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Anger Management: Carcass

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

We check in with all things heavy on RTRFM’s Critical Mass show.

The grandfathers of grind are back with a new lineup and a new album, their first in 17 years. Leading single “Captive Bolt Pistol” from the new album Surgical Steel indicates a band still relevant, still fresh and eager to tear shreds off the competition when the album is unleashed in September. The single is less death ‘n’ roll and more melodic death metal and would fit nicely on Heartwork or Necroticism

In the years following their last (as the name suggests) studio album Swansong, most band members continued their musical careers. Bill Steer (guitar) joined stoner rock band Firebird, Jeff Walker (bass, vocals) and Ken Owen (drums) formed the short-lived Blackstar. In 1999, Ken Owen suffered a brain hemorrhage and remained in a coma for 10 months. He has since recovered, though has not been able to play at his former capacity.

Mike Amott (guitar) continued as guitarist with Spiritual Beggars and also went on to form Arch Enemy, whose success has led them on to release 11 studio albums, their latest being Khaos Legions in 2011.

In 2007 the band reunited for some ball-tearing live shows featuring Daniel Erlandsson (Arch Enemy) on drums. When the band announced it would make a full-time return, Amott and Erlandsson bowed out to avoid any conflicts with Arch Enemy. Although their spots were hard to fill, Ben Ash (Pig Iron) and Daniel Wilding (Order of Apollyon) stepped up to round out the roster.

2013 has exciting things ahead for this legendary outfit. Keep on Rotting!