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Noiseweek: The Decline of Western Civilization, Black Wing, Protomartyr, REW

Sunday, July 19th, 2015

The sights, sounds and words of the week in noise.


The Punk Director: Penelope Spheeris Revisits Her Decline of Western Civilization Trilogy | Pitchfork

“I like to think about society as being a flock of birds: There seems to be a common consciousness in different time periods, and the new common consciousness reacts to the old standards. Punk rock was tearing down traditional rock’n’roll and totally pissing on disco, then heavy metal came in and squashed the punk rock, and then grunge came in and squashed the heavy metal. It’s an organic way of making our musical society evolve.”

How Live Aid Ruined My Life, by John Doran | The Quietus

“The screen I’m watching is only four inches across and part of an upright turntable and cassette recorder hi-fi combo. The technology that is allowing today to occur is blowing my fucking mind. Stu’s Mum comes into his room carrying a tray of roast chicken legs. Adam Ant walks on stage. “Yes!” says Stu. “Yes!” I say. He isn’t dressed as a pirate or a highwayman wearing makeup but as some kind of rockabilly duffer but it doesn’t matter because nothing can ruin this moment of righteousness and vindication. What is he going to play? ‘Kings Of The Wild Frontier’? ‘Prince Charming’? ‘Mohok’? Two billion people are waiting. They play ‘Vive Le Rock’. “What?” I say but by the time he does a scissor kick I know the 80s and my childhood are over.”


Black Wing — If I Let Him In

Black Wing is a sonic typhoon, and on this preview from …Is Doomed, Dan Barrett is at once gentle, devastating and heart-breaking. Barrett is the man behind Connecticut post-punk outfit Have A Nice Life, as well as Giles Corey and a slew of other acts. Black Wing is his digital-only moniker

If I Let Him In is awash in a digital haze as a cacophony of metallic synths envelope Barrett’s disembodied intonations and a simplistic beat. This is one of the most moving pieces of music you’ll hear all year. …Is Doomed is out September 25 through The Flenser.

Protomartyr — Why Does It Shake?

Joe Casey oozes sarcasm in the newest slow-burner from Detroit’s Protomartyr taken from the quartet’s upcoming third album, The Agent Intellect. Why Does It Shake? is post-punk at its most essential: low-key and brimming with nuance, frustrated yet reserved, intellectual and visceral all at once. The Agent Intellect is out October 9 through Hardly Art.


REW — Swan’s Melody

There’s nothing kinetic about the low-key piano refrain of Swan’s Melody, yet it’s a beautiful accompaniment for the mirrored footage of the New York Trapeze School, which sees its acrobats disembodied and reformed in a monochrome kaleidoscope. Swan’s Melody is taken from Olive Skinned, Silver Tongued Siren Sings Swan Songs, available now on Bandcamp.