What is Giggy Sound?

Formerly known as Total Hits. Total Hits and Giggy Sound produced 2 compilation CD’s (Menu Music & Menu Music 2) featuring local artists that play in cafes & restaurants. This web site is now dedicated to those people on the Menu Music CD’s as well as other projects managed by founder Scott Arnold-Eyers. Feel free to send us your news to editorial@eyersrocket.com.au and we may even publish it.


After the success of the first Menu Music compilation album, Total Hits and Menu Magazine once again teamed up to feature original artists from WA’s cafe and restaurant scene! We featured 10 artists in Menu Magazine Issue 14 and on a CD sampler that is distributed to cafes, restaurants, bars, radio stations and record labels. Click here to check out the artists and for bookings click here.


Cappuccino Orchestra as a 4 piece.

Staccato will be playing at the Fremantle Beer Festival on Saturday – November 11th at 1.30pm, The Indi Bar on Wednesday – December 6th and the Funk ‘n’ Cider Music Spectacular on Saturday – December 30th.

The Cappuccino Orchestra will be playing at the Fremantle Beer Festival on Sunday – November 12th at 12.30pm, the East Fremantle Festival on Sunday – December 3rd and the Funk ‘n’ Cider Music Spectacular on Saturday – March 31st.

The Cappuccino Orchestra have started recording recently on what is rumoured to be part of a best of CD for front man Mr Arnold-Eyers.

Members of Mr Arnold-Eyers & The Cappuccino Orchestra, Staccato, Graphic Fiction Heroes, Simon Kelly & The Big Bamboo, The Moonshine Trust, The Big Jack and Diamond Soul have completed 2 memorable shows at The Newport Hotel‘s Record Club and Amplifier where they played songs from Cake’s Fashion Nugget LP under the name “8 Piece Cake”. You never know. One day they may do it again.




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