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Sounds Like Hell: SSWAMPZZ

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Sounds Like Hell is an irregular feature on old and new noise rock.

A few weeks ago I wrote about Shoppers, the precursor of sorts to Perfect Pussy and the former band of Meredith Graves. But there’s another band in the origin story of Perfect Pussy in SSWAMPZZ.

Formed in late 2011 in the industrial upstate New York town of Syracuse, SSWAMPZZ embody everything that makes noise rock what it is: abrasive, lo-fi, discordant and sardonic. Their first EP ‚Sleeper – which you can get for free on Bandcamp – is a beautiful mess of no wave glory awash in feedback and chaos. Every track’s a killer. For fans of Fugazi and Big Black.

Check out SSWAMPZZ on: