump. ‘They were just open-air supermarkets. I found a wet bloody book that said Teach Yourself Guitar, so I brought the thing back to the camp, dried her out over the flamin’ fire, and started to work through it.’”


Church of Misery – ‘Confessions of an Embittered Soul’
The Japanese doom veterans tease their forthcoming sixth record as part of Decibel’s flexi series, with vocals from Repulsion’s Scott Carlson.

White Spot – I Had The Best For A little While
Like a lot of acts from Louisiana, you can almost hear the oppressive humidity of the bayou on this solo project for Marcus Lemoine.

Pig Destroyer – ‘Prowler In The Yard’
Remastered and reissued, the Virginia grind legends’ 2001 LP sounds just as vital as ever.


Guy Ben-Ary – ‘cellF’
Watch the Perth premiere of this mind-bending contraption, fusing synthesis, performance and neuroscience.

Electric Wizard — ‘Sadiowitch’
We somehow missed this among the madness at the end of 2015.

David Bowie — ‘Lazarus’
The videos accompanying ? are as creepy as all hell.