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Vinyl Retention: Photek

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Every Wednesday, Sardi lets us know what’s tickling his eardrums in the world of dance music…

PhotekA household name in the D&B scene, Rupert Parkes, better known as Photek, has been responsible for creating many beautiful and anthemic pieces of music over the years and it seems he may return to the limelight with his new album set to drop at the end of this month.

KU: Palm will be his fifth studio album under the Photek moniker and it comes at a fitting time. You see, 2012 marks the 15th anniversary of his legendary debut LP Modus Operandi which turned heads and shone a bright light on the burgeoning (at the time) UK Drum & Bass scene.

Since then, he’s taken an interesting journey musically, writing scores for motion pictures and more recently, experimenting with mid tempo rhythms in the bass music genre.

As a taste of what to expect from KU: Palm he’s dropped a track titled ‘Pyramid’ which will feature on the forthcoming LP. It’s classic Photek atmospherics and experimentation at it’s best, but set at a somewhat unusual (these days at least) 155 BPM. The drums are intricate and sharp like a razor — another signature Photek element.

Promising to encapsulate ‘lots of different sounds and styles’ the bum is sure to pack a punch.

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