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Anger Management: Voivod/At The Gates

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

Every fortnight, we check in with all things heavy on RTRFM’s Critical Mass show.

Originally released on Record Store Day and set to be first of three Voivod split releases this year (the other two being with Napalm Death and Corrections House), this tasty little treat is a reminder of how creative and innovative Voivod can be within the thrash metal spectrum.

“We Are Connected” is a 7-minute opus that fuses thrash with prog influences and psychedelica. It is still mind boggling how Daniel ‘Chewy’ Mongrain can effortlessly emulate original (the sadly deceased) guitarist Denis ‘Piggy’ D’Amour’s totally unique playing style and sound. It’s thrash metal but it’s also melodic, atonal, heavy, skronky and bizarre. Hopefully this will appear on a new album. This is also the debut of new bassist Dominique “Rocky” Laroche who fits in just fine.

The At The Gates contribution “Language Of The Dead” was originally released last year as a bonus track on certain editions of last years At War With Reality album. It’s a solid if slightly unremarkable track that has a nice solo and some clean guitar near the end. I guess bonus/unreleased tracks are just that, a nice curiosity left off the main album for a reason.

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Deryk Thomas’ Top 10 Albums of 2014

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

Deryk Thomas of RTRFM’s Critical Mass counts down the year’s best in the world of doom, death and thrash metal.

10. SCAR SYMMETRY — The Singularity: Phase I
SS have always released razor sharp futuristic melodic metal, but this is the next step up. It flows well, and cant wait to hear the other chapters.

9. DECAPITATED — Blood Mantra
A fair bit of the technical stuff has gone, in favour of more straight ahead fast paced modern death metal. Great album considering what they’ve been through in recent years.

The best album they’ve done. A real coming of age for the band, like Scott Bishop has pointed out, they’ve figured out how to combine heavy metal sounds with the melodic stuff.

7. AT THE GATES — At War With Reality
At The Gates are back in the studio. Lots of anticipation for this one being one of the top picks for the year. Yeah, it probably is, but it’s a bit ho-hum in the back half of the album. Six other albums were better than it.

6. 1349 — Massive Cauldron of Chaos
A late comer for black metal release of the year. Better production and more adventurous elements to vocals have set this one apart from previous releases.

Jus Osborn, tour Australia already damnit.

4. WORMWOOD — Wormwood
There was a glut of new releases that hit our inboxes recently on Critical Mass, this is one that stood out. It’s the guys out of Doomriders doing a visceral take on doom and sludge. This is an EP. Now this is the first time I’ve bent the rules a little to include a non-full length because A) it’s awesome and B) it’s not exactly a bumper year for heavy metal releases.

3. ANIMALS AS LEADERS — The Joy Of Motion
If you haven’t heard this one yet, reward yourself. Combines djent metal with jazz fusion instrumental stuff. Gets stuck more in your head with each listen and that’s the sign of a “top” album. Saw them at Amps a while back and have been a fan ever since.

2. MASTODON — Once More Round The Sun
Mastodon are the best at what they do. Never got sick of this album since its release. I reckon I listen to it every week or two.

1. TOMBS — Savage Gold
This was always gonna be a contender, and it just grabs you straight away. Primal post-metal riffs and pounding drums. Very basic in approach, every post is a winner on this album.