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Antennas to Heaven: Slow Dancing Society

Monday, July 21st, 2014

Silence the phone, draw the blinds and zone out to some experimental rock delights.

It’s a hard task negotiating the tropes of ambient music, trying to avoid the ever present threat of boredom while nurturing those moments of solitary intimacy that exist within the genre’s finest work.

On Slow Dancing Society’s sixth album, sole member Drew Sullivan hits a sweet spot of gently gliding musical fantasia, and with the help of non-ambient instruments, finds a real reason to pay attention to the sounds hovering above.

‘By Morning This Will All Seem Like A Dream’ achieves the unenviable task of marrying cheesy 80’s music touchstones of dance floor synths, big ballad guitar leads and Kenny G sax, repackaged and twisted into something genuinely touching. It’s an impressive feat of futuristic musical reimagining and a common theme that emerges throughout the album.

Other moments follow a different course: ‘A Clearing’ channels tripped out methods of alien sound crafting, complete with X-Files styled laser beam synth and the cavernous background echo of a skeletal beat. The result is otherworldly: like the score to a science fiction movie from another dimension.

Slow Dancing Society — “I’ll Leave a Light On”

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Laterna MagicaThe fifth record from Slow Dancing Society, Laterna Magica is out on September 18.

The first single, “I’ll Leave a Light On” is a fantastic introduction to the record that alternates in tone between crystalline beauty and a pulsing, vaguely ominous sound.

Take a listen to “I’ll Leave a Light On” below, and pre-order the record from Hidden Shoal.