Cappuccino Orchestra

The Cappuccino Orchestra play in various line ups. This a rare look at us as a 5 piece.

Music that will have you frothing…


Playing a collection of cover and original music that is suitable for cafes, restaurants, weddings and anywhere that requires a chilled out environment. Can be booked as solo, duo, trio, four or five piece. Please visit our Facebook page.

Born in Adelaide, South Australia, Scott Arnold-Eyers first picked up a guitar at the age of 9. A speedy evolution lead him to collaborate with other musicians and it was not long before his first Band took shape. A move to Perth, Western Australia in 1991 extended Scott’s collaborations, which, in turn, triggered a keen interest in the recording process. Combining these pursuits with heavy touring commitments have allowed Scott to choose from a huge pool of Australian performers to record with. Apart from several compilation CD’s, Scott has released “Bimbo” with Hard Marshmellow, “A Song About A Chicken” with The Jesus Sandals, “The Sun Might Shine” with The Jesus Sandals and solo procets “News Flash”, “Lay Down On My Bed” and “Hero’s Of Love And War”. Over the years Scott has also been nominated for several WAMI awards including 2 for best guitarist, 2 for best male vocalist, 1 for best album, 2 for best band and 1 for best new band.
In 2016 Scott Arnold-Eyers put together a group of musicians to play a compilation of Cake songs for The Record Club. He fronted the group on lead vocals & acoustic guitar along with Cappuccino Orchestra members Dean Lucas on bass guitar, Margaret Goldsmith on horns, backing vocals & percussion and Peter Renzullo on lead guitar & backing vocals. Other members included Allan Lester (Moonshine Trust) on sax & percussion, Matthew Fergusson (Graphic Fiction Hero’s) on drums, Peter Twiby (Staccato) on keys and Shannon Puig (Stone Cold super Friends) on Trumpet & Backing Vocals.
Mr Arnold-Eyers & Grace was a project Scott worked on with now long time friend Dean Lucas, who he has once again teamed up with to form Cappuccino Orchestra on double bass. Dean moved to Perth in 1999 after playing in several bands in New Zealand. Since in Australia Dean has been playing in The Ken Pettet Combo, Kickstart Cadillacs, The Borrowed Few, and also does a heap of session work.

Margaret Goldsmith played Clarinet, Percussion, Sax and Sang with Mr Arnold-Eyers & Grace. She is a past member of Soul Tree and currently teaches music at Newman College. Apart from playing with Cappuccino Orchestra, she also performs with Diamond Soul. Margaret toured London to play with – Lambeth wind orchestra (Tenor Sax), London Saxophone Choir (Alto Sax), Wellman Clarinet Quartet, Thamesside Clarinet Ensemble and has played at various festivals such as Fremantle Beer Festival, Fremantle Seafood Festival and Australian International Music Festival. She also studied at WAAPA.

Having performed live for over 20 years with bands and as a solo artist (primarily a guitarists and mandolinist), Pete Renzullo has honed a unique sound that serves best as a solid backing musician and principal performer in many current outfits around Perth. Performing regularly with residency gigs at wineries, restaurants and pubs, the range of styles and the mixture of original and cover work has lead to a well developed all-round technique that suits many venues. Also a music producer and guitar teacher by trade, Pete Renzullo has explored the many sides to the music industry – in the teacher’s chair, behind the mic and behind the mixing desk.” Year’s active – 1996 to present, Diploma in Commercial Music from WAAPA, 15 years professional teaching experience, 18 years sound engineering experience, Owner/Operator of Scudley Records, Producer on dozens of local artists releases including full albums, Composer for television jingles and short film scores and Creator of PULMAC (Perth’s Underground Live Music Appreciation Club)”. He is also in the final stages of release a feature film called Anticipation.

capThe youngest member of The Cappuccino Orchestra is Jade Arnold-Eyers who plays brushes with the band. She is the 12 year old daughter of front man Scott Arnold-Eyers. She doesn’t always play with the group but her first gig at Fremantle Seafood Festival in 2015 when she just turned 7 drew much attention. She has played with The Younglings, The Happy Snails, School of Rock and Rock Scholars. She currently has a music scholarship for violin, plays drums for The Helga’s, violin for The String Wands and violin in her school Orchestra.