Staccato at Beer Fest 2014

Staccato at Beer Fest 2014

Smooth Beats…

Staccato have spent the last 4 plus years recording their first album which is now available on Drop Card. They have been busy playing at parties, Fremantle Beer Festival and and a heap of other venues around Perth. Please visit our Facebook page.


Staccato are some kind of Rock / Pop band comprising of funky bass guitar, melodic guitar, edgy vocals and smooth beats.
Ricky Willsmore – Lead Vocals, Keys & Beats
Ricky has been recording as a session musician since 2003 and has had his music featured on surf videos and jingles.
Scott Arnold-Eyers – Guitar, Keys, Harmonica & Vocals
Scott has been playing in bands for most of his life performing in a number of groups such as Hard MarshMellow, Prickle and The Jesus Sandals.
Hard MarshMellow featured on 2 compilation CD’s, were nominated for 8 WAMI Awards and also put out an EP.
Prickle released an EP before Scott left the band.
The Jesus Sandals put out an EP and had a second recorded and ready to go before the band split in 1998.
As a solo artist, Scott toured Australia several times, played in Malaysia, played in Europe, put out 3 Albums and was featured on 8 compilation CD’s.
Peter Twiby – Bass Guitar & Keys
Peter has years of band experience. Some of the more well known bands include Mystic Twist, Tormenting Jane and Minus 24. He had a stint with Effigy who toured Australia several times and were signed to Road Runner Records releasing 2 Albums.
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