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A Minute With Leeches

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Before they support Eyehategod at The Rosemount on January 29, we spend a minute with Leeches and find out what’s new…

Describe your music in five words or less.
Ridiculous. Noise. Fast. Tapas. Punk.

What’s going on in the world of Leeches?
We have had a busy year and next year’s going to be busier, however we’re currently working on our summer BBQ strategies.

What motivates you to make music?
My motivation to make music, I have no idea. I just can’t help but be an urban poet. It’s in my blood.

What have been the high and low points of your musical experiences so far?
High point: finding out of rehearsal room does free pizza on a Tuesday night.

Low point: getting there a bit late one night, intentionally skipping dinner… Only to find out the other bands had beaten me to it. Devo.

What music are you listening to at the moment?
I’ve been listening to cosmic psychos as my son loves the digger on the front of the LP. He asks me frequently to put the diggers on.

If you were stranded on a desert island, which member of the band would get eaten first?
If we were stranded on a desert island we wouldn’t turn on each other, we’d hunt pigs. And roast scorpions.

Here’s an opportunity to bitch about something, whether music related or not. What really pisses you off?
What really pisses me off is when you buy a pack of BBQ flavoured samboys and there’s only 12 chips in the bag. Things just seem to be getting more expensive and less valued these days.

You’re putting together your perfect gig featuring Australian artists. Who would you get to play and where? Feel free to include acts/DJs/bands/venues that no longer exist.
I would have The Lime Spiders, The Saints, Hoodoo Gurus, Radio Birdman and Cosmic Psychos all play at The Old Bar in Fitzroy with Con the Fruiterer as MC.

Leeches join Cursed Earth in support of Eyehategod at The Rosemount Hotel on Thursday January 29. Tickets are on sale now at

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