Staccato at Beer Fest 2014

Staccato at Beer Fest 2014

Smooth Beats…

Staccato released their first and only album “Searching For Sky Blue” on Drop Card in 2018 before going on an indefinite hiatus.. Please visit our Facebook page.


Staccato were some kind of Rock / Pop band comprising of funky bass guitar, melodic guitar, edgy vocals and smooth beats.
Ricky Willsmore – Lead Vocals, Keys & Beats
Ricky has been recording as a session musician since 2003 and has had his music featured on surf videos and jingles.
Scott Arnold-Eyers – Guitar, Keys, Harmonica & Vocals
Scott has been playing in bands for most of his life performing in groups such as Hard MarshMellow, Prickle and The Jesus Sandals.
Hard MarshMellow featured on 2 compilation CD’s, were nominated for 8 WAMI Awards and also put out an EP.
Prickle released an EP before Scott left the band.
The Jesus Sandals put out an EP and had a second recorded and ready to go before the band split in 1998.
As a solo artist, Scott toured Australia several times, played in Malaysia, played in Europe, put out 3 Albums and was featured on 8 compilation CD’s.
Peter Twiby – Bass Guitar & Keys
Peter has years of band experience. Some of the more well known bands include Mystic Twist, Tormenting Jane and Minus 24. He had a stint with Effigy who toured Australia several times and were signed to Road Runner Records releasing 2 Albums.
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