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Sounds Like Hell: Facemeat

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

Like the bastard love-child of Devo and Mr. Bungle, Facemeat are an unpredictable, many-armed force of nature. Armed with a military-grade horn section, the seven-piece eschew any and all expectations of structure and genre, making their 13-track debut, Questions for Men, an unpredictable and wildly exciting hour of uneasy listening.

Behind all the gimmickry and anti-conventionality of song structure and instrumentation, Facemeat are formidable musicians. From the wandering bassline of “My Wife and Children” that recalls a more unhinged Gerald Casele, to the apocalyptic brass of Hanging From A Line — and who thought horns could signal the end of the world? — there’s an intricate method in all the madness, even if it’s almost impossible to pick apart. Adam Moses’ is an expert of vocal nuance, his sardonic delivery walking a narrow line between macho bravado, mental breakdown and uproarious laughter — the perfect balance for a record exploring the failings of modern masculinity. If Hell needs a house band, this is it.

Questions for Men is out now through Art as Catharsis.