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Sounds Like Hell: Zorch

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Sounds Like Hell is an irregular feature on new and old noise rock oddities.

If Brooklyn psych-cultists Akron/Family got together with the dudes from El Ten Eleven and tripped really hard on a ranch somewhere in rural Texas, the resulting collaboration might sound a little something like this. Austin duo Zorch, part of the ever-growing and always excellent Sargent House family, employ drums, an array of synthesizers and a little singing to create kaleidoscopic flourishes of head-spinning noise, forsaking melody and structure in favour of blissful chaos.

It’s hard to simply listen to Zorch. Tracks like ‘Mutwa’ from their 2013 sort-of-eponymous LP demand are so dense that they conjure phantasmic imagery of the decadent light shows, meteor showers or the aurora borealis. If there’s ever a remake of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, these guys are a lock to score the film’s climactic interspecies symphony. For fans of psychedelics and insomnia.