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Vinyl Retention: Way of the Warrior

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Every Wednesday, Sardi lets us know what’s tickling his eardrums in the world of electronic music…

With DJ Friction at the helm, it’s no wonder that the mighty Shogun Audio label keeps going from strength to strength. Last year saw them celebrate their 50th release with a compilation album Way Of The Warrior showcasing the talents of the their ever-expanding roster.

Due out mid-November, the second installment of the Way Of The Warrior series sees familiar label mates Icicle, Rockwell, SpectraSoul and Technimatic deliver cutting edge beats alongside a slew of contributors including Optiv & BTK, Total Science & DLR. The result is a fresh, all encompassing collection of twisted tech infused numbers alongside deep & melodic grooves.

A large amount of compilations tend to have a few good tracks and a bunch of fillers. This is NOT one of those albums.

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Album Review: Eleventh He Reaches London – Banhus

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

a2725843048_10Review by Chris Gardner A third album is a good time to throw off the shackles of genre and lose oneself completely in mood, and from its morbid and visceral title to it’s droning waves of guitars and baritone vocals, […]

Live Review: Mickey Avalon at Amplifier

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

26) Mickey Avalon, at AmplifierSaturday 19th October, 2013 – Review by Rich Moore ‘Who The Fuck Is MICKEY AVALON?’ So reads a t-shirt in the foyer of Amplifier. Followed on the reverse: ‘Who Cares.’  Tonight marks the second date on Avalon’s current  tour, a […]

Photos: Mickey Avalon at Capitol

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

24) Mickey Avalon, at AmplifierMickey Avalon at Capitol, Perth on Saturday October 19, 2013. Photo’s by Levi Dobbie.

Anger Management: Satyricon

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

We check in with all things heavy on RTRFM’s Critical Mass show.

Alongside Mayhem and Darkthrone, Satyricon ushered in the ‘second wave of black metal’ in the early nineties. Always looking to push boundaries, the duo of Frost (drums) and Satyr (vocals/guitars) released a true genre classic with 1996’s Nemesis Divina before changing to an abrasive and slight ‘industrial’ sound for the amazing Rebel Extravaganza. That album’s final track (“The Scorn Torrent”) effectively crucified the genre and laid down the gauntlet for others to follow.

Having reached a zero point, Satyricon effectively decided to return to the very roots of black metal with the Volcano LP. Bathory and Venom type hooks and a rock and roll/black metal (or ‘Black ‘n’ Roll) were the modus operandi from that point on and the bands most recent albums have all followed suit. So what does 2013 Satyricon bring to the plate with their self titled album?

Upon first listens, this is definitely a ‘grower’. The odd sound is a mix between Rebel Extravaganza and Volcano. Although he doesn’t appear on this album, the fingerprints of Snorre Ruch (Thorns) and indeed Voivod are all over these songs. The strange chords and guitar riffs make for a slightly eerie atmosphere in the albums first five tracks. The first track released “OUR WORLD, IT RUMBLES TONIGHT” is a good representation of the album, simple structures meet strange atmospheres.

The album is structured in two halves. The first four tracks are more slow and atmospheric, leading up to the much talked about and criticised track ‘Phoenix’ (featuring the Nick Cave like vocals of Norwegian singer Sivert Høyem). After that the listener is rewarded with faster, straightforward and more aggressive tracks.

This is an album that rewards with each listen, but with fantastic albums out from veterans such as Darkthrone, Carcass and Voivod, its ultimately up to each listener to determine if they can invest the time in an album such as this.

Photos: Regurgitator at Metropolis Fremantle

Monday, October 21st, 2013

3. Regurgitator (5)Regurgitator at Metropolis Fremantle on Friday October 18, 2013. Photo’s by Karen Lowe.

Photos: Spit Syndicate at Amplifier

Monday, October 21st, 2013

18) Spit Syndicate, at Amplifier BarSpit Syndicate at Amplifie Bar, Perth on Friday October 18, 2013. Photo’s by Stuart Sevastos.

Eat a Bag of Mix: Travis Doom

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Eat a Bag of Mix is the name of a feature here on life is noise where we get a DJ, musician, producer, industry figure or just someone with good taste in fucked-up and weird music to give us a mix of music that has influenced them, or tunes that are currently rocking their world.

This week, we’re eating a bag of mix with Travis Doom, self-described as follows:

Sometimes the inescapable becomes so inescapable you change everything around it until the inescapable becomes the escape. So it goes with the nom de plume/alter-ego for me. I often tell people I work in entertainment. It is what I try to do. I am a musician, a DJ, an event producer, party promoter, a life drawing model, a music-for-fashion producer, an alternative.

People call me all sorts of things… Mostly I love to share creativity that describes the conditions of my spirit. Adore the Genii. We’re all screaming out for those we can effortlessly orbit near. We’re stronger together. Every piece in this mixtape has gripped me in it’s own way, and I hope they get to you too.

I will continue the doomed path with… my current industrial/noise/spokenword project which aims : to physicality and liveliness to electronic music (read: punk, no fucking laptops) : to the centre sliver of the accessibility/meaningful/ego/noise-atonal venn diagram… and some music for other people, maybe a band, and a few special parties slated for the rest of this year.

So hopefully our systems merge/integrate. And what is escapable now? I am Travis Doom and I won’t write my biography in third-person. Go eat a bag of mix. xx

’Captain’ Tobias Hume (Performed by Susanne Heinrich), ‘Harke!, Harke!’, Passion & Division ‘Tropical Insects From Cairns Jungle At Dusk’ (Travis Doom Field Recording)

‘Unknown Conversation From Hibernian House, Sydney’ (Travis Doom Field Recording) Ourobonic Plague, ‘Connection Failed’, Post-Human Possibilities

Saul Williams, ‘Black History Month’, The Inevitable Rise And Liberation Of Niggy Tardust Death Grips, ‘Come Up And Get Me’, No Love Deep Web

Converter, ‘Deadman (Perdition), Shock Front

White Ring, ‘We Rot’, Black Earth That Made Me

BLKHRTS, ‘Tell Me Something I Don’t Know’, Death, Romance, And The Color BLK Jean Piche, ‘Rouge’, Heliograms
Soft Metals, ‘No Turning Back’, Lenses

The Smashing Pumpkins, ‘Ugly’, 1979 (Single)

The Cure, ‘Lost’, The Cure

Chiri, ‘Bereavement’, The Return Of Spring

Xiu Xiu, ‘Hi’, Always

Cold Cave, ‘A Little Death To Laugh’, A Little Death To Laugh Die Selektion, ‘Muskelberg’, Die Selektion

Youth Code, ‘Keep Falling Apart’, Keep Falling Apart

Nic Endo, ‘One Night Domination’, Cold Metal Perfection Ourobonic Plague, ‘Leaving Earth’, Post-Human Possibilities

Prurient, ‘Sugar Cane Chapel’, Bermuda Drain

Vinyl Retention: Volor Flex

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Every Wednesday, Sardi lets us know what’s tickling his eardrums in the world of electronic music…

A lot of people will say he’s a clone of Burial. If so, better to clone a talented and forward thinking producer than the latest six month trend on the Beatport Top 10!

The Russian producer know as Volor Flex is without a doubt heavily inspired by the dark garage sounds of Burial, but for me he’s influenced as opposed to plagiarizing the great man. Volor Flex’s production is a lot crisper and well rounded than Burial and in some ways, more complete.

His latest release sees him teaming up with fellow countryman Encode, bringing together seven tracks of brooding UK garage. The Altiplano release on Dark Clover Records is an eerie journey through bass music incorporating shuffling percussive clicks, moody atmospherics and a lot of emotion.

Brilliant release and highly recommended if you like your music with a darker edge.

If you like what you hear, be sure to tune in to RTRFM’s Full Frequency between 3pm & 5pm, as Sardi and Dart explore the latest beats & bass from around the globe.

Live Review: Minute 36 at PICA Bar

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Minute36SecretPromoWEBSaturday October 12, 2013 – Review by Chris Gardner Perth has weathered some derision for being a cultural wasteland, a fact not without the sweet aftertaste of irony as I sipped boo-teek beer with a belly full of Japanese takeaway […]