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Eat a Bag of Mix: Whitewater

Friday, September 13th, 2013

Eat a Bag of Mix is the name of a feature here on life is noise where we get a DJ, musician, producer, industry figure or just someone with good taste in fucked-up and weird music to give us a mix of music that has influenced them, or tunes that are currently rocking their world.

All the way from the deepest, darkest depths of Southern Sydney, welcome to the soundtrack for all of your air-guitar fantasies; introducing Whitewater. A DJ, session drummer and producer, Whitewater has cut his teeth playing and touring this wide brown land as a drummer with bands including Dogbuoy, Rattle Can Black, Born of a Jackal and Debbie. With an extensive background in rock under his belt, Whitewater then looked to expand his repertoire by spending many a night hunched over an ancient DJ set-up spinning tunes and perfecting the art of mixing. His new founds skills quickly landed him appearances supporting bands at some of Sydney’s best rock venues including Spectrum, The Lansdowne, The Annandale Hotel and The Sandrigham Hotel.

1. Kiss — God gave Rock n Roll to you
2. Nirvana– Very Ape
3. Melvins — Hooch
4. Clutch — Elephant Riders
5. Sleep — Dopesmoker (excerpt)
6. Isis — Wills Dissolve
7. Pilot — It’s Magic ( snippet)
8. Black Sabbath — The Wizard
9. Mark of Cain — Retaliate
10. Dozer — Matter of Time
11. Stooges — Down on the Street
12. Queens of the Stoneage — Regular John
13. Hermano — Our Desert Home
14. Mariachi El Bronx– Cell Mates
15. James Brown Sample
16. Fu Manchu — Regal Begal
17. Kyuss — One Inch Man
18. Shihad — Pacifier
19. Robert Johnson — Steady Rollin Man
20. Bay City Rollers — Bye Bye Baby