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Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

We check in with all things heavy on RTRFM’s Critical Mass show.

To the uninitiated, the name Gorguts conjures up images of thick slabs of brutal death metal; guttural vocals spliced with low and distorted disharmony. Dig deep into their 20+ year history, however, and you’ll surely find that the Canadian death metal veterans are now widely known for their experimentation and penchant for boundary-pushing.

Back with new album Colored Sands, their first in 12 years, the band have matured and have produced a challenging record that is definitely worth the wait for their long-time fans of Obscura and From Wisdom to Hate.

‘Le toit du monde’ opens proceedings on Colored Sands but the album really kicks into gear with the follow-up tracks ‘An Ocean of Wisdom’ and ‘Forgotten Arrows’. Featuring dissonant riffs and fierce blasting coupled with Lemay’s tortured vocals, these two are highlights and really draw you in to the rest of the album. Another highlight is ‘Absconders’, though slower in pace it is no less brutal in its delivery.

Fans of avant-garde, technical death metal will lap up the new record, but if you prefer to be bludgeoned with a meaty slab of chunky gore-grind, you’ve come to the wrong butcher.