The Younglings

The Younglings at Funk Cider

The Younglings are a young 4 piece kid punk band aged between 9 and 12 years old.

They met at Holy Spirit Primary School and 3 members were in the original School of Rock programme that started in term 1 of 2017. Here she is on Today Tonight.
Jade (Drums & Vocals) moved to Kapinara Primary School and it was since then that the band formed on October 6th 2017.
They played in the Squidstock battle of the bands where they came 2nd in their category. Other shows they have done include a handful of shows at Michael Brother Juice and Wembley Downs District Fair. They have been asked to play at the 2019 Nannup Music Festival which they are looking forward to.
Jade’s first band (The Happy Snails) put out a CD when they were all only 6 years old and then she became one of the original students at School of Rock at the end of 2016). She plays drums and sings in The Younglings, while also having a violin scholarship, plays in an orchestra, sings in a choir and in a member of a due (Rip Silver) playing ukulele & backing vocals.
Oliver (Guitar & Vocals) has been playing guitar since he was 8. Until he joined The Younglings he had been playing with his school band and continues to do so.
Xavier (Bass & Vocals) has been playing music since he was 8. Also an accomplished piano player and guitarist. He plays in his school band and was also a member of School of Rock.
Dom (Keys & Vocals) is the youngest member of the band. He has been getting lessons since he was 7. His first band was with School of Rock before joining The Younglings.
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