Mr Marshmallow

The ultimate show for kids 0-6 years.

Mr Marshmallow plays at birthday parties, events or what ever. At the shows you will also see Woofa The Dog and other guests. For bookings details email

Woofy Songs is the first CD by Mr Marshmallow. These songs are designed to help children with speech problems, encourage them to pack up their toys, go to sleep, share, eat well and exercise. Most of the songs on the CD were co-written with Skyla whom also sings track 16 (The 123 Ba Ba Dance). The CD is considered to be a fun learning tool. Mr Marshmallow also played the music for the TV show Kids Kingdom.


1. Lions Vs Woofa
2. Jump On The Bed
3. My Bike
4. The Animal Song
5. My Daddy
6. Wiggle Ya Bum
7. The 123 Song
8. Do Tea
9. Pack Ya Toys And Play
10. Share
11. My Best Friend
12. Fruit And Veg
13. Andy And Casey
14. Peanut Butter
15. Silly Billy
16. The 123 Ba Ba Dance
17. Kids Kingdom
18. Big Monster
19. ABC
20. Stomp The Elephant
21. Squid Diddly
22. Mummy Mummy
23. Swim
24. Sleep
25. Woofa Had A Secret

Mr Marshmallow

Star Sign: Aquarian
Age: 6
Where Born: Hospital
Best Friends: Skyla, Woofa and Porchaussie
Favourite Bands: Patsy Bisco, Hi 5, The Wiggles and Peter Coombe
Favourite TV Shows: Dragon Ball Z and Kids Kingdom
Favourite Place: Fun Station
Favourite Foods: Liquorice, Marshmallows and Burger Rings
Nicknames: Daddy and That Funny Man
Favourite Underwear: Whatever’s clean and offers generous support
Favourite Comment: “Woof On”

Equipment Used:
Maton Guitar
Honor Harmonica


Star Sign: Cancer
Age: 7
Where Born: Laundry
Best Friends: Skyla and Mr Marshmallow
Greatest Influence: Wags The Dog
Favourite TV Shows: Lasey and Dyno Mutt
Favourite Place: The Park
Favourite Foods: Chicken
Nicknames: Woof, Woofy and Foofa
Favourite Underwear: Dogs Don’t Wear Undies
Favourite Comment: “Woof On”

Equipment Used:
USA Kazoo 2000


Star Sign: Virgo
Age: 6
Where Born: Hospital
Best Friends: Casey and Izzy
Favourite Song: Hey Baby
Favourite TV Shows: Rug Rats
Favourite Place: The Park and Fun Station
Favourite Foods: Peanut Butter & Jam Sandwiches
Nicknames: Billy and McGurk
Favourite Underwear: Nickers
Favourite Comment: “Woof On”, “What The” and “What Ever”

Equipment Used:
Groove Box