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Anger Management: Autopsy

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

We check in with all things heavy on RTRFM’s Critical Mass show.

Autopsy are a death metal institution. Formed in the late eighties and riding the crest of the early nineties death metal explosion (golden years for some) the band carved out their legacy culminating with the godlike Mental Funeral.

Whilst their peers became more technical and added elements of melody, Autopsy were always content to lay low and stay sickeningly brutal. Always a bit more twisted, sick and gory lyrically. Never afraid to slow down to a doom crawl and alternately speed up to a scuzz punk pace (see the Shitfun release), they are a band that is never afraid of shocking fans lyrically or musically. Symphonies of sickness indeed.

The Headless Ritual sees Chris Reifert and his troops with a thicker, cleaner sounding recording. A common word brought up when describing this album is “mood”. Mostly mid-paced, with a slower dirge and faster workouts (see Arch Cadaver), the songs ooze out of the speakers. If it wasn’t for the pounding drums and Reiferts feral sounding vocals, it could almost be the score to some insane horror film.