CD’s and Artists

Styles and Genre

Acoustic / Cafe Music:

Cappuccino Orchestra
Mr Arnold-Eyers & Grace: Hero’s of Love & War
Scott Arnold-Eyers & Co: Lay Down On My Bed
Various Artists: Menu Music (1) / Total Hits CD Sampler
Various Artists: Menu Music 2 / Total Hits CD Sampler

Indi Hip Hop:


Kids Music:

Mr Marshmallow: Woofy Songs

Meditation Music:

Howell Music: Leave Your Body, Pack Your Soul

Pop / Rock Music:

Hard Marshmellow: Bimbo
Scott Arnold-Eyers & Friends: Newsflash
Scott Arnold-Eyers & The Jesus Sandals: The Sun Might Shine
The Jesus Sandals: A Song About A Chicken
The Younglings