Howell Music

Sound is the energetic force field that holds the universe together.

Everything has its own vibration, the moon, stars, flowers, rocks and us. Every cell in the body has its own song of consciousness. A sound that is as unique to that person as its fingerprints. As a metaphysical healer using vocal vibrations, I know the body and its energy field as a multi – level orchestra, which usually sounds like its tuning up. When we’re sick in mind body and spirit we’re singing and playing out of tune in discord, disharmony, and dis-ease. The oldest form of healing must be when a mother uses humming and lullabies to sooth a fretful child.

CD: Leave Your Body, Pack Your Soul

1. South Of The Sun
2. North Of The Moon
3. Turn Left For Venus

The Healing Arts are gaining new insights from the world of physics and other allied sciences, giving us key insights toward understanding that energy and matter are one and the same thing.

The purpose of this CD is to present a newly developed self-healing protocol that is proving to provide immediate elimination of trauma stored in ‘JUNK DNA’; that is, the 95% of DNA which, until now, has been discarded by many orthodox researchers. Perhaps many of you will be aware of the situation which was created when Dr Malcolm Simons, in great foresight, decided to patent this 95% thus making is accessible to researchers ‘for a fee’.

As you may be aware, the Gentle Wind Project Healing Instrument as a ‘stand alone process’ eliminates the emotional and mental traumas stored in the energy field, the aura.

As a ‘stand alone process’ Pauline Howell has recorded Healing Vocal Vibrations on CD. These vibrations eliminate the traumas stored in the memory banks, which Pauline and I have come to understand as part of ‘JUNK DNA’.

Energetic/Vibrational Alignment – EVAã, the name given to this protocol, is a unique process designed to eliminate the emotional and mental traumas stored in the memory banks and energy field – the aura – and clear the pathways to a higher level of conscious awareness. The critical component of this protocol is the combination of the blending of these ‘Healing Vocal Vibrations’ with the application of the Gentle Wind Healing Instrument.

This protocol can be carried out either with a person present or broadcast as distance healing.

Someone once said: ‘If you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel then get down there and light the jolly thing yourself’. Well, that’s what Pauline and I have done and we invite you to join us. The choice is yours!

Below is a letter from Pauline in which she explains how to use the CD and the benefits that can be obtained.

Hold your Vision in Love and Light

Love and Blessings,

Dr. Diana J. Hodgson M.D.(M.A). (Medicina Alternativa) R.N. R.M.N. Centre of Advanced Learning

Letter from Pauline:

VERY IMPORTANT – please read the following information before you commence to play the CD. These vocals create very powerful healing vibrations and therefore must be treated with respect. DO NOT play the CD in the car or while operating machinery.

The vocals on the CD are designed to clear the memory banks of emotional and mental traumas and align the chakras; this can often happen in one session.

To receive maximum benefits choose a ‘quiet space’. You may prefer to have a friend or therapist with you or to be alone; the choice is yours. Sometimes it may bring up repressed memories or grief or create an ‘out of body experience’. Remember the healing you experience is unique to you.

If the vibrations make you feel irritated, emotionally or physically, then this is a sure sign that you need healing of a particular problem.

Play the CD in the background as a pleasant environmental sound for a while and give the vibrations a chance to work. Eventually you will address all your issues coming from a place of love; your heart.

To clear geopathic stress in the home play it quite loud for two hours…you may need to leave the house.

To clear negative forces of dark energy attached to people play it low in the background constantly (24hrs even while TV is on) be persistent until you see a shift in their attitude, then slowly increase the volume.

The CD is excellent for children. ADHA, Autistic and hyperactive children respond very positively to the vibrations.

My favourite time to play the CD, at a barely audible volume, as I’m going off to sleep. It’s beautiful!

May Love and Light always guide you.