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Anger Management: Leprous

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

We check in with all things heavy on RTRFM’s Critical Mass show.

Coal is the latest effort from Norwegian progressive metal outfit Leprous, on the prog-centred label InsideOut Music. Though progressive metal covers a broad range of bands, there is no better way to describe Leprous’ wide-ranging sounds or the hidden gems one unearths during successive listens.

Featuring more layers than Devin Townsend’s birthday cake, the album blends heavy riffs with quiet moments of reflection, discordant drum patterns and a vast vocal range. Vocalist Einar Solberg shifts from a soaring soprano to a screaming banshee with ease — a skill many would kill for.

Debut album Tall Poppy Syndrome was typical of a band trying to find their feet musically through experimentation, with varying levels of success. This disjointed sound was improved upon with 2011’s excellent Bilateral, yet with Coal Leprous seems even more focussed. The different elements blend seamlessly and songs appear to flow much better, leaving you with a solid creation that has you reaching for the repeat button. Recommended tracks include “Chronic”, “The Valley” and “Contaminate Me” (featuring Ihsahn).

For the trivia buffs, Leprous members also double as the backing band for Ihsahn (ex-Emperor front-man, now solo progressive metal artist). Vocalist Solberg is Ihsahn’s brother-in-law, and performed with Emperor as a keyboardist during the 2009 re-formation tour.