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Anger Management: Tau Cross

Thursday, August 20th, 2015

Every fortnight, we check in with all things heavy on RTRFM’s Critical Mass show.

There’s a famous quote from producer Brian Eno about The Velvet Underground: “Although the Velvet Underground didn’t sell many albums, everyone who bought one went on to form a band.” Perhaps the same can be said of UK crust punk/metal godfathers Amebix. Bands diverse as Neurosis, Sepultura, Napalm Death, Bathory and a million crust bands owe a tip of the hat at the very least to Amebix.

Tau Cross is a new project that features the booming roar of former Amebix frontman/bassist Rob “The Baron” Miller (who is a self taught sword smith!). Joining him in this cross-continental musical journey are Away from Voivod on drums, Jon Misery (from Misery, duh) and Andy Lefton on guitars. First impressions suggest a very heavy late-period Killing Joke/80’s post-punk influence. I’m also reminded, oddly, of VHOL’s self titled-debut from 2013.

There’s some really good tracks in the first half. A mid-paced chug dominating the feel of songs like “Lazarus” and “Fire In The Sky.” The band attempt some slower more epic numbers such as “Midsummer” and “Hangmans Hyll,” but on my first listens I found these tracks a little dull (although Hangmans Hyll is probably a good drunken singalong anthem for some). Further listens reveal these tracks to have grown on me a little bit.

I really enjoyed the slow burn of “We Control The Fear” featuring an acoustic intro, marching beats and violin before the booming Lemmy-via-Cronos vocals kick in. An unexpected highlight for sure.

“Prisoner” is a late album highlight with its central chant of “sex, war, science, religion.” Tau Cross grows with repeated listen, more often than not getting the head banging.

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