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Anger Management: Satyricon

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

We check in with all things heavy on RTRFM’s Critical Mass show.

Alongside Mayhem and Darkthrone, Satyricon ushered in the ‘second wave of black metal’ in the early nineties. Always looking to push boundaries, the duo of Frost (drums) and Satyr (vocals/guitars) released a true genre classic with 1996’s Nemesis Divina before changing to an abrasive and slight ‘industrial’ sound for the amazing Rebel Extravaganza. That album’s final track (“The Scorn Torrent”) effectively crucified the genre and laid down the gauntlet for others to follow.

Having reached a zero point, Satyricon effectively decided to return to the very roots of black metal with the Volcano LP. Bathory and Venom type hooks and a rock and roll/black metal (or ‘Black ‘n’ Roll) were the modus operandi from that point on and the bands most recent albums have all followed suit. So what does 2013 Satyricon bring to the plate with their self titled album?

Upon first listens, this is definitely a ‘grower’. The odd sound is a mix between Rebel Extravaganza and Volcano. Although he doesn’t appear on this album, the fingerprints of Snorre Ruch (Thorns) and indeed Voivod are all over these songs. The strange chords and guitar riffs make for a slightly eerie atmosphere in the albums first five tracks. The first track released “OUR WORLD, IT RUMBLES TONIGHT” is a good representation of the album, simple structures meet strange atmospheres.

The album is structured in two halves. The first four tracks are more slow and atmospheric, leading up to the much talked about and criticised track ‘Phoenix’ (featuring the Nick Cave like vocals of Norwegian singer Sivert Høyem). After that the listener is rewarded with faster, straightforward and more aggressive tracks.

This is an album that rewards with each listen, but with fantastic albums out from veterans such as Darkthrone, Carcass and Voivod, its ultimately up to each listener to determine if they can invest the time in an album such as this.