Scott Arnold-Eyers

Scott doing his thing at Fremantle Beer Festival.

Scott doing his thing at Fremantle Beer Festival.

Powerhouse vocals mixing all styles of music.

As a singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Scott Arnold-Eyers truly represents one of Australia’s finest talents.


Born in Adelaide, South Australia, Scott first picked up a guitar at the age of 9.
A speedy evolution lead him to collaborate with other musicians and it was not long before his first Band took shape.
A move to Perth, Western Australia in 1991 extended Scott’s collaborations, which, in turn, triggered a keen interest in the recording process. Combining these pursuits with heavy touring commitments have allowed Scott to choose from a huge pool of Australian performers to record with. Apart from several compilation CD’s, Scott has released “A Song About A Chicken with The Jesus Sandals”, “Bimbo with Hard Marshmellow”, “News Flash”, “The Sun Might Shine with The Jesus Sandals”, “Lay Down On My Bed” and his latest album, “Hero’s Of Love And War”. Over the years Scott has also been nominated for several WAMI awards including 2 for best guitarist, 2 for best male vocalist, 1 for best album, 2 for best band and 1 for best new band.


“Something a little different” The Advertiser – South Australia

“Influenced by everything from Reggae to Dance” Sunday Times – Western Australia

“One of the most powerful voices I’ve heard” PBS Radio – Victoria

“Hard Working” Tribe On Line – National

“A pleasure to see an Adelaide boy spread his wings of success as far as Perth” Rip It Up – South Australia

“The most flexible musician I have ever seen or heard” Planet Radio – Queensland

“The assault on the Australian music scene is continuing from Perth in the shape of Scott Arnold-Eyers” Beat Magazine – Victoria

“Scott Arnold-Eyers is a talented songwriter with a penchant for penning catchy lyrics and a gift for creating toe tapping tunes”XPress Magazine – Western Australia

Big Act Supports…

Dave Graney
Ed Cooper
Eskimo Joe
John Butler
Monique Brumby
Painters & Dockers
The Black Eyed Susan Trio
The Bull Sisters
The Church
The Sharp
The Whitlams

Tour Activity…

Western Australia (Hundreds of shows)
South Australia (50+ shows)
Victoria (7 shows)
New South Wales (1 show)
Queensland (1 show)
Germany (1 show)
Borneo (1 show)



1. Lay Down On My Bed
2. Fly Away
3. Waiting For You
4. Dog Eat Dog
5. Said
6. New Born Seed
7. Angel At Heart
8. Trouble
9. Doing Time
10. Hello
11. So Lonely
12. Tears
13. Bad
14. The End



1. News Flash
2. Bad
3. Run
4. Depression
5. The Chair
6. Winkie BB Scoobie Cat
7. Know Another (pt 1)
8. Emotion
9. Pretty Bloody Ugly
10. It’s Alright
11. Home






1. She’s Got My Love
2. Riptide
3. The Scarf & The Smile
4. With You
5. All About You
6. Miss Grace
7. Japanese Women
8. Hello/ Goodbye
9. This One
10. The Ballad Of Dean
11. Where Is Harold
12. Blow Away
13. So Far
14. The Mistress
15. The Sun Might Shine
16. I Remember