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Craig’s List: Glacial

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Every fortnight, RTRFM’s Craig Hollywood brings us a little taste of what to expect from Tuesday’s Full Frequency…

Glacial is the joint project of renowned Greek techno producer Giorgos Lemos, simply known as Lemos — and saxophonist/experimental artist Ilan Manouach. Their debut was a self-titled LP on the Hotel Costes series, released to critical acclaim in the beginning of 2012. Ricardo Villalobos called it “the album of his dreams” while the media described its abstract, minimal, dubby, jazzy electronic music as hardcore lounge, elevator techno.

Almost three years later, they make their glorious return with a two-track EP on a 12’’ vinyl, taking a more dancefloor-friendly direction, but retaining their Balkan-jazzified tastes. This release is essential for any fan of the Basic Channel, dub techno based movements.

The Entropy EP will be released through Six D.o.g.s Records on February 23.

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